5th anniversary gift ideas


Is there a need to celebrate the dating anniversary? Everything depends on your circumstances. Many people use terms “dating” and “relationships” interchangeably. However, there is a huge difference between these two conceptions.

Dating doesn’t actually put any serious obligations on both partners – it is mostly about getting to know each other and enjoining romance. Yet being in a relationship means being committed to someone you know quite well and whose disadvantages you accept. This article is gonna be about the second category of lovers.


What is so special about the five-year dating anniversary?

Well, I suppose no one can argue with the fact it is a milestone in anybody’s love life – especially in our volatile times when most couples fall apart within the 1st year of dating. So it is pretty much like standing the crash test.

Those whose feelings remain fresh after 5 years of commitment know the price of happiness. On the one hand, you are familiar with all your lover’s flaws and strong points. On the other hand, we all change for the better or worse, which means you two grow together in a mental sense. So this is where the new epoch of your joint existence starts!

If you manage to stay together for this period of time, it is a certain sign that your relationship will potentially last for long years. That’s why the 5-year dating anniversary celebration should stand out. Let’s see how you can spend quality time with your sweetheart.

Best Anniversary Gifts for Her

5-year dating anniversary is a great opportunity to show tenderness, attention, and generosity.

  1. A box with live tropical butterflies. This is a real miracle, but such a gift is categorically not suitable for ladies who are afraid of insects.
  2. Bouquet of hundreds of scarlet roses. The gift is very expensive and a girl will be delighted.
  3. Love story photo session. If a girl likes to be photographed, then such a gift will bring her a lot of positive emotions.
  4. Horse riding. Just imagine how much pleasure you will get from such unusual activity.
  5. Hot air balloon flight. This is a great opportunity to be together in a more than romantic setting.
  6. An unusual spa treatment. Visit it together. It will be a great start to a romantic evening.
  7. Jewelry. Choose according to the style preferred by your loved one. Gold, silver, jewelry of famous brands.
  8. A new smartphone, laptop, tablet.
  9. Portrait painted on canvas. A professional artist can easily make a picture from a photograph.

7 dating anniversary ideas for your couple

Spend the love night of your life. Isn’t it banal to have anniversary dates like this? No. Romance is not a constant, it should be sustained by lovers to last as long as possible. It is completely natural that your connection evolves with time. The allure that marks the earliest stages of any relationships gradually weakens so you need to make certain efforts to keep your lover fascinated. Your anniversary is not the only reason to release your passion but this is what you definitely won’t regret!

Plan a romantic rendezvous to your dream destination. Different people have different ideas of a perfect vacation. After 5 years of dating, you two are fully aware of each other’s preferences. I’d advise you to find a win-win option that would suit everyone’s needs. Whether you wish to taste wine all over the country or go cruising on a yacht, travelling will always be one of the best dating anniversary gifts.Romantic-Restaurant-Date

Try something crazy. Is there anything radical you’ve always wanted to try? Even if none of you is a fan of extreme sports, your anniversary is a good occasion to start a new hobby. It is proved that taking up crazy activities is vital for maintaining your chemistry. Just do not forget about safety!

Bring a dream gift for your significant other. If you’ve been in a relationship with this person for 5 years, you probably know what her/his heart desires. Buy something that your beloved one has always wanted to get but never thought she or he would! A designer watch, an exclusive perfume or sophisticated jewellery seem to be right dating anniversary gifts for her.

Recall your best memories. Yes, being in love with the same person for already 5 years is impressive. I bet your joint life was full of great moments. Why not relive those? If you’ve never repeated your first date scenario, the 5-year anniversary is a good day to make it real. Or you may just pack a picnic, grab your beloved one and spend have an overnight stay under the stars.

Share a fancy dinner. This may not be the most original among all anniversary date ideas but traditions can be adapted in a way you want. Strictly speaking, it doesn’t matter where you celebrate your anniversary and how much you spend on it. The only thing to care about is how you and your sweetheart feel this day! You do not have to think out complicated scenarios to have a valuable evening.  

A proposal? To be honest, this was the first thing that came into my mind when I started working on this guide. The 5-year anniversary is a perfect day to get committed. By all means, this will become the best gift for your partner ever. There are myriads of cool ideas to propose to your beloved one but I should tell about them some other time.

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I also advise men to send a huge bouquet to a woman’s workplace (university, etc.), and do it in the middle of the working day and unexpectedly. It is very touching and romantic, and most importantly, all her friends will die with jealousy.
22.07.2020 13:01

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