How to make a girl miss you?


One of the key secrets of seduction that most guys have no idea about is that the deeper you get into a girl's mind, the easier it is to make her fall in love with you. And, accordingly, think about you. This article is especially for guys who want to make girls think and miss them. In Our Dating Blog we have selected the 17 most effective tips on how to make a girl miss you and put you in her head, so she will not be able to stop thinking about you.

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Give Her Compliments

When it comes to compliments, most males are quite generic. Eyes-lips-face-hair-chest-figure. Make yourself stand out from the pack by praising a subtle quality about her that you would not otherwise have noticed. This will demonstrate your attention to her and that you view her as more than just a pretty picture. Trust us that girls will remember such sincere and attentive compliments for years.

Another tip for making her miss you: compliment her on her personality rather than her appearance. For instance, she effectively picked the image in clothes, not her hair. Not her eyes but the way she describes her favorite pastime when her eyes are burning. Not her physical appearance, but rather her tenacity in sports successes. A girl receives a lot of compliments on her beauty, especially the attractive ones, and frequently grows weary of them due to their monotony and offensive odor. However, they are significantly less likely to receive personal praise, which is much more appreciated.

Be Attentive to Details

Try to take note of the tiny things she says about herself when you are speaking with her. Her preferred climate, morning routine, preferred bedtime, favorite book, favorite movie, earliest anxieties, whether she had any pets, and so on. When you casually bring up one of these aspects later, the girl will be delighted by your attention to detail. Yes, this will let her miss you, and she will remember you for a very long time. She will reflect on how fantastic you are, what a kind and considerate person you must be, who genuinely values her, and how she must have left a lasting effect on you. If you pay close attention to even the tiniest aspects of her character. She will be delighted, which will melt her heart and tickle her ego.

Do not Rush Things

This is another good tip on how to make your girlfriend miss you because guys can be obnoxious. Let's get together, settle in, and kiss. This leads to the desire to pull oneself into bed and wave the pen. You do have a different objective, yes? For her to feel something for you, you want her to think about you. Therefore, take your time. Enjoy every phase of your relationship moving forward.

Naturally, you shouldn't linger on the situation for too long since if you do, the female will start to feel uneasy and wonder if the sentiments are even shared. Finding a balance in this situation is challenging since each instance and each girl is unique. Follow your instincts and keep your partner in mind. You can follow the advice to "move a bit slower than she would like" since doing so would make her wait impatiently for you to go on.

Accept Her Personality

First, refrain from mocking or judging her hobbies. Even if it isn't at all close to her, the girl will be extremely happy if you try to probe into them. Why shouldn't men do the same? After all, many girls go on hikes, explore space, and educate themselves on vehicles and sports for their boyfriends.

Second, acknowledge its drawbacks. The girl will feel safer thanks to this. She will undoubtedly miss such a lovely person as you if she knows she can always talk to you, and you accept her when she is unhappy, angry, or offended with the same warmth and tenderness as you accept her when she is joyful, cheerful, and kind.

Try to Be Unpredictable

Women don't have any trouble knowing how to act and respond in a certain circumstance with a male because most men exhibit extremely predictable behavior. Unfortunately, such conduct rapidly grows boring to the weaker sex. Predictability unquestionably kills arousal, but to disappear to make her miss you is not a good option.

Create an air of mystery about you and withhold all the cards if you want the girl to be as interested in you as possible. She will be able to question your identity as a result. Behave in a way that prevents her from predicting the course of action you will take with her. Just remember that this has nothing to do with being insufficient. This is an action's unpredictable nature.

Be Open About Your Feelings

Honesty is alluring. Tell her that you like her or that you’re interested in visiting the Girls Online Gallery. Did she do anything for you that you liked? If you tell her about it, your sincerity will make her want to repeat the action. Tell her again if there is anything that has disturbed you or that you dislike.

During the wooing period, guys often conceal their displeasure because, as the saying goes, they don't want to scare women away. Avoid doing this since it smells of insincerity. Even if it succeeds initially, the girl would be doubly irritated that she was duped and duped for an extended period. So the best course of action is to be honest, and it will make your girlfriend miss you.

Respect Her

It is always revolting when a male thinks he knows better than anybody what a lady should think, what to become engaged in, how to think, what to do, and what she should enjoy or despise. But a man is usually highly alluring to a woman when he respects her viewpoint, enables her to have her perspective, and accepts it rather than criticizing it.

Being in the presence of someone with whom you enjoy a respectful relationship is good, right? So if he isn't there, the girl will miss him.

Make Plans for The Future with Her

A relatively easy method how to make a woman miss you more is to tease her with future promises of your union. Not globally, if you truly don't intend to do so. Simply express how much you want to embrace and hug her while you are together, arrange your next date, or wish to see her the next day. It's good, enhances women's vanity, and causes them to consider you alone and her future with you.

Text Her Good Night and Good Morning Messages

Ensure she has a good night's sleep, so she becomes accustomed to doing so daily. The girl will need you and miss you if you don't wish her good night every time. Don't forget to wish her a good morning as well, since as soon as she awakens and finds a message from you. She will be overjoyed and either wait for your message or write you the same thing the next morning. Maybe you’re thinking, “Will she miss me if I ignore her?” No, because it will only make her angry.

Be Passionate in Bed

It's a fallacy that men are the only ones who value lovely sex. If you are a genuinely good lover (and there aren't many good lovers among men), a female won't be able to forget you quickly, and it will make her miss you like crazy. So focus solely on making her happy. Even if it's unnecessary to mention it, you must be neat, clean, and odor-free. If you are also physically fit, you will get additional points separately.

Don't be Easy going, and At The Same Time, Don't Neglect The Girl

Keep your distance and try not to annoy her – this is the main tip for making your girlfriend miss you. Your meetings ought to be scheduled, so you have enough time to miss one another. Cut your dates short if necessary. After all, if you spend all your time together, you risk losing your sense of privacy. Friends, you all have different hobbies. Respecting a partner's independence and avoiding absolute control over his life is vital.

Give Her Gifts

It could be anything – you could send her a cute meme with the caption "Look, this is us" (or you could make your meme about the two of you, oh, this modern romance), a song that made you think of her or of yourself (trust me, she will wonder why you chose that song for a very long time, and she will undoubtedly remember it), or just an unexpected compliment.

Additionally, it may be a surprise present or date. Or "I just wanted to see you, give you a hug, and a candy bar." Ensure they are proper and won't place her in an awkward situation. Such simple things are usually delightful.

Fill Her Mind With You

One of the main tips on how to subliminally make a woman miss you is to fill her mind with you. Do you wish to induce sleep in a female such that she wakes up thinking solely of you? To do this, contact her each time before she goes to bed and wishes her a nice night. And that day, she will have her last thoughts about you.

Look Good

Yes, girls appreciate it when a man looks good and handsome. In contrast to a greasy colleague whose pants recall even a bygone period, it is far more pleasant to think of a young man who dresses correctly and with style, walks easily, is in good form, and smells well.

Make Her Laugh

You are fortunate if you have a sense of humor. Even merely biologically, laughing ties individuals together. For example, when a girl laughs close to a man, her brain begins physically linking that person to enjoyment, laughter, happiness, and fulfillment. This is a really effective way how to make her miss you and want you back. And it means needing to see him once more to experience these pleasurable feelings.

Be with Her When She Needs You

Close relationships are tested in many ways than only happiness, enjoyment, ease of communication, and enjoyable dates, as you are aware. When you're feeling down, a good friend will give you a hug, apologize if you screwed up, make supper if you're exhausted, listen when you're feeling down, and encourage you when you're about to give up. Of course, you would continually miss and think about such a person and she’ll finally text you “But I miss you more than I thought I would”

Reduce the Time of Talking on The Phone or In Messengers

If you and your partner are together all days, try to limit personal or phone conversations if you are always in touch. This will give her time to miss you, and she’ll suspect that someone significant has left her alone. Don't put your friends or your job on the line for your relationships; the lady won't appreciate it, and if you're always busy, you'll grow bored. Let her call, or message go unanswered since you have other things to accomplish and should wait till you have time to talk to her.


In order for the object of your love not to forget you and constantly miss you, it’s enough just to be a good, respectful, sensitive, and handsome guy. The girls on GoDateNow are not that complex creatures, and it's easy enough to approach them, after which they will always start thinking about you.

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