Am I Dating a Psychopath? Here Are 10 Signs You Are


Everything can happen in a relationship with a woman. Relationships are a living organism. Dating a partner who suffers from a psychopathic personality disorder is like building toxic relationships as if this organism has got infected with a deadly disease.

The essential difference between unhealthy relationships and the deadly disease is that they can be done away with. The true cause of toxic relationships is a partner or a certain type of person to be more precise. Specialists call them differently, social "predators," psychopaths, tyrants, sociopaths, aggressors, and sometimes, narcissists. They form from 5 to 10% of the total population of the planet. And there are 3 women per each dozen of psychopaths. Today we are going to explain the main signs of a psychopath and why you should cease a relationship with such a person immediately after you notice something wrong.

are you dating a psychopath

What's It Like Dating a Psychopath?

A psychopath is a person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverse, criminal or immoral behavior having no sympathy or remorse. Psychopaths, as a rule, do not have normal human emotions such as guilt and mercy. They are also smart and able to manipulate others. In addition, psychopaths seem normal. Probably, you will never guess that something is wrong with them. Note that not all psychopaths are serial killers.

A psychopath is a person who knows the difference between right and wrong, but they don't care. They show morality and portray emotions toward others, including love, guilt, or hate. A psychopath would gladly destroy anything or anyone just for personal pleasure.

So many psychopaths are not official criminals, and they do not look like insane. Social "predators" love to create a picture of success and strive for universal worship. They are proud of themselves. They care what others think of them. They are innate actors who change their masks depending on the situation. Among them, there are leaders, businessmen, and businesswomen, respectable old men, and the sweetest-looking old women or teenagers. Most often, they are born that way. Their life scenarios and tactics of oppression of victims are different, but they all share the same traits of a psychopath.

Someone is very cunning, someone knows how to skillfully transform and demonstrate good manners, and most of them are professional deceivers and manipulators, and this creates a dangerous illusion of their normality.

The problem with dating a psychopath is that they are not able to feel remorse, they are not familiar with a sense of shame, repentance, compassion, sympathy, love, affection, honesty, or trust. Such people portray feelings, but they do not really experience them. They can copy the feelings of normal people. Social "predators" have an innate sense of seeking victims in order to manipulate them for their own purposes. Because of their immorality, they create incessant emotional chaos in their personal lives, causing unthinkable pain and suffering to others both at work and home.

Women and children who live or interact with emotional psychopath suffer especially often. One of the signs you're dating a psychopath is that such a person will create the appearance of a happy family, but in fact, interactions with home psychopaths are fraught with deep psychological trauma for women and children that in the result, affect their health. The life goes downhill. dating a psychopath womanA narcissistic psychopath will abuse the confidence of the woman, and they will use her insecurity, fear, children, financial insecurity, inability to protect, systems of law enforcement agencies or courts, or even domestic violence as a lever for manipulation.

Dating a psychopath is an incubus. Psychopaths want to control the victim, and most of them fear that someone will find out about the violence they do at home. They manipulate children for their own purposes. Children need love, to be dressed, fed, treated, cared for, and psychopaths are not able to bear responsibility or care for someone. If you are determined to know how to spot a psychopath, watch how do they spend time with children. In most cases, they do not show any feelings (most often, the children are afraid of them), or they fuse the children to their relatives. They go out for a walk with the children in order to create the illusion of being a good parent. When you decide to break free from the yoke of the psychopath, they can threaten your children. Psychopaths are well able to identify your weakest points and beat on them.

Difference Between Psychopath and Sociopath

Psychopathy and sociopathy are two different facets of antisocial personality disorder, which about 1-3% of the population live with. It is more common for men, and mainly people suffer from alcoholism, drug addiction, and substance abuse. Psychopaths are more manipulative and charming, it is easier for them to create the appearance of a normal life and minimize their participation in illegal activities. Sociopaths are more eccentric, easily fall into rage and are unable to lead any normal life. They do evil recklessly without thinking about the consequences.

Sociopathy is the result of the influence of certain outer factors, such as the destructive family atmosphere a child grew up in, physical or emotional abuse. Some of them, however, can maintain a personal connection with someone or feel great in a group of like-minded people. But they are incapable of staying at the same job for a long time or showing the world at least the appearance of normal family life. When they commit a crime, they act rashly and impulsively. They freak out easily, which is fraught with an outbreak of violence. By virtue of these features, the dangerous act of a sociopath is easier to foresee.

Why Are Psychopaths So Attractive?

Dating psychopath stories show that psychopaths are dangerous but extremely charismatic. They tell incredible stories, which represent them on the positive side, and, despite the fact that insincerity and superficiality are noticeable, these stories enhance their attractiveness. Psychopaths are so charming that even being completely aware of the degree of destructiveness of relationships with them, you can stay with them for long and sincerely regret the loss when the psychopath, having caused emotional and/or material damage, disappears.

Sometimes a psychopath starts a family, but in this case, they perceive their spouse and children as their property. Dating a psychopath man, a woman will always experience incredible fireworks of feelings. He is an excellent manipulator, and he knows how to guess desires and offers exactly what a woman has been dreaming about.

Signs You're Dating a Psychopath

Pay attention to the following behavioral traits, in a relationship with psychopaths, as they always have a place to be.

If dating a psychopath woman you experience fear and internal discomfort during the phone talk with her, you are in an unhealthy relationship. You have been trapped by a person without conscience and feelings. “Predators” like two things: to gain complete control over the victim and manipulate them, being only interested in their own selves. They intimidate you because fear is a strong lever for controlling you.

The tyrant constantly accuses you of your worthlessness, imperfect body, low incomes and casts doubt on your maternal qualities. You begin to believe and blame yourself. You try to improve, become slimmer, achieve more in business, manage to do household chores, but the partner is still not satisfied. How can they be satisfied if the area of their brain that is responsible for joy, sympathy, love, and gratitude does not work? Scientists have proven it.

You are a toy and a victim of their games. A psychopath’s internal emptiness is horrible, and you will not do anything about it. Only at the beginning of a relationship, they will depict fervent love, and when you fall in love, they will begin their devouring activity. They never admit their guilt. When they ask to forgive them and say that they feel sorry, they manipulate. You will get back, believe them, and tomorrow you will receive a new portion of abuses.

Such people hate everything around, and they are still very jealous. Do not get surprised, yes, they are jealous of the fact that you enjoy life, that you have received an education, that you have been promoted, or you have the opportunity to travel. They hate other people, who are doing better.

When you share your misfortune with loved ones or friends, they do not believe you. Because psychopaths are excellent manipulators and liars. They will convince everyone around you that you do not understand what you are talking about, and your words shouldn’t be taken seriously. They will convince everyone that you are ungrateful and want to destroy your happy family or take the child away from them.

how to spot a psychopathIndiscriminate sexual relationships are also typical of them, there is a need for diversity, loving one partner is not about psychopaths. The invincible always take the stand of accusation, and they present themselves as a victim. They never admit their guilt. They charge you with a mental disorder. They beat, strike, grin, coerce to sex, mock and devalue your whole life. These people constantly lie and get out of any situation. And finally, they have something empty about their eyes with a cold glassy look. So, now think clearly are you dating a psychopath?

How To Get Out of the Psychopath’s Control?

Trying to "outwit" a psychopath or argue with them, you condescend to their level and thereby forget about self-defense. Arguing with them only pulls energy out of you, so all kinds of discussions with them should be avoided at all costs. Thus, the first way to protect against psychopaths is completely getting rid of any contact with them.

If you are already in a long-term relationship with a psychopath and feel that it is difficult for you to strike them out of your life, it is useful to remember that by doing this, you will not hurt their feelings. The emotional repertoire of psychopaths is so limited that they simply have no feelings, so think about yourself and be sure they will not miss you as a person, they will only be disappointed at the fact you have got away from them and will treat this situation as a lesson to know how to become better manipulators.

If you have problems with your family members or friends who are not aware of what is happening and do not understand why you are trying to avoid it, and thereby exerting pressure on you, you can turn to a specialist.

It is important to understand that you can not control the behavior of other people, so do not blame yourself for their behavior. It is much better to focus on your own behavior and take up your own life than to try to fix the psychopaths.

Once more, the best way to deal with a psychopath is to eliminate all contacts with them. In some cases learn not to succumb to their manipulation. If you are determined to get out of a psychological prison of dating a psychopath, read the materials and books and ask for the help of your friends or even other institutions, such as police if you have become a victim of physical abuse.

How to Get Over Dating a Psychopath

Many of us think, “If I forgive my abuser, I will be happy again.” In the process of recovery, the problem is that over time, the truly bad stuff about what has actually happened is forgotten. This is the way the healing mechanism of our soul works, the phenomenon of selective amnesia, which protects us from painful memories.

Don't let yourself be misled: your distorted perception draws you back. You simply project your own state of happiness and optimism after recovering onto the psychopath's attitude to you. But you should not get into the illusion that ex-relationship can improve. Consider the progress of your well-being your own merit.

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Such a relationship will never make you happy. Relationships with a psychopath can only bring pain and frustration. Don’t waste your time and efforts on such people!
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