Does Age Difference Matter In A Relationship?


Does age matter in love? Love is submissive to all ages, and often it happens that the feeling does not flare between peers. And if earlier the big difference in the age of the couple was seriously condemned by society, now this phenomenon is much more tolerant because the practice has shown that such unions can be no less strong and happy.

Does Age Difference Matter In A Relationship?

How much does age matter in a relationship?

According to statistics, the greater the difference, the higher the chances of termination of relations:

  • The difference is up to 1 year - the probability of a rupture of 3%;

  • up to 5 years - about 18%;

  • The difference is 10-19 years-approximately 39%;

  • At 20 and more - up to 95%.

Demographic studies showed that the age difference has an impact on the life expectancy of partners. So, if a couple is much older than a female, then life will be reduced in both, and if a man, then, on the contrary, will become longer. In addition to age, varying psycho-emotional factors also affect the well-being of the couple. For example, social status, the presence of illegitimate and common children, the opinion of society.

Possible challenges 

Does age gap matter in a relationship? If one lover is more than 10 years older than the other, this is a fairly serious difference since we are talking about different generations. The representative of the stronger sex chooses a younger companion for several reasons:

  • passion arose;

  • desire to increase self-esteem;

  • The opportunity to boast of friends.

As a rule, such a pair cannot have much in common. They like to listen to different music and watch different films. This does not mean that they cannot have a future. It is possible that interests can also coincide, despite the age difference. Otherwise, their problems are the same as in other families. These are domestic issues, monetary, as well as raising children. Another disadvantage is the loss of attractiveness. As a rule, families are faced with such a problem when a female is older.

What can be considered a big difference?

A noticeable difference in age between a man and a female can be considered more than 10 years. If the age difference is less, then some difficulties may appear, but the probability of their occurrence is significantly lower than in a couple, where the difference is from 10 years or more.

By the way, the optimal age gap in a relationship is considered the one in which a man is about 5 years older than a female. However, this is a very subjective opinion that can work well in some connections and not work in others.

In each pair, everything is always individual, and good relations do not depend on the age difference, not on whether you are a peer or not, but on mutual respect, trust, and the level of maturity of a person. Someone already at 23 matured for something serious and long, and someone at 60 believes that marriage and long connections are not for him.

What difference in age can be called ideal?

There is an opinion that the optimal formula is:

  • The age of the senior companion is divided into two and added to seven.

But in practice, it does not work because women most often look for peers, and men of any age prefer 20-year-olds.

Does age matter in a relationship? The next theory says that the biggest difference is 2-5 years. In such a marriage, indeed, over time, companions become more and more similar to each other and share many habits, perceptions of the world, and behavior. Even the appearance becomes similar in many respects, because experiencing the same emotions in approximately equal doses, their facial muscles work the same way, and some habit in facial expressions are overwhelmed (an eyebrow raised in surprise, a smile in one corner of the mouth, ironic squint of the eye, etc. ).

Does age matter in a relationship when the man is older?

As practice shows, not age is of greater importance, but sexual harmony, which in turn depends on emotional maturity. Do not lose sight of the physiological and psychological aspects.

Should age matter in a relationship? If a female is 20, and a man is 30, then the differences are practically not noticeable, then it is worth adding 25 or more years to both, as opportunities and needs will become different due to age.

With a difference of 15 years, women are often looking for stability in their companion and the experience that cannot be obtained from the same age.

With a difference of 20 years or more, women are essential in the partner's wisdom, protection, experience, and stability. Men in such a rconnection are young. But if hobbies and goals are different, then the connection will not last long. And if there is a common cause or interests that coincide, then this will only strengthen the marriage. The youth of the companion also makes the man pay more attention to his health and the physical condition of the body, which also has a positive effect.

Does age matter in a relationship when the woman is older?

Here, in most cases, the first 3-5 years, a couple of years await a sexual and emotional upsurge, but then the difference in the interests and other areas begins to provoke problems that can lead to a break in relations.

If in relations, companions firmly love and value the connection that has arisen, and try to deliver joy and comfort to each other, then the difference will not have much meaning, and the marriage will turn out happy.

Why does age matter in a relationship? In such a connection, a female is most often independent financially and has already taken place as a person, revealing her potential. A man younger than her is more interested in her sexual plan than a peer or an older one in age since she is already experienced and knows what she wants, and he is able to give her this because of her greater energy. The companion often helps the partner realize himself, ensuring psychological comfort and giving self-confidence.

The role of the head in such families often gets the female precisely, and if such a position suits a man, then the marriage will be happy, and if such an understanding is violated over time, then the probability of a gap is very high.

With the age of the companion, in such connections, it is more and more subject to fear of losing her attractiveness due to age-related changes. But the truth is that sexuality comes from the inside, and while confidence in her attractiveness will be strong, the female will continue to like men.

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