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An older woman might sometimes come as a tough nut to crack. However, the opposite of that is also possible because it is difficult for all older people to find a suitable dating partner. Moreover, even communication itself and socialization become more difficult with age. Nevertheless, there’re plenty of tricks to use to attract an older woman disregarding your age. You need to have the right approach and accurate attitude because just being yourself might not work. Some of the older women have abandoned all hope long ago and just cannot be interested in anything. Read the following guide to know how to attract a woman older than you.

how to attract older women in their 40s

Respect Her

Playing hard to get or being a bad guy have a zero effect on older women. They are mature and, therefore, you also need to be mature if you want to succeed. Otherwise, it all may be in vain. Show respect by treating her as equal. Do even more than that and admit that you have less experience and are less mature than she is. Older women have a weakness for those men who respect them. They’re no longer girls who want a strong, big, cool hooligan to mess around and play macho. No, older women look for somebody who respects them for who they are. Attracting an older woman requires you to think more about them than you think about yourself. Thus, abandon all egoism and be a real man, not a boy, and not a hooligan.

Be Mature

Respecting an older woman means being mature. Attracting older females cannot be successful without, at least, looking older yourself. Our age is not the only thing that defines our maturity. Attitude, approach, and behavior can say about a person much more than age. Therefore, act like you’re older, think more mature, and behave more responsibly. In other words, don’t mess around. Think rationally, don’t act out of your emotions, and don’t depend on feelings because that is what all young people do. On the contrary, be practical and pragmatic. Don’t fool around and show that you think like an adult and that you have a mature mind. That will definitely work and help you with attracting an older woman.

Don’t Show Off

Men like to show off even if they don’t have anything to show. That is just in the nature of men. That is especially so when they’re in front of a woman. But that doesn’t work when you’re in front of an older woman. Attracting older women requires you to be humble and switch off your masculine pride. Forget all about it, leave it at home, put it on a shelf. Become a more quiet man. This doesn’t mean that you will become a lesser man. On the contrary, you will become a more masculine man. That is because behaving like a hooligan is more typical of a kid or a teenager. A habit to mess around is definitely not a man’s quality. Men need to be responsible. Without that you cannot achieve success in attracting an older woman. So, forget about drinking a lot of beer only because you can, hitting things, starting fights, jumping from the roofs, yelling on the street, and doing other stuff like that. Leave that to children and teenagers. You better believe that it’d be better that way.

Don’t Cheat, Be Faithful and Serious

In order to know how to attract older women you definitely need to abandon even thoughts about cheating. An older woman will judge you according to your faithfulness. That is a part of being responsible and mature. Be faithful to her and reassure her that you won’t cheat on her under any circumstances. Keep in mind that older women look for a chance to start a family. Most of them aren’t looking for a one night stand. And that is purely logical. You might be their last chance to start a family. And everybody wants a family. Moreover, everybody needs a family. Therefore, you’re not in a position to break their hearts. Yes, they won’t be offended that much because they are experienced enough not to get hurt so easily. Still, you decrease the level of their faith in life if you cheat. It doesn’t mean that every older woman you meet wants a family or needs a family. Perhaps, that is not to be. But behave like it is. Acting like you want a family too is the best way to know how to attract an older woman. And cheating completely ruins such possibility at its root.

how to attract an older woman sexuallyDon’t Count on Money

Your financial prosperity can help you with younger women. But it won’t work with older women who have already established some financial foundation in their life. They simply don’t need your money. At the very least, they need your body. But that’s not what it’s all about. They need somebody to love. Like we all do. Money is not love. Love can’t be bought or sold. The emergence of sincere feelings depends on the relationships between people, attitude, behavior, approach, communication, etc. And definitely not on money. Therefore, put your wallet back because even if an older woman agreed that you’d pay for her, she’d do it only out of etiquette, not because she depends on you. And older women are not only financially independent. They are independent per se. It means that, in fact, they don’t really need you emotionally or physically. Think about that next time you try showing off by exhibiting how much cash you’ve got.

Listen and Tell

Serious long-term relationships demand deep and meaningful conversations. And don’t be afraid of the word “serious”. Nobody knows their relationship is serious until, suddenly, it becomes so. Anyway, you need to keep a delicate balance between talking and listening. Tell something about yourself. Then, listen attentively to what a woman has to say. It’d be better if you believe that older women want a conversation more than sex. A meaningful conversation helps establish a mental contact, reach understanding, and provide a common ground. In other words, you need to become friends with an older woman before you’re able to become lovers. That’s just how it works. Moreover, most of the older women are physically unable to reach orgasm, some of them even have a menopause, thus, sex plays secondary role for them. Keep that in mind because the fact that you’re interested in having sex with older women doesn’t mean that it automatically follows they want the same. However, it is more than just possible to compromise for both of you to get what you want.

How to Attract an Older Woman Sexually

Look Good

Older women pay explicit attention to your looks. It doesn’t necessarily follow they judge you by that only. Nevertheless, you need to look good in order to attract them sexually. It means buying and wearing the right clothes. Have some and it will definitely make you feel better. This is because women love nice clothes. Reconsider some of your buying habits, try new things, ask your friends what suits you best, and look as good as you possibly can. Shave, bath, attend a massage, go to the gym, and show with your appearance that you know how to look good. Disregarding your looks can send the wrong message. Whoever doesn’t care how he looks make women think that he doesn’t care much about anything. Looks and appearances are important because everything starts with them. You cannot skip this stage and hope for the best. The right suit, the right haircut or a better pair of shoes can really make a difference.

Be Confident

Confidence is the key when it comes to attracting anybody, not just older women. If you really want to know how to attract an older woman sexually, you need to be as confident as you can. Fake it till you make it. Pretend you’re confident even if you’re not. The majority of confident men are just bluffing. But most of the time their bluff never comes out. Carve this lesson into your brain once and for all. Older women especially look for confident men. You cannot win the heart of an older woman if you’re afraid. You should be humble but it doesn’t mean you cannot be confident. Same goes for pride. You can be confident without being proud. Being confident means knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Being confident means having no fear of failure. Being confident means not thinking about failure at all.

Show Some Experience

Experience in bed is crucial. You simply cannot afford a failure during sexual intercourse. You need to be or, at least, pretend to be a professional lover. You need to do whatever it takes to please a woman even if it means doing something you’ve never done before. Go to extremes and forget about any kind of prejudices you formerly had. Be an exciting lover, be a passionate lover, be an amazing lover because simply being a lover might not work. You can be confident, independent, rich, and you can look good. It will all fail if you cannot deliver it in bed. And don’t think that just being young will solve your every problem. On the contrary, the older a person gets the more experienced lover this person becomes. Though your body becomes less attractive with time, your skills only improve. Therefore, show some skills.

What to Say to Attract an Older Woman

Compliment Her

So, what to say to attract an older woman? Say a compliment. Make her aware that you know that she looks good. It works with all women. Then, compliment her behavior, intelligence, lifestyle, etc.

attracting older women Advice

Give some advice that might help her in life. Or, even better, ask her for advice. Being older she will only love being a teacher. That is because many people treat others by age. Logically, she will consider you less intelligent because of your lack of experience.

A Story

Ask her to tell a story of her life. Ask personal questions. And, of course, balance it with the information about yourself. People love sharing stories because something interesting always happens in the life of anybody.

Dating Profile to Attract Older Women


A lot depends on your photo. If you want to know how to attract older women in their 40s, then you definitely should have a good photo. Make a new one specifically for your online dating profile. Ask your friends whether you look good. But, of course, you yourself are the best judge.


Your weight, height, age, job, and background should correspond with reality. You shouldn’t lie. It will only make everything worse. Whatever you do, be honest. Lies will sooner or later come out. And you will be ashamed afterwards.

Online Presence

You should check your online dating profile daily. Or even hourly. While you’re busy, someone else might get the woman you were initially supposed to get. Therefore, maintain constant online presence or something close to that. Because things happen on the Internet.

Well, why do some men attract older women? They just follow the tips provided above. It’s as simple as that. Have some confidence, look good, and show respect. Listen and tell, be responsible and mature, don’t mess around. And, of course, don’t forget about sexual experience. Perform greatly and show them what you’re capable of. What else can be said? Not much, just good luck!

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My friend is a pick-up artist and he told me that in order to attract an older lady, a man should show his self-confidence and reliability.
16.07.2020 15:40

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