Best Secrets: How to kiss someone for the first time?


Being inexperienced when it comes to kissing is awkward beyond compare. Making a mistake, disappointing a spouse, or being a laughingstock is frightening. However, by exploring the theory, these issues may be readily avoided. It is good to be ready for everything because different individuals kiss in various ways. How to kiss someone for the first time in a competent, enjoyable manner while utilizing various techniques. Let's learn more about the topic of the first kiss on Our Dating Blog.

The Main Principles of The First Kiss

There are a few fundamental rules that you must abide by regardless of the kissing style you use. There are some principles of first-time kissing:

1. Hygiene

The entire body, but notably the mouth. Kissing a messy person, a smoker's exhaust pipe, or an onion fanatic? No, thanks. It is necessary to use a shower, deodorant, toothpaste with a brush, chewing gum, or candy before kissing. It would be excellent if there is also a faint, pleasant scent. It will definitely work if you’re learning how to make out for your first kiss. This strategy will make it simpler to get the chance for a second date, a relationship, or genuine sympathy. Good manners and simple civility are equally vital.

2. Comfort zone

The first time you kiss someone, you're invading their personal space. Without first confirming that the partner is likewise prepared for such a step, you cannot be sharp. You will need to go slowly and with patience.

3. Rejection of egotism

Let two people enjoy themselves when they are kissing. It is preferable to remember requirements, comfort, and watch reaction if you don’t know how to kiss your boyfriend romantically for the first time.

4. Tactile contact

It is quite significant. It is somewhat advisable to modify it before the kiss by hugging and taking the other person's hand beneath the elbow. After that, actions will be considerably less uncomfortable.

Best Secrets: How to kiss someone for the first time?

How to Kiss for The First Time Step By Step?

1. Locate a quiet area

Finding a quiet area to relax in part is worthwhile when you’re learning how to kiss for the first time. Pass up going to the theater or other social gatherings in favor of viewing a movie at home, having a picnic outside, or finding other alone time.

  • Resist the impulse to entirely turn out the lights. It would appear that total darkness will promote relaxation. On a first date, though, the problem will simply exacerbate because you are unsure of what to do;
  • Try reducing the lights a little in your bedroom so that your intentions won't be as clear.

2. Prepare yourself beforehand

How to prepare for a kiss? You anticipate making initial contact, try to look and smell your best. When it matters most, this will make you unstoppable. Avoid giving this too much thought since doing so will just make you more anxious. However, if you make an effort to look your best, your chances of getting a good kiss considerably rise.

3. Show that you're willing to kiss

If you feel comfortable enough throughout this exercise, get right into the action. If you have never kissed this person before, you might need to make some more moves or visit Girls online gallery. There are various methods to express your interest to your partner and to learn how to kiss:

  • Make a good reason to move closer;
  • expose certain bodily parts' skin;
  • Give your hands a carte blanche.

4. Time for a kiss

Until there are just a few inches between you, gradually bring your face closer to that of your partner while maintaining eye contact. Kiss when you are oblivious. There won't be any issues if the other person exhibits interest, but kissing should wait till the other person shows more interest. The first kiss is difficult, so try taking a deep breath and just slanting your lips against your partner's. When you're both ready to go on, it will be simpler to utilize the language as a result.

5. Add variety to your kiss

Keep things interesting by varying your kissing style frequently. Use it sparingly and only when you sense your partner is beginning to lose interest. Try playing around with it when learning how to kiss properly:

  • The kiss's forcefulness. Switch between mild, gentle touches and firmer ones.
  • Rapidity of execution. Slow kisses are ideal both at the beginning and in the midst of the procedure as a little break.
  • Tongue. To intensify the kiss, try French kissing, or vice versa, lightly contact your partner's tongue with your own.

The Best Techniques for The First Kiss

1. Gold Standard

Almost all kinds of kissing start with this fundamental technique. Because of this, it is preferable to give her even more time and attention than to other people. We may assume that if you completely learn this kissing technique, you have at least somewhat studied all the others.

The Gold Standard is an excellent technique for your first kiss. It also matches the idea of a first kiss between a couple well. In other words, even if a person is already regarded as an expert in this field, it is still preferable to start a connection with that approach.

2. French kiss

It is well known that tongue-to-tongue kissing is more intense and is definitely one of the best ways to kiss a guy. Although this part of the speech apparatus does not move in a systematic manner, it is best to avoid making its motions disorganized. Only the tongue and lips, the cheeks, teeth, palate, and anything else that may be reached are all acceptable targets for actions.

The problem with the latter is that you may quickly lose yourself and make a guy or lady uncomfortable.

3. Snuggling

This is the most fervent viewpoint that is known if you say, “I don't know how to kiss.“ It's good to learn the snuggle because it's not always utilized for the first time. The most challenging component of this option is leaving. Emotions ran wild, and poorly regulated broad measures were taken. It's evident that everything will end in intimacy if you keep going at this rate. It is best to proceed with this form of kissing right away if there are no such intentions. The process of completion is carried out in reverse order, much as in the preceding ways.


Focus on your partner and listen to your heart, because who knows, maybe you will meet your love on GoDateNow. Also, try to remember all these tips on kissing for the first time. It is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

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