Top Interesting Questions To Ask A Guy


Top Interesting Questions To Ask A Guy

Ahead of a rendezvous with a new man, are you a little worried? It is explainable. After all, the probability of the next meeting depends on how much you like each other. Most likely, your communication has already taken place before in social networks, on a dating site, or in SMS correspondence. But the first date is different. It will reveal everything that can be kept silent in the virtual plane.

So, you have already packed up, put on a modest dress with a shallow neckline, and are ready to go out. Ahead of you, most likely, is a great evening and a wonderful conversation. To make it so, consider a few key points: the topics of religion, politics, and sex are not the most suitable for a first date; don't turn a nice conversation into an interview or a heated interrogation; do not dump all your problems and life difficulties on your partner; otherwise he will run away from you without waiting for the end of the meeting.

Also, remember good dating questions to ask a guy. They will help not only to get to know the interlocutor better but also to find out those aspects of his lifestyle that may be contrary to your principles and beliefs, and will also allow you to consider the expediency of a second date and further communication.

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What questions to ask a guy you like?

1. How do you see your ideal day?

This is quite a good question to ask a guy. Such a simple question will help the interlocutor relax and open up a little to you. Reasoning about something ideal is always pleasant. If you listen carefully, this conversation will reveal a lot about your partner. Pay attention to the details, for example, the time period in which the ideal day of your chosen one takes place.

Is he an owl or a lark? Perhaps he likes to sleep until 12 noon, “hangs” on the phone until one in the morning, or even works as a fashionable DJ, entertaining the tireless audience of some club until the morning.

Are you ready to reset your internal clock for him? At first glance, it seems that this is not important at all because the main thing is love. But, perhaps, after a month of such a relationship, you will already be sitting at a table on a first date with another guy.

2. What brings you joy?

Among all the best questions to ask a guy, this is one of the most important. Most people have a hobby. Reading, playing sports, getting ready for a marathon, knitting, learning languages, going out into the countryside with friends, making something, repairing, etc. It can be a variety of hobbies, from assembling tanks to the most fashionable and modern types of hobbies.

If a person is not interested in anything, he probably spends his free time at the computer or staring at the TV screen. However, unhealthy and excessive passion for some businesses should also alert you. Most likely, such a hobby will take all the free time, energy, and, possibly, money from the partner. As they say, no one canceled the sense of proportion.

3. Where you're from? 

It is best to ask questions that will tell the most important thing about a guy. The question about your hometown will allow you to bring the interlocutor to your family's story from afar. If a guy gets too deep into childhood memories, reaching football with the boys in the yard, steer the conversation in the right direction. Try to find out more about his relationship with his parents, how far they live from each other, and how often they see each other and communicate.

Remember, it is not normal if he lives with his parents or calls them up too often, does not maintain relations with the family, never visits them, and does not help his parents. However, there are nuances; sometimes, adult men live with their parents not because they are infantile but because they save up for their apartment or help their parents with important matters during this particular period.

However, it is not uncommon for a man to be too dependent for life without a caring mother nearby. That's why it's so important to ask good questions to ask a guy you like.

4. Did you know that esports is an official sport?

What are interesting questions to ask a guy? If, in response, you will hear, “what are you talking about”? So, everything is in order; most likely, the guy does not live in the virtual world, "racing" and "shooting." If, after your question, the interlocutor with burning eyes will embark on emotional discussions about what a ridiculous update his favorite “toy” came out with and how much better the penultimate version was.

5. What place does work occupy in your life?

Questions to ask a guy you're interested in. Such a veiled question will help you find out how your chosen one earns money and about his attitude to work. Perhaps he is a careerist obsessed with success, easily taking the unfinished business of the day home and tired of talking about projects that will lead him to a long-awaited promotion. Or vice versa: the guy hates his gray office, inadequate boss, and the most boring colleagues and is already storming the sites with ads in search of a suitable job.

Or maybe he is not going to change anything at all because he simply does not see an alternative. In short, talking about work will help you more clearly imagine how comfortable the financial cushion of your future relationship with him will be because it is extremely difficult to replenish this cushion yourself without seeing the mite from the partner.

6. Does anyone think they are still in a relationship with you?

This is one of the most important dating questions to ask him. It's no secret that girls often fall into this trap. So you sort of started dating a guy, everything is fine, you fit together like no other - and then his ex appears on the horizon. She somehow believed that they had a pause in the relationship, during which she realized that she loved him and could not live without him.

Your lover begins to rush about, torn between new feelings for you and those that have not yet cooled down for her. In short, as a result of all this "Santa Barbara," only you will suffer. Therefore, initially, ask the interlocutor how long his previous relationship ended, whether he made room in his heart for a new girl and whether his ex found a man.

7. Do you have younger brothers or sisters?

This is a good example of relationship questions to ask a guy. Starting from afar, you can learn more about the marital status of your chosen one, as well as how he treats children. If he has no younger relatives in the family, tell him about yours, and then ask some simple questions on this topic: for example, how many children, in his opinion, should there be in the family.

Perhaps he already has them, or the guy is convinced he is child-free and does not see himself as a father. If, nevertheless, he says that he would like to have kids, but in the next few years, he plans to enthusiastically build a career and live for himself, think about whether these plans coincide with yours, and are you ready to wait until he “ripes”?

8. Name the three main qualities that a woman should have.

This is one of the cool questions to ask a guy. Brace yourselves; by now, you will most likely learn a lot about his ex-girlfriends. No, of course, it will be informative and interesting to listen to what, in his opinion, the ideal woman should be, but the main thing is that these comparative analogies are not based on past relationships. You can delicately ask a few questions about the girl he dated before you, why they broke up and how close she was to his ideal.

But remember: a man should not discuss his relationship with someone, no matter their status. If a guy easily “walks” over the behavior, appearance, or shortcomings of his ex, believe me, he will also do the same after breaking up with you. In addition, such behavior characterizes him as a representative of the stronger sex with an insufficiently pronounced male position.

9. Do you mind if I help pay the bill?

These are one of the serious questions to ask a guy. The girl's desire to split the bill in half is absolutely normal and acceptable, but only if the initiative comes from her. If, at the end of the meeting, the man solemnly announces that “we pay the bill in half or every man for himself,” it is clear there can be no talk of continuing meetings with such a miser.

During a date, pay attention to your companion's attitude to the material side of life. In addition to greedy men, there are also too wasteful men who like to overspend and spend more than they earn. With this, you will live in constant fear for your future, especially if you yourself have a very modest income.

Once you figured out what kind of questions to ask a guy, you can go and register on a dating site like GoDateNow. Here you can look for new partners. In addition, in the Girls online gallery section, you can see photos of different girls before starting a correspondence. Read Our Dating Blog to learn more about love and relationships.


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