How much is too much texting?


Nowadays people prefer texting to calling each other. Maybe you yourself noticed it. For this, people use social networks, messages, and other means on the Internet. Advanced youth has created a new culture and they are called the “TXT generation.” Now all modern people are available online 24 hours a day. Do you like to text your girlfriend, friends, parents? For example, some people send messages at all stages of relationships: if they want to meet and after the first date. Also, they are texting at the beginning of a relationship, after the first sex, in relationships, and so on. But how should a man behave in order not to look too clingy?

texting her too much

Too much texting in a relationship: why does it happen?

Has there ever been such a situation when a girl constantly sent messages to you? Of course, at first, such intense attention is very pleasant, but if messages come too often at the most inappropriate moment, and a girl is offended by the fact that you don’t answer her, this situation is really getting annoying. It is necessary to understand why this is happening. Here are several reasons why a girl constantly texts you.

1. Your sweetheart lacks communication. Girls tend to idealize their loved ones. In this case, the rest of the world seems to fade for them. A guy becomes the center of the universe and takes all their attention. Not surprisingly, by limiting her contacts with other people, she suffers from a lack of communication, which she tries to compensate with her loved one. He instantly becomes her best friend and she tries to tell him about all the events that happen during the day.

2. She has an addiction. If messages come on social networks, it means that a girl simply has an addiction. Modern youth very often communicate with the help of messages, checking their accounts on Facebook every few minutes.

3. A girl fell in love. Sometimes even the most independent and proud person starts constantly texting to her boyfriend. This happens if a girl loses her head from love. Of course, the first wave of passion will pass soon, everything will return to its mainstream and messages will come less often and will have a more informative nature.

4. It’s easier to communicate. Many girls constantly text just because it is easier for them to communicate so. It is always possible to delete the written message before sending. In a conversation, unfortunately, this can’t be done. Some girls carefully think through each message before sending it, others text everything that comes to mind, and only then they think, try to correct it, and translate the dialogue into a joke.

Whatever the reason why a girl wants to text a guy, he must clearly decide for himself whether he needs a girl or not. If, unfortunately, a man doesn’t have any feelings for some person and the constant messages annoy him, he needs to gain strength to honestly admit this to his young beauty. If a girl who sends a message is cute to him, he should understand that, most likely, he doesn’t pay enough attention to her. On his part, it would be good to show more initiative for dating in real life.

Is texting everyday too much?

how to stop texting someone so muchAn integral part of a relationship between a guy and a girl is communication via a mobile phone or social networks. Also, couples communicate via Skype. This is a very convenient way to communicate. It allows you to communicate every day, at any time of the day, in general, whenever you want. Today, such means of communication are considered favorite among young people. By the way, a lot of acquaintances often happen due to social networks. After some acquaintance, a relationship starts and it is already possible to understand exactly what kind of person you have chosen for this relationship.

First of all, the fact that people often text and call tells about their attitude. How much texting is too much to a guy or a girl? If lovers text each other every day, this is basically normal. In communication via messages, there is always a fine line between the expression of interest and obsession. But how much texting is too much to a girl or a man? A person crosses the line when:

  • writes daily to check whether a partner is interested in her/him;
  • anxiously waits for a response, constantly looking at the phone, disconnecting from reality;
  • experiences and loses composure if a partner doesn’t respond for too long;
  • without waiting for an answer, begins to send additional messages with question marks.

If the above applies to you, it will be useful to establish for yourself certain methods of communication via messages with the opposite sex and try to stick with them. Don’t forget that from the first moment of communication, you establish the structure of possible relationships with a person. When you constantly write first just to say hello to a person, stay in touch, and check what he/she thinks about you, you take all the initiative on yourself. You create a relationship structure where a partner can simply relax and enjoy, and you should try to entertain him or her. If you are looking for balanced harmonious relationships, give a loved one more free space, give the opportunity to show initiative, and care for you.

Texting too much: clingy or not?

Social networks today allow you to be constantly in touch and it makes some people obsessed. But here it is - the main thing is not to become obsessive, which is very common for many girls and guys.

How to understand that you are texting someone too much?

  1. If you are constantly checking the phone, whether a partner read and answered your message.
  2. If you check when he/she was last seen online.
  3. You look at what a partner liked, what posted, and most importantly, what managed to do online before replying to your message.
  4. If a soul mate doesn’t respond to your messages, you text through other applications.
  5. You always write first.
  6. If your loved one doesn’t text you all day because you don’t text him or her, then he or she is finally resting from you, and you are obsessive. Sometimes it’s normal to not chat all day.
  7. When you are in public, you can’t take a single step from a soul mate.
  8. You can’t let him/her go chat with friends, you follow him/her everywhere and even wait near the dressing room.
  9. You appear in places where a loved one spends a lot of time. You accidentally come to a cafe, where he/she constantly comes to business lunches, to make sure that a partner is alone, and not with someone.

So, is texting everyday too much? Sometimes it is. Of course, it is clear that your obsession is only a desire to make sure that everything is good, that a partner doesn’t cheat on you, and that you will not feel hurt again (if you had a bad experience). But all this should be based on trust, not on constant texting, otherwise, it will not work.

How to stop texting so much

How not to be intrusive? After all, obsession really spoils a relationship. Sometimes we suffer from lack of attention so much that we just start irritating our loved ones with annoying messages. And our relationships with them become very spoiled. Let’s try to understand this problem and learn how to stop texting every minute.

1. Don’t write a dozen messages in a minute. It will not force a person to write a message immediately. Anxiety and excessive pressure scare many people. A person may be busy or doesn’t know what to answer. Write a loved one if he or she doesn’t respond more than 3 hours, but do it without reproach. Just write something important or ridiculous. If a soul mate is silent, then call her in a couple of hours again. This is how to stop texting so much.

am I texting too much 2. Follow the rules of texting. There is a rule of three actions in a relationship of a man and a woman. It works in life and on the Internet. If you just start dating with someone, then this rule is for you. If a person doesn’t answer you after three messages sent over a certain time interval, then it is hopeless. Look for another partner because, most likely, this one is tired of your messages.

3. Don’t write long tiresome texts. It is better to send a couple of short bright messages. Try to keep multiple topics open. If a person doesn’t like one of the topics, you’ll move to another. The duality of texting is very important. It shows a high level of human intelligence.

4. Sometimes it is better to be silent than to write nonsense. For example, if you are drunk, very sleepy, irritated or inadequate for some other reason, it is better not to use a phone at all. This can negate all your dating efforts.

5. Don’t rush to answer. It happens often that smart and cool thoughts come to mind after a message is sent. So, don’t immediately reply to a message because you have time to come up with a good and interesting answer. Sometimes it is worth distracting, doing other things, and then answering. Interesting and funny ideas come unexpectedly later. This is how to stop texting someone so much.

6. Keep a balance of significance. A person you like shouldn’t feel that he or she is more important to you than you are to him or her. Because after that, people begin to think whether you are good enough to be with them. When you text someone too often, you shift the balance of significance. There shouldn’t be too much texting in a relationship.

7. Let a person miss you. Dating and texting too much, you can’t let a partner relax. But communication pauses are great. So, use such pauses in texting. If you communicate with a girl all the time, immediately answering messages, and texting her too much, she would rather get bored by talking with you. But you need the opposite, right?

8. Give free time. Texting in a new relationship, first of all, you need to give a loved one to feel a certain freedom. Having free time, it is not always worth texting a soul mate and talk about everything. You need to give a partner some rest from you. A lot of scandals arise from the fact that people don’t give each other time for themselves. Maybe your partner wants to be alone, talk to friends, take a walk with a dog, think about some things, and not give you 100% of the time.

So, be able to be restrained and don’t bother a soul mate with your messages. Don’t impose your communication. You have to understand that it is necessary to give dosed information. Your partner also wants to communicate with friends, parents, relatives, and colleagues, and even stay alone. Therefore, let a soulmate take a little break from you. After such actions, you will be less intrusive.

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Nobody likes too persistent and annoying people. If someone imposes communication on me, I’m losing the desire to communicate with this person at all.
16.07.2020 15:57

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