3 Reasons Slavic Girls Get Crazy About Halloween (And The Costumes You’ve Got To See)


“...Slavic women find joy in transforming themselves

 into true hexes ready to cast spells on men…”


Yes, that was a spoiler. Now here we go with some history of Halloween (and its costumes)...and scary stories, of course!


Halloween costumes are an irreplaceable part of the spookiest time of the year. From the first half of the 20th century, Halloween costumes were dreaded off-limits. Steeped deeply into pagan and Christian traditions, Halloween has always been treated as a night to ward off evil spirits, celebrate the decay, or reconcile with death. Respectively, people have always opted for more ghoulish, serious costumes than the pop-culture and beauty standards hold out today. 


The 60s marked the shift in the way people dress up for Halloween. Men and women across the globe started ditching masks and full-on coverage, preferring to disclose their faces. Costumes became a way to play a lighter, a special version of oneself: showing the world you 'were' Wonder Woman, or Luke Skywalker, or what have you.


In Russia and Ukraine, Halloween started to gain prominence in the 1990s, when Russia opened its borders to Western cultures, both geographical and mental. Yet, it is hard to call the fest a family tradition, Halloween is gradually gaining momentum among young people, especially young single Russian women going wild to show off with their way too sexy and devilishly seductive outfits.


It is widely known that Slavic women stand out with their aesthetic nature: 

  • they take care of their appearance, 

  • put much effort into enhancing their femininity and sexuality,

  • prettify all around, creating an atmosphere. 


Similarly, they might like dressing up for Halloween, but there are several more reasons behind this desire. 

Reason #1. Dressing Up For Halloween: A Source Of Female Power


Slavic women have a tendency to click with the “you are what you wear” approach. For Russian and Ukrainian ladies, especially when they are single, clothes serve as a tool for -

  • feeling empowered, 

  • reclaiming lost sexual energy and charisma, 

  • and expressing it. 


In everyday life, when a lady undergoes moments of insecurity or outflow of female energy — there's a simple fix: slapping on an outfit that makes her feel like the powerful, amazing woman she really is.

While single Russian ladies might try to dress in a sexy way year-round, Halloween is on another level. Part of the reason is the judgment-free attitude and the "pass" everyone gets on the holiday.

"No one is going to think too badly, because it's Halloween and it's allowed".

Being ruled by the deeply rooted idea that there is a little witch in every woman, once in a year, Slavic women find joy in transforming themselves into true hexes ready to cast spells on men. All those Halloween things, wigs, make-up, accessories help women unleash their demons, deviate from traditionally prescribed subservient female roles, and cut loose.

It turns out that badass Halloween costumes help Slavic ladies reunite with their darkside nature, bestiality, and impregnate them with a new power which they need in life to lure a man of their dream.

Reason #2. Curiosity: Fortune-Telling / Matchmaking


Contrary to the popular belief that Halloween revolves around the past, death, and commemoration of all the hallows, many of the obsolete traditions do focus on the future.


In particular, lots of rituals had to do with helping young women identify their future husbands and reassuring them that they would someday—with luck, by next Halloween—be married. 


Initially, Halloween was all about getting hitched. In 18th-century Ireland, a matchmaking cook might bury a ring in her mashed potatoes on Halloween night, hoping to bring true love to the diner who found it. There are also such widely known matchmaking traditions as apple bobbing, peeling of the apples, watching hazelnuts roast over a fire, and lots of others. 


But there’s one that enjoys immense popularity with Russian and Ukrainian women - staring into a mirror to see your future spouse's face. That observance is considered to be the most daredevil because a lot of girls faint in the process, and sometimes it’s possible to see pretty scary pictures in the reflection. 


It’s highly recommended that sensitive people don’t even try to do that!


Creepy, huh? Let’s dive deeper into the details!


Here’s how the fortune-telling ritual usually happens:

  • A few girls (usually, a group of 3-4) gather together in an empty and absolutely quiet house with the lights off at the midnight

  • Costumes here play an important role: wearing a nightgown only is a must, plus no jewelry, zero makeup, and hair loose

  • For the precise prophecy girls shouldn’t cross their legs or hands while in a process

  • One of the girls sits down in front of the mirror, puts two smaller mirrors on the sides of the bigger mirror at some angle to be able to see the reflection of the small mirrors

  • Then she should put a candle between her and the mirror and start watching the reflection, saying again and again - ‘Come and show yourself to me, my betrothed’ or ‘Come and have dinner with me, my betrothed’

  • A girl keeps staring at the mirror until she sees a man (or his shadow figure in some cases) who’s going to be her future husband

  • When a girl sees a man in the mirror, she should promptly say - ‘Keep away from me!’ or ‘Get lost!’ or ‘Absit omen!’ - and then dip candles and turn the lights on.


They say it’s the devil who takes the image of a girl’s future husband and shows it in the mirror, so it’s not recommended to watch him for a long time.

Reason #3. Making Buzz And Having Fun!

One more reason to dress up for Halloween is simply having fun with the family at home or going out with friends for some club party.


Russian and Ukrainian clubs and bars usually take advantage of each and every occasion, so Halloween is not an exception. They prepare a Halloween party program, some ‘scary’ menu items, and most importantly - a contest for the best costume!


Slavic women just love to dress up and make some buzz around! Actually, this is what makes this holiday so awesome! Why not enjoy the occasion together online? And view the girls’ monstrously beautiful Halloween costumes! 


Let’s make some virtual fun this Halloween!


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You’ve surely got to see the most boo-tiful costumes of wickedly wonderful women and choose your favorite witch of the season. Don’t miss out till the Halloween black magic disappears!

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