How to survive a secret affair


Hiding your relationship is not an easy task. This is especially hard to do at work, in front of friends and family. Sometimes there are situations when you and your partner are simply forced to keep your relationship a secret for a while. But at the same time, you still need to continue to develop them, communicate and spend time together. In Our Dating Blog, we'll talk about how to secretly meet up with someone, what you need to do to hide your relationship and what difficulties you can expect.

How to survive a secret affair

How to hide relationships at work?

Avoid any closeness at work

At any case, energy and emotion do not belong in the office. It's too simple to get caught here, and while many Russian businesses don't take it seriously, some can face termination. Keep romance away from the office.

As a result, although in some organizations you could be fired, in others you might be moved to a different department, put on administrative leave, or given a bad reference on your personal file.

Keep your connections with others around you open

This one of the best secret dating tips. For instance, at least once in a while, invite coworkers to lunch. People will notice if you always leave and return together, and they can become suspicious if you don't sometimes socialize with your coworkers.

Don't organize a trip together

Of course, it seems appealing to travel together, but if you often take vacations at the same time, others can start to speculate about your relationship. Pick various times to go on vacation if you want to keep this connection a secret.

Avoid using social media

Of course, if coworkers are following your page, you wouldn't be so careless as to write the status "in a relationship" and name a specific individual. However, it would also be great to refrain from sharing group images on social media. If your coworkers see you two together frequently, they could be suspicious and find out who is your secret lover.

Keep in mind that if someone else publishes the photo, your connection with a coworker might become public whenever you post anything (even if it's marked "friends only").

Grab chances, but proceed with caution

Take advantage of the opportunity to spend time with your loved one and find places to take a secret lover, if you find yourself alone after work. Visit a restaurant for supper. Together, spend the evening. The most important thing is to prepare ahead of time and pack a set of clothing you can wear to work in the morning (in case you do not plan to spend the night at home).

Be truthful

When someone opposes your relationship, you should come clean (of course, if there are no terrible consequences for what they have done). Everyone will be aware of your connection as soon as someone learns about it. It's time to admit if any employee presses you with probing inquiries.

How to hide relationships for friends and family?

Talk about this with your partner

Your partner should be included in the talk if you're going to consciously conceal your relationship. If not, your partner could assume that you are coy around him. By being honest about your sentiments, talk about the reasons why you wish to keep the connection private.

Recognize that your spouse may become unhappy for any number of reasons

Relationships are kept secret for a number of reasons, including vast age gaps and disparate religious upbringings. Perhaps you wish to maintain a side connection that is somewhat covert – an affair. The majority of the time, people don't wish to conceal, thus your spouse can take offense to this proposal or become enraged. Keep this advice in mind if you’re learning how to have a secret lover.

Don't use social media

Similar to romantic relationships at work, avoid posting images of yourselves together on social media if you want to keep things private from friends and family. Do not alter your marital status, of course. If you decide to go to the Girls online gallery, this will definitely confirm the fact that you are not in a relationship and all the doubts of your friends will disappear.

Set a deadline

You will eventually be unable to conceal your relationship any longer. For the moment when the truth is revealed, you and your "half" must be prepared. Therefore, concur when you share this information. It might be a precise amount of time, like three months, or days, like eight. The most crucial thing is to come to a consensus on this matter.

Get rid of your messages

It is crucial to remove any communications from your partner if you have family members who occasionally check your phone or other communication devices. Because they can find out where you meet your secret lover. As soon as you can, delete any text, instant, voice, and call-related communications from your phone, tablet, and computer. As an alternative, you may get an inexpensive phone only for your hidden romance. However, utilizing two phones at once is really challenging.

Clear your browser history

Clear your browser history after using your computer if you visit sites that can raise suspicion (even if it's simply a website of a stunning restaurant). Of course, you only need to do this if you share a computer, but if you're wanting to keep the connection covert, it's the easiest way to be secure.

You may open websites in "incognito mode," which prevents information about the websites you have visited from being saved, in various browsers, including Google Chrome. If your browser doesn't have this option, you can still clear your history and remove your cookies from the main menu at the conclusion of each session.

Make a unique email account

You will need to create a different address if someone has access to your email in order to conceal your relationship. Select alternative services or websites from those you often use, and attempt to input a new name so it won't be connected to you.

Go to discreet locations

There are a lot of secret meeting place for lovers. That ones that the majority of your relatives and friends don't go to. Avoid going locations where you could run across them. You can leave the city a little bit if required to avoid running into friends.

Try using a different bank card

When you go out with your lover, use a different bank card if you have joint accounts with someone else. Instead, use cash if at all feasible. Otherwise, a family member can be caught off guard by unforeseen costs if you’re doing secret meeting for lovers.

Keep a second card in a hidden location if members of your family have access to your wallet (so that there are no unnecessary questions).

What troubles can await you during a secret relationship?

Restricted freedom

In order to "cover their tracks," lovers in secret relationships must continually conceal, keep track of the time they spend together, and make up a variety of tales. They are forced to continually hide from their friends and acquaintances. And live in constant terror of being seen. Such folks should always use extreme caution while speaking on the phone or sending texts to a hidden lover. After all, they want to avoid the relationship perhaps ending. Some people conceal themselves because they want to establish a new connection firmly before ending it. But because connections are always hidden, they are unable to grow properly. To really appreciate this connection and your new companion, you don't have enough independence.

The partner has not yet departed from the previous relationship

If your partner had a breakup with a girl or a guy, and much more so if he had been abandoned or, worst still, had his ex-partner departed for someone else, he could find this scenario difficult to handle. Sometimes it takes a person a long time to recover from the trauma of a breakup. And since he is hesitant to commit himself to any duties, it can be presumed that he will continue to have mistrust for the other sex for a very long time. A person would want secret meet and keep their new romance a secret in such a circumstance.

Secrecy implies no obligation

Having a few partners in covert love relationships is acceptable for both men and women. They are adept at concealing things and already know how to do it. However, the likelihood of honesty and admiration for such relationships is quite low. As a result, you shouldn't expect anything significant from someone who "does not play a fair game."

People who are having hidden relationships are less likely to see themselves as a pair. As a result, they restrict their level of closeness and commitment. Naturally, this puts the continuation of these partnerships in danger. The growth of real closeness is hampered when everything is kept a secret. As a result, in a secret romance you run the danger of ending the relationship before it really gets started. A strong foundation is necessary for the growth and flourishing of happy and long-lasting partnerships. And trust is among the most crucial factors in this.

This has an adverse effect on friendships and family ties

Most of the time, persons in covert love relationships disregard the advice of their friends and acquaintances. They don't heed their suggestions. Teenagers, for instance, conceal their relationships out of fear of their parents' disapproval. Because there isn't enough mydry, they won't consider their parents' arguments. And despite the fact that the father and mother's remarks have value, no one pays attention to them. Even if they are unable to handle their romantic connections correctly, it is best for them to keep them hidden.

Adults also do home and away romances because of being rejected by their loved ones, family, and friends. They worry that nobody will like their novel. As a result, they continue to cut off relationships and insist on having their own way. They might avoid taking their loved ones' counsel by hiding for years. However, such actions can damage interpersonal interactions. Additionally, it increases your risk of losing important individuals in your life the longer you keep anything a secret.

You act contrary to your own principles

If the cam partner persists on developing a covert love relationship even if it wasn't your idea, you may be struggling with low self-esteem. No matter what the circumstance of romantic secrets, you must watch out for pressure from the spouse. You must decide for yourself and form your own opinions. Discuss it with your spouse if he initially claims that he wants to keep everything private. Additionally, you are not required to maintain such a connection if you disagree with anything. After all, sooner or later, all secrets will be revealed, and you must be ready for a range of repercussions.

Psychologists claim that having hidden relationships may be just as destructive to one's health as concealing any other significant component of one's personality. It might make you feel anxious, unhappy, and uncertain about the future if you keep some elements of your life hidden.


After reading these tips on how to keep your relationship a secret, you will definitely not get caught at work or in front of friends. The main thing is to be vigilant and not let your feelings break out. But if you are still unlucky enough to maintain such a relationship, you can always try to find secret lover or life partner on GoDateNow. Perhaps your next relationship will be successful and you will not have to torture yourself and hide them from everyone.

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