Signs of a difficult woman


You will hardly find anything more fascinating in the world than a difficult woman. Most men are sure that, in general, women are a huge set of secrets because they live in a different reality than men. However, for men, there will never be a more interesting and mysterious reality than one in which a difficult woman lives. So, if you like to solve more complicated riddles and problems, then you will like difficult women and you will understand why they are worth loving.

Most men, of course, prefer “unpretentious” girls” because it’s easy to deal with them, they do not demand anything and go with the flow, not challenging their partners. Such girls are good-natured and nice, they will nod and smile in agreement all the time. It's comfortable with them.

However, "other" girls will not tolerate the fact that they do not have what they deserve. They demand more of themselves as well as make demands on their men. Such girls have enough plans for everyone. They can argue, convince and persuade, they invest all the passion, care and emotions in everything they deal with. It is impossible to say that girls of the first type do not care. They cherish their relationships and try to keep the peace in the family at any cost even if their needs, dreams, and hopes are moved to the back of the line. Their mind is not so inventive. They are simpler.

signs of a difficult woman

Signs of a difficult woman

This type of women is different from the rest. These women attract men like moths to a flame. Usually, they open up only to the special ones, keeping strangers away from their souls. They will not show you their inner world drinking wine on the first date. However, it is quite easy to recognize the main signs of a difficult woman because she doesn’t hide behind a mask of obedience and cloying sweetness. So, why are women so difficult and how to recognize the difficult ones?

1. She watches her appearance. You will hardly meet a difficult woman who doesn’t watch her appearance. Usually, she devotes attention to her outfits, manicure, haircut, and she is ready to make sacrifices for looking good. A difficult woman can be called a femme fatale not for nothing. In simple terms, she knows how to present herself.

2. She doesn’t live in romantic fantasies. She always has a sober mind even if she likes a man very much. So, even if you have lived together for a long time, you cannot say that you know her. She always remains a mystery, which you would like to figure out. There is a huge difference between honesty and disrespect. She is honest, but she does not tell everything. She never puts it all out on the table. Familiarity creates offense, and predictability creates boredom. She never lets anyone to trick her or run her ragged.

3. She will never try her hardest to please a man. A difficult woman avoids giving any impression that a man is the most important person in her life, or that he is her master. Therefore, she does not cook man's favorite dishes from morning till night to look like an ideal hostess. She has a busy daily schedule, and she can hardly make time for a date, so she will not cancel a business meeting to have dinner with you. gifts for a difficult woman The main reason is that the more compliant the woman is, the more demanding and impudent will be the man. A good girl, when she falls in love, devotes herself to a man, showing that she is afraid to stay without him. A difficult woman will not make this mistake.

4. She can discuss different topics. She will hardly start telling you some stories from her friend’s life. This type of women will be glad to discuss some more serious topics they are well aware of. A big part of difficult women is well-educated, smart and charismatic, so they are interesting interlocutors and listeners. Besides, it might seem that a woman studies you while talking. It’s not just a guess, she tries to find out your preferences and weak points.

5. She loves herself and will never change her nature. It seems that she poses a "mental challenge" to men, who gladly accept it. Only a few men know how to seduce difficult women, and the conquest of such a woman is like the conquest of Mount Everest. If a man achieves his goal and wins the favor of a difficult woman, he should protect and respect her, otherwise, she will just leave him. Her inner freedom is above everything for her.

How to deal with a difficult woman?

Unfortunately, today, some people grow incapable of creating harmonious relationships under the influence of false attitudes and psychological traumas of childhood. It's not about the fact that a woman lacks attractiveness and purposefulness. She lacks awareness of her own properties and understanding of men. She wants happiness, but she does not know how to achieve it. It seems that a difficult woman has a more winning model of behavior, but this is false. Nobody says that if you choose a difficult woman to love, it will be easy. Any action or word can be challenged, but this does not mean that the girl does not have any vulnerabilities. You shouldn’t go ahead or act cunningly, your actions and words shouldn’t contain a sham and lies. A difficult girl might perceive every man as a potential threat to her independence, so you should fight with a girl only on an equal footing. If you feel that you will cope with this task, then you need to get down to action. However, you need to know some useful tips on how to deal with a difficult woman.

Respect her choice. From the very beginning, it is necessary to accept her desire to demonstrate coldness and inaccessibility, you should get over it. Everything will change when she is ready to open up. If a man really wants to understand how to deal with a difficult woman, he should have the patience and the strength to bring the matter to an end. Everyone, even the most difficult lady, gets tired of being strong and difficult all the time, in fact, she is waiting for someone who will be able to conquer and accept her.

Look to the future. This girl is a winner in career life, not in personal one. You should understand what you will win in the case when you give her your support. You should be able to build the relationship in such a way as to periodically change your roles. Even if you manage to win her heart, she will not turn into a nice little cat for the rest of her life. Anyway, she is used to being independent and solving difficult issues personally, so you need to let her do that from time to time. Otherwise, you won’t have a healthy relationship.

Show your masculinity. If the girl demonstrates her independence and coldness, perhaps, she has been disappointed in men. Therefore, to deal with her, you should show your superiority and strength. It will be great to do that in contrast to other competitors in the appropriate situations. Besides, you can ask the lady why she is so distant, whether the reason is in her past, whether she was offended by the ex-partner and what he did. If it does happen, or you can find out about it in other ways and use this information for your benefit.

Satisfy her, having sex. If you manage to move your relationship to the next level, and the woman is ready to have sex, then it's important to try to do your best because this step will help finally deal with her. You should make all the necessary preparations in advance, even if you have great sexual experience.

Many difficult women seem so difficult and closed because they have never been really satisfied by any man. It is possible that this is the root cause of their behavior. No woman can resist a man who has managed to satisfy her 100%. Make every effort to make her happy. A woman should feel happy constantly, being with you, and it is not necessary to do great deeds and go on sacrifices. Usually, it is enough little things, pleasant words, gestures, views. Whatever a difficult woman she is, your attitude will definitely soften her character.

How to seduce a difficult woman?

A difficult woman is a special psychological type. Her gaze, directed at a man, is filled with coldness, and sometimes, even contempt. However, there are no such girls in the world who could not be seduced, the main thing is to find the key to her unassailable heart.

how to love a difficult woman Undoubtedly, this is a very difficult task, but the result exceeds all expectations. The main thing for men is to remember that even the icy heart can be melt. However, how to seduce a difficult woman and make your dreams come true? The haughty girl can pass by the man, completely ignoring him. There is not even the slightest hint of flirting on her part. The key point is that difficult girls use this weird way to show their sympathy, you just should do everything right. After this signal, you can proceed to action in order to conquer a difficult woman.

Stand firm. A difficult woman perceives insecure men as potential victims, so you must always stand firm. Only a confident man can conquer the heart of an unapproachable beauty. Suggestions and thoughts should be only specific. The answers to her questions are always clear, you shouldn’t show any embarrassment. This is particularly true for the answer to the question, “How to love a difficult woman?”

Don’t complain about your life. If you want to complain about life, then you should not date a difficult woman. She will never listen to your failures and problems at work or in life. If you want to use her as a shoulder to cry on and then get rebound sex, you will hardly get at least anything besides contempt. So, forget about that.

Don’t show doubts and uncertainty. This is the road to defeat, so do not cultivate the complexes. And, in general, to seduce does not mean to have sex. Actually, it means, of course, but not immediately. For a successful and a self-confident man, the seduction of a difficult woman is a beautiful, fascinating and rather a long period of courtship to fully enjoy the victory.

Stay vigilant. There'll be a moment when a difficult woman decides to test the mettle of the man, so you should always be on your guard. She will certainly need to find out how much a man is notorious and vulnerable. It’s good if you belong to this kind of men who take any criticism with humor and without any offense, then there will be no problems in this regard. The ice queen will be surely interested in you, and eventually, her heart completely melts.

Gifts for a difficult woman

It may seem that it is an extremely difficult task to choose right gifts for a difficult woman. However, the main trick is to present her something that she has mentioned in the conversations. Of course, a nice bouquet of flowers can still do, but only as a supplement to the main gift. If you don’t know what gifts for difficult women will be the most suitable, then choose positive impressions, something that she has never tried, like hot-air ballooning. In addition, you can show care and buy her a spa gift certificate, even if she doesn’t show her emotions, she will be pleased.

How to Deal with a Difficult Girlfriend in Relationships

Relationships with a difficult girlfriend can resemble a rollercoaster when you don’t know what to expect and where you can find yourself in the next moment. Such a life can be full of bright emotions and different experiences, so you will hardly be bored. However, one day you may start thinking about effective ways of dealing with a difficult girlfriend. What to do when you are on the edge, but you don’t want to break up?

1. You shouldn’t give in to her. A difficult woman can behave like a thunderstorm that doesn’t spare anyone. It can be hard to uphold your ideas when you are dealing with such a girl. However, you should demonstrate your masculinity and don’t give in to her every time she makes a drama. Don’t allow her to jeopardize your relationships and your self-esteem. It is wonderful when partners are looking for a compromise, but you shouldn’t do that on your own. If you notice that she harms your emotional state, you should stand your ground and dot the i's and cross the t's.

2. Set your boundaries. If you want to have a healthy relationship, you should know your boundaries and don’t allow anyone to violate them. You should show your girlfriend what things are acceptable and what things are prohibited, so it will help deal with the situation. If she doesn’t respect your limits, she doesn’t respect you, so you will hardly be able to build a happy union. There is no need to become aggressive, just make her understand that you are not a little kiddo, and she is not your mom.

3. Talk things through. If you date a difficult girl, you should try to understand the reasons for such behavior. It is not necessarily about her bad temper, and everything can be much more serious. Thus, a girl may suffer from low self-esteem or something bothers her in your relationships. If she keeps silent about the issues, you should try to talk everything through to reach the spot. Just choose the right time when both of you will have the mood to discuss what’s going on and why she behaves this way. Proper communication can help meet any challenges.

4. Accept her as she is. When you start dating a person, you weight all their pros and cons to understand whether you can be good together. If you realize that your girlfriend isn’t an ordinary one, but she has a difficult personality, you should know whether you are ready to accept her as she is. You can set your boundaries and sort things out, but you cannot change a person.

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It seems to me that all women can be called difficult in some sense. After all, male and female way of thinking is different. Women have always puzzled men.
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