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Those familiar with wrestling may think that this kind of sport and sexy women have nothing in common. And at the same time, there are many participants in this show, as well as ardent fans of women’s wrestling. Female wrestling is very nice because all the participants in the show are attractive and sexy beauties. Add the spectacular wrestling to this and you will understand why this particular type of wrestling has so many fans, especially among men. One of the reasons is, of course, the desire of men to see WWE divas naked. But also, experts say that in terms of the intensity of passions, emotionality, and aggressiveness, female wrestling is much superior to male one. You will not see such a surge of adrenaline and energy in any fight among male wrestlers! But what makes these pretty and sexy female wrestlers get so fiercely in a fight with each other? When you understand that women are much more emotional than men, then everything becomes clear. And you can watch these hottest women online or attend the show.

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A brief history of female wrestling

The one who is not particularly versed in this sport will say that wrestling is about muscular men in funny costumes. Attending single women sites is much more interesting! But actually, you are wrong.

The basics of wrestling come from circus wrestling fights and various carnival performances. Gradually, with the growing popularity of wrestling shows in the United States, wrestling federations appeared, and they were united into the National Wrestling

Alliance in 1948. In the 1990s, WWF was renamed. It is called World Wrestling Entertainment now. In fact, none of the big shows like WWE are possible without the participation of beautiful ladies. Now the Divas are an integral part of the show and fight in the ring no worse than men. All women of WWE are called Divas. They are of great importance in this sport: they both entertain people in the intervals between fights and fight themselves.

The female wrestling fights are no doubt fakes. All maneuvers and movements are rehearsed in advance and are performed in the interaction of all the participants in the show. All the techniques and their effects are grotesquely exaggerated, although some of them are actually painful. These shows include elements and techniques of artistic gymnastics, weightlifting, circus acrobatics, and other sports.

15 Hottest WWE Divas

1. Barbara Jean

wwe divas naked

She got into wrestling from gymnastics. Unfortunately, her 10-year gymnastics career ended due to injury. The girl fell and broke her tailbone. She realized that she would never be able to play sports again, nevertheless, that didn’t stop her. Once she decided to try herself in wrestling and was not mistaken. She became one of the best WWE female wrestlers. During her career in this sport, she received many awards and a champion belt in 2011. Also, there are many gossips about her love life. Perhaps the reason for the termination of the contract in 2012 was one of her boyfriends.

2. Natalya Neidhart

women of wwe

This amazing sportswoman is 38 years old, and she still looks amazing. She is the first female wrestler in the third generation of the famous Hart wrestling family. Natalya’s uncles were involved in her training. Maybe that helped her to get success in the sport. Of course, she is one of the sexiest and hottest WWE Divas. She became the official face of the 2012 and 2013 Summer Cup, as well as the representative of Wrestle Mania 28, 29, 30. In 2010, Natalya received the title of WWE Diva champion.

3. Alexis Kaufman

diva wwe wrestlers

Alexis’s career as a wrestler began in 2013. She came to the sport not just like that – she had several titles in American bodybuilding. It took the girl only 3 years to get into the main lineup of WWE fighters, and since 2016, at her 25 years old, she has become a global star.

Popular magazines and the largest companies in the world conclude contracts with her, and in the ring, she still remains a thunderstorm for all titled rivals.

4. Torrie Wilson

women of wwe

After appearing on the covers of several body culture magazines and winning the Miss Galaxy title in a fitness competition, Torrie begins looking for a job in sports. One of her agents advises Wilson to try her luck at WCW. So, what do we have for today? She became a superstar in female wrestling. This was followed by fights in a bikini, striptease in the ring, and a hot kiss with a defeated rival.

5. Leila El

hottest wwe divas

In 2006, Leila learned about the WWE Diva Search competition. Having decided to try herself in something new, she passed the casting.

Throughout her career, the girl has received quite a few awards, for example, she became the sixth in the list of the best female wrestlers in 2012 and one of the best wrestlers in the history of sports. Moreover, many magazines want a cover with her face on it. And the famous singer Timbaland released a video with her participation.

6. A.J. Lee

wwe girls

Jay Lee is one of the sexiest WWE girls and is a former champion. Jay Lee was born in New Jersey, USA on March 19, 1987. Her weight is 52 kg, height is 160 cm. She is quite tiny, right? She was on the verge of winning the WWE Diva title three times and also won the Diva of the Year award twice. Lee is still one of the most popular WWE women.

7. Carmella DeCesare

female wrestlers

This girl is different from her colleagues. She doesn’t have many awards. But she didn’t want to continue her wrestling career and became a model. And her participation in wrestling attracted the attention of influential people. So, they helped her in modeling. And she’s done pretty well in this business. For example, a playboy awarded her the title of Playmate in 2004. And she is a co-owner of one major modeling business in the USA.

8. Kia Stevens

female wrestling

This girl was a social worker, and had problems with weight. When she realized that she wanted to lose weight, she took part in a program on the Discovery Channel. She liked the process of losing weight and playing sports, but the girl wanted something more. She decided to go in for wrestling and went to Japan to start a career. Today, she, like many other women of wrestling, travels around the USA as an independent participant in shows.

9. Yves Torres

women of wwe

This girl got to the casting of the TV show Divas Search. Having become a participant, and then being included in the list of finalists of the program, she showed perfect wrestling technique and this helped her to get a contract. The debutante’s unbeaten streak of fights lasts almost 3 years. However, she lost to Natalya Hart in 2011. In 2012, a victory over Layla El brought her the champion belt.

10. Taryn Terrell

ladies wrestling

If you want to see an example of a woman who didn’t break under her problems and became one of the best WWE wrestlers in the world, then take a look at Taryn Terrell. She started her career back in 2008, but two years later, she was fired. Moreover, she was going to break up with her husband. And now the woman has a lot of problems, a divorce, and a little daughter she is raising alone. But despite all the difficulties, she finds the strength to return to wrestling. In 2014, she won the world champion title, defeating her opponent by knockout and becoming one of the best Diva WWE wrestlers.

11. Michelle McCool

hottest wwe divas

She first appeared in WWE in 2004 as a member of the Search Divas show. Her first fight was on July 28, defeating Jillian Hall using a forbidden technique.

Also, Michelle won the Bikini Royale on May 28, 2005. On July 20, during The Great American Bash Pay-Per-View (PPV), McCool defeated Natalya Neidhart and became the first-ever WWE Diva Champion. She ended her career after a fight with Layla El.

12. Beth Phoenix

women of wwe

After this girl made her debut in wrestling, a month later she fell and broke her jaw. Because of this, she couldn’t participate in the sport and compete with WWE Divas for about 1 year. But she returned triumphantly. Despite the fact that she has not yet recovered from her injury, she was able to win the champion title.

In 2012, Beth lost to A.J. the fight for the championship belt. The woman couldn’t accept that, and she beat A.J. behind the scenes. Vicky Guerrero, a general manager in wrestling, considering that attack violation of rules, broke the contract with Phoenix. Still, among Beth Phoenix’s achievements, there is the Diva champion title.

13. Gail Kim

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This girl has Canadian-Korean origin, which is probably why she is so beautiful and sexy. But despite this, one day she lost to her rival, and she had to leave professional wrestling. By the way, no one expected such an outcome. Nevertheless, the girl didn’t give up and showed all that she is capable of, performing in the minor league and winning several fights. Throughout her career, she managed to become an absolute champion according to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

14. Alicia Fox

wwe female wrestlers

She began her career competing with the strongest female wrestlers. But this didn’t stop her from achieving success. Her appearance seems cute and is not associated with fights and aggression. However, when this girl enters the ring, her appearance changes. She becomes ruthless. This is what makes many fans of ladies wrestling to watch it.

This sportswoman didn’t manage to win many titles. She actually has only two titles. But among them, there is already a champion belt.

15. Patricia Anne Stratigias

female wrestling

We can say about this girl that she has become a living legend. Patricia is a model and actress who was born in 1975. She started taking part in wrestling in 2000. Throughout her career, she became a champion more than 6 times and defeated more than 10 strongest female WWE wrestlers. She was remembered by everyone as a very cute and kind girl.

After finishing her career in wrestling, she continued to work in this field and was engaged in recruiting new wrestlers. So, for people not versed in this sport, wrestling seems a competition of men. In fact, nowadays WWE girls are no more associated with journalists who interview the champions behind the scenes. They are an integral part of wrestling now.

We showed you just 15 stories about beautiful female wrestlers. And as you can see, brutal scenes of this sport don’t spoil the impression. On the contrary, they just make each of these beautiful images complemented!

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