15 Questions You Should Never Ask On the First Date


Did you know that just one wrong question can easily mess up your first date? Indeed, there are lots of questions you should never ask on the first date. Unfortunately, lots of people have failed their first date just because they didn’t know which dating Questions are a taboo. Thus, to survive your first date successfully, you need to avoid questions and topics that can make your partner feel embarrassed or puzzled.

never ask on the first date

The following are 15 First Date Questions you should never ask, otherwise you risk not to have your second date. Statistics shows that most of these question are asked by both men and women on their first date. So take a look at the list of questions that are a taboo if you are dating someone for the first time.

1. How many children do you want to have?

The first date is not the best time to talk about future kids. By asking such a question you can scare your partner away, as many people are not ready to discuss such things before they start a relationship.

2. How much money do your earn?

You are trying to build relationships and not to draw up a family budget. If you do not want your date to think that you are interested in his/her earnings more than in his/her personality, never talk about money.

3. Why did you break up with your ex?

Never ask or talk about past relationships. Concentrate on your current date and do not drag up.

4. Have you ever fallen in love?

Such a question may easily puzzle your date, so do not make him/her feel embarrassed. Moreover, this question may trigger a talk about the past relationships and this topic is a taboo, as you already know.

5. What is an ideal relationship for you?

Why on earth should you discuss a committed relationship with a person you barely know? This is something you can discuss after the engagement.

6. How do I look?

What answer do you expect to get when asking such a question? This is undoubtedly one of the silliest questions people ask. What should your date answer if for some reason you do not look perfectly? To lie, or to tell the truth and make you feel upset till the end of the date?

7. Have you ever cheated on someone?

It is unlikely that you will hear the truth. So, when asking this question you risk to make your partner feel embarrassed and at the same time get the short end of the stick.

8. Whom did you support in the last election?

It is better to talk about the weather rather than about politics, as this is one of the most disputable topics, and is definitely not the best one to talk about on the first date.

9. How long have you been single?

When answering this question, your partner will willy-nilly start talking about the past relationships or about the reasons of his/her loneliness. Such conversation may evoke bad memories and therefore mess up your date.

10. Are you sticking to a diet?

This is the worst question you can ever ask, especially if your date has some extra weight or thinks he/she needs to lose a few pounds. This question is especially annoying for girls.

11. What are your plans for future?

Not all people are sure what exactly they want to do in a year of two. Some people just enjoy the life and do not even think about the future. So, do complicate their life by asking about a five-year plan.

12. Do you have any STDs?

Do not ask this question, unless you are going to have sex on the first date. Since it is better not to have sex on the first date, there is no need asking this question.

13. Do you think your parents will like me?

No one is going to introduce you to parents after the first date. Start worrying about this question only after building sturdy relationships.

14. Have you ever resorted to plastic surgery?

This is a very delicate question, that should be never asked on the first date. However, if this question haunts your mind, try to be patient and ask it when you know each other better. No woman will reveal this fact on the first date.

15. How do your parents make their living?

This question should not bother you on the first date, as you are not building relationships with your date’s parents. Concentrate on your date and not on his/her parents. Of course, you can ask questions about your date’s family, but these should be general questions.

This list of First Date Questions that you should never ask is definitely not complete, however, it will help you better understand what topics should be not discussed on the first date. Whether you are dating someone you have met in real life or with the help of a dating site, never ask controversial questions, questions that can trigger bad memories or emotions or questions that may be offensive. Also, avoid personal and delicate questions. To start an easy conversation you can talk about your hobbies and interests, favorite books, movies, and pastime, about your pets, things that can make your laugh and other similar topics. Just be patient and you will find answers to more personal questions once your relationships become more close.

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Oh, one of my friends adores to ask questions about ex-partners right on the first date, and then he cannot understand why most girls refuse to go out with him again. LOL
16.07.2020 14:29

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