Can you meet your soulmate online?


Every person, despite their age, religion, social status, temperament and life priorities, deep down hopes that one day they will meet their soulmate. We all picture that magical moment, and in our heads, it usually goes like this: your eyes meet, the world around you stops, you just look into one another’s eyes and all this happens to a beautiful melody. Sometimes we hope to find our soulmate so much that when someone new appears in our life we ask ourselves: maybe this is that special someone? We are afraid of losing the person who seems like our soulmate and at the same time we have certain doubts as to whether this is the one. It’s not a rare case when you think that your new date is definitely meant for you, and then, after the first fight or some sticky situation, you understand that this is not the person you want to spend your life with.

Some people are lucky enough to bump into their soulmate at a young age and live happily ever after. Some enter a relationship, then break up and renew their searches of a partner again and again, hoping that next time they will land the right person. It’s something bred in the bone to look for somebody you’ll love and feel comfortable with, who’ll understand and inspire you, who’ll make your life happier. Sometimes it’s sheer fate, or luck or blessing from above, sometimes you need to go a long way full of searching before you finally deserve to find your soulmate.

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How to find your soulmate

When it comes to love, people tend to complicate things. An old adage says that to find love, you need to stop searching for it. And it’s true. You should love yourself first, determine what you want from life, gain confidence, learn to take the initiative. Sitting and waiting for your soulmate to find you is not a solution. You should be active in a good sense – go out more often, interact with different people, visit public places. Here is a small guide to finding your soulmate.

1. Draw a detailed “sketch” of your soulmate

Be honest with yourself and at the same time realistic when thinking out the preferable characteristics of your prospective match. Think what you really appreciate in people, what shortcomings you can put up with and what not. It’s typical of teenagers to fall for actors, singers, celebrities. Being an adult person, it’s silly to dream that one day your idol will knock at your door. Be more realistic. Decide on the preferable age (older/younger than you), their education and income, think what aims they have in life, how they should behave, what dreams they might have. This may seem quite mercantile, but life proves that people with similar background usually make the best matches.

2. Take care of your appearance and be confident

Of course, your personality is the most important thing. However, your chances to attract a really good partner increase if you pay attention both to your interior and exterior. If you wanted to improve your body, it’s a perfect time to do that. Try to look smart on a daily basis. Your immaculate image will help you feel more confident inside.

3. Leave your house more often

How do you find your soulmate? Anyhow but lying on your coach in front of a TV screen. You should meet new people, and for this you need to go to new places. Visit exhibitions, lectures, conferences, join the gym, go on a trip (a solo one will be perfect). The more you interact with new people, the better your social and communication skills become. It’s very useful for people who can’t call themselves super sociable.

find soulmate by birthdate4. Stop living in the past

No matter how many breakups you’ve gone through, you should view your past relationships as valuable lessons. They gave you priceless experience that will help you filter the wrong people. At least you know what personality traits you will look for in your prospective partner and what kind of people you’ll avoid.

5. Be open

Leave your heart open for new acquaintances and new experiences. Don’t be obsessed with the idea of meeting your soulmate. Have the nerve to end the relationship with a person that doesn’t seem like the one without hurting that person’s feelings. Be patient and attentive when meeting new people. Perhaps, you need to know some of them better to realize that they have all those qualities that make them your soulmate.

6. Be a worthy candidate yourself

Make sure that you can make a good match for your dream partner. If you want your partner to be generous, be generous yourself. If you want a caring and kind partner, make sure you show care and kindness to the ones you love. When will I find my soulmate? This is the question you should stop asking yourself. It’s important not to be obsessed with this idea. Otherwise, you’ll look desperate. And you should look confident, cheerful, and relaxed.

Where to find your soulmate?

Everywhere. You can bump into the right person at the corner, in a café, in the park, at a gym, in your office, on a train. The crucial point is that you should not miss the opportunity to start a conversation with a person who’ll attract your attention and then take your time getting to know that person better.

Still, the most popular place to find your soulmate is the Internet. Online dating sites are created to help you find soulmate online. And they prove to be effective. First of all, because you can search for matches using different criteria. Second, people are more attentive when they communicate through text. Yes, they can’t look one another in the eyes, touch, and do other things to establish a romantic connection, but they have a big advantage – they can focus on each other’s personalities and become friends first. There should be the affinity of souls between partners. The part soul- is there for a reason in this word. So, it’s a good idea to find soulmate online and then test your compatibility on an offline date.

When you find your soulmate - how to recognize?

The second frequent question after “When will you find your soulmate?” is “How to know that your current partner is your soulmate?” Check out the following signs:

You trust this person like nobody else. You don’t know why but you want to open up to your partner and tell them some very personal things. Maybe this is because your partner shows the same amount of trust to you. Trust isn’t gained in a moment, but it can be broken in a second. You don’t want the latter to happen so you keep being honest and open. This person makes your life brighter. You’re doing fine on your own but the presence of your partner makes you happier. You don’t ask for support, your loved one is there for you when you need it. They inspire and encourage you in the ways you don’t even notice. You just want to be a better version of yourself for your partner.

You can be yourself. How do you know when you find your soulmate? You can understand this by the way this person makes you feel. If you’re not afraid to reveal your vulnerability, to be ridiculous, to speak your mind, it’s a sure sign you’re with the person who understands you and accepts you with all your virtues and shortcomings.

You are neither the opposites nor identities. Soulmate is not the person whose interests and views on life totally coincide with yours. You have your interests and your partner has their own but you respect your passions. You look at certain things at different angles but you look in the same direction.

You are good friends. Your partner is your best friend. You can spend hours together and you never run out of things to talk about. Your loved one listens to you and you can be all ears too. You can hang out like buddies and have fun, you can share secrets and support each other.

Sexual attraction is very strong between you. Soulmates are attracted to one another not only psychologically but sexually as well. Sometimes it’s easy to confuse sexual attraction with passion. Passion is a momentary urge to achieve satisfaction. Attraction is the desire to be with your partner, touch him or her, just be by his or her side without even doing anything. It’s an integral part of a true love.

finding your soulmateYou don’t want to change anything about your partner. Two perfect matches meet because they are made for one another. You love your partner and accept their strong and weak points. You take them as an integral personality, a human being that can’t be ideal a priori. Of course, it took you some time to get used to their habits, but there is nothing you’d like to change about their personality.

You fight effectively. Your fights are not toxic. You don’t turn them into scenes from a movie. If a conflict arises, you talk and negotiate to find a compromise. You always remember that you’re two loving partners, not two enemies who want to win a battle. You want the same things from life. Partners should know and understand each other’s dreams and aspirations. Sometimes you seem to be compatible in terms of many things but your big goals may differ. If your big goal is family and children and your partner prioritizes career and prefers a child-free lifestyle, it’s difficult to find a compromise. But if your goals coincide, good for you.

How to find your soulmate using astrology

Among the ways how to find out who your soulmate is, people often resort to astrology and numerology. Many people believe in compatibility of Zodiac signs and try to find a partner whose star sign will match theirs. Many women are so obsessed with horoscopes that when they start dating a man and then find out that their signs do not make good matches, they stop believing that this relationship has the future. It’s a childish approach because there are different horoscopes, and according to one you are compatible and according to another not.

If you’re interested in astrology, you must have heard about 12 Zodiac signs and how they are separated into four groups of elements: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water. People belonging to a particular Zodiac sign share certain personal characteristics, life values, etc. So astrologists picked the perfect pairings among them. You can find a lot of literature on this topic online and take it seriously or consult for fun.

Another branch of knowledge that is often used by people who are in search of their soulmates is numerology. It turns out you can find soulmate by birthdate. The easiest way to do that is to add up your birthdates. How to do that? For example, your birthdate is 16.06.1986 and your date’s or partner’s is 26.03.1992. You sum up the figures of two dates: 1+6+6+1+9+8+6+2+6+3+1+9+9+2=69=15=6. The key to the numbers can be found on the Net. Yet, whether to believe the numbers or not is up to you.

You can find soulmate online or on the street, in a restaurant or at work. Your main task is to discern your soulmate in that stranger. It’s up to you whatever means to use to figure out whether your partner is your soulmate. However, your heart is the main indicator.

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I hope that one day I will manage to start a committed and happy relationship. It’s great that the modern world provides such huge opportunities to date people around the globe.
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