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All the world knows that Russian women are one of the most desirable females. The first thing that jumps out at you, when you look at a Russian girl - is her enchanting beauty. Indeed, Russian girls are gorgeous and most of them look like supermodels. However, they are known not only for their natural beauty, as each girl pays much attention to her appearance. Most girls always keep up with the fashion and look great even when going to the nearest supermarket. We should not forget that Russian girls are not just attractive, most of them are intelligent and have really great personality. Of course, there are a lot of pretty and smart ladies in other countries, however a large percentage of western men dreams of dating a beautiful Russian woman with the site.

Russian girl

Russian dating troubles you may face

Unfortunately, thousands of American men who decided to start dating Russian women have faced some problems. Some of those problems can easily lead to breaking up. Usually, this happens because people have very high expectations from Russian women dating. Those men believe that pretty Russian girls are perfect in every way and search for beautiful Russian girls who will love them just because they exist. But the reality is very cruel, and quite rarely, those expectations become a reality.

Language barrier

This is the most common and at the same time, the smallest problem. A very few people in Russia can easily understand and speak English, and almost none of Americans can speak Russian. You can imagine how hard it is to establish a stable communication with one another if you both don’t know each other languages and both are very shy people. To solve or totally avoid this problem you may ask your girlfriend to visit some English courses or download a special communication app. Of course, the best option is to do both.

Her huge family

Russian girls are very loyal to their families, as you may already know, creating their own families is the most important thing in their lives. This explains why usually they have many relatives. And all those relatives would like to pay you regular visits. At least once a year, and at different seasons, of course. So, at some point in your relationships, you may feel like you work in some kind of hotel for international tourists. No doubts that this is very annoying, and may lead to various problems in relationships. If this happened to you, then try to talk to your girlfriend about this. I am sure if she truly loves you, then she will find ways out of this situation.”

Russian Woman

Her high demands

One of the worst things that you can receive from a Russian girlfriend is her remarkably high demands. Russian girls are dating western men because they expect that those men will prove them with much higher living conditions. For example, some of those girls are very unpleasantly surprised when they find out that their men live in small houses in relatively poor neighborhoods. Plus, Russian girls generally expect a lot form their men. They must be strong, supportive, willing to sacrifice, to share, to lead so on and so forth, this list can be endless. If you feel that your girlfriend demands too much from you, then maybe it is better to break up with her.

You may become jealous

You don’t use the best Russian dating sites to search for an unnoticeable girl, right? You seek for a very beautiful and attractive girl, and when you finally find someone like that on a Russian dating site, you immediately go to Russia to claim her for yourself. Here you must know that Russian girls never leave the house without makeup. She will wear her best clothes and will spend an hour in front of a mirror working on her makeup, even if she simply needs to go to a grocery store a couple of blocks away. Of course, it is very easy to feel jealous when other men can't take their eyes off her.

She is traditional

Russian girls believe that their man should be a leader in their relationships. At some point, you may become tired of traditional Russian dates. Plus, you may not even want to be the leader of your relationships, while for her, this is very important. Sometimes, Russian girls prefer to take care of the household instead of earning money or getting an education. Add here the fact that due to her traditional approach to life, she may not be a very tolerant person.

So, what is so special about these Slavic girls? What makes Western men look for a woman far beyond their native countries? Although a “mysterious Russian soul” is one of the answers to these questions, there are a few strong reasons why so many western men wish dating with Russian girl. Let’s focus on these reasons:

They are Family-Oriented

Virtually every Russian girl dreams of having a close-knit family, with a loving husband and a couple of cute kids, scattering their toys all around the house. In other words, family is the biggest treasure for every Russian woman. All other worries, including career growth, recede into the background once she gets committed and becomes a mom. Russian women honor home traditions and value their relatives. When dating a Russian girl, you can be sure that every member of your family will be encompassed with a special care and attention. Though Russian women are very romantic, they understand that life is not a fairytale and are ready to stem all the difficulties of the family life.

They are Beautiful

Having a partner, who is not just a caring but also beautiful is undoubtedly a valuable advantage. Russian women know how to accentuate their natural beauty and look immaculately even when going to the grocery store.

They are Proud of Their Femininity

Russian Girls are not afraid to show they are weak. They are very feminine and animalist, which makes any men feel more masculine.

They are Perfect Domestic goddess and Cooks

If your girlfriend is from Russia, it means you have a neat, perfectly cleaned house and delicious meals waiting for you after a hard working day.

These are only a few of many reasons why choosing a Russian girl as your life partner. More information about these gorgeous ladies, as well as Russian women dating tips you will find at site. This reliable Ukrainian and Russian female catalog has a distinctive mission - unite loving hearts. Our online dating service has a huge collection of dates and guarantees a reliable protection of your personal information. A wealthy experience of our Russian dating site, and extremely strict policy as for the women’s profiles are the main guarantees of your safe and hassle-free online dating experience. Free registration is another good reason to use our service.

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How to Conquer a Russian Woman

Men often make mistakes that repel Russian women even more. The cultural differences play a huge role in getting to know a person from another country. However, when winning the heart of the woman, methods do not differ from one state to another, To prevent you from looking like a fool or being at loss, here are 5 tips that will help you win any Slavic girl.

Try to keep it simple

Some men get too tense when talking to a woman. They say ridiculous or boring things tand do not even notice that their talks are senseless. Do not let your chosen one get bored next to you, because if this happens, a Russian will leave. Try to act naturally and be easy around her. She will appreciate a good sense of humor and sincere stories from your life or work experience. Your task if you want to attract a woman is to keep her on the same vibe with yours during dates and show her that you are quite adequate and open.

Show interest in her

Each person loves it when people care about what they say, but only in moderation. Listening carefully and making comments is a good way to win over the person and make them notice you. A woman surrounded by attention to herself will trust a man and this will allow her to relax. Ask her various questions, compliment her outfits, jewelry, but do not be too interested in every detail of a woman. Such heightened interest can be regarded by her as an interrogation that no one will like.

Russian girlDo not hurry

You should not rush to quickly invite a woman to you or somehow get closer to her. Everything will happen in time when the right moment comes and if a person does not rush events. When a girl sees in a man calmness, patience and respect for her person, she will definitely make it clear that she is ready for more. Do not believe stereotypes that Russians are easy to get laid. There are carefree women in every country but a self-respected Slavic woman will not sleep with you upon first meeting.

Try to be more mindful of the little things

Often girls can give signals to men on a subconscious level, which a man must definitely notice. She can accidentally touch a man, touch her ears or hair, thereby making it clear that she likes a man. She can also make it clear that she does not mind letting a man closer to her. A man needs to respond to a woman in the same way, touch her hair, hug, take her hand, and so on.

Good mood

Laugh makes our body release endorphins, which can create a good mood and bring joy. A man should give his woman such a good mood so that she laughs and smiles next to him. Some typically male jokes may offend women who do not understand such a direct approach to humor. Try to be nice and helpful by telling funny life stories and improvising on the go. Then the Russian girl will feel good next to you and you will definitely conquer her.

Online Dating is a Smart Equivalent to Traditional Dating

For millions of singles all around the world, online dating is panacea for loneliness. Just a few years ago, this type of relationship was reserved for shy people mostly. The situation has changed dramatically, when the number of people, who have started their romantic relationship with online dating, began growing with an enormous speed. It is safe to say, that nowadays online dating is a smart equivalent to traditional dating. Millions of loving couples all across the globe have already discovered the benefits of building relationships online. Indeed, online dating offers you a myriad of benefits:

  • it is free of geographical boundaries
  • has a fewer number of restrictions
  • gives more chances to find your perfect match
  • lays fewer obligations on you
  • eliminates the first date embarrassment.

With online dating you can meet your twin soul, without even leaving the comfort of your home. For men who want to find a Russian girl, online dating can be the only chance to achieve their dream.

Starting online dating is as easy as in real life. In fact, it is even more easy, as people registered with dating sites are united by one common goal - find a life partner. To discover the world of online Russian dating, just register with our dating site and go ahead!




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Twenty years ago, I was tight with such a beauty. She was really amazing and smart. But I was too young to make a first step. And now I think the time has come to find the very one. Thank you for this article. You remind me of my youth and my first big love. If I like one of these girls how can I write her? Thanks.
19.06.2017 08:38
You know, yep, these girls are beautiful and feminine, but I have noticed that very often they have unrealistic expectations about foreign men and their possibilities
16.07.2020 14:28
Why the cons always sound like pros when you read articles like this one? I get it, your trying to ‘sell the product’ and all that, but giving us unrealistic expectations isn’t the best way to do it. I spoke with Russian girls, I know how lovely they can be but labeling them as perfect domestic goddess and cooks is too much
27.10.2020 15:46
Language barrier is probably the most annoying think you may come across on a dating site. You’re still able to communicate but it takes so much time that you start feeling your brain cells dying. Some words are never translated properly and you desperately try to find meaning in the mish-mash the girl sends you
27.10.2020 15:46

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