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The most exciting first date, when you were just getting the length of foot and wondering whether to give a second chance has already passed as well as the second date, when the feeling of awkwardness began to disappear, and you started thinking whether the person is good enough for you or not. It’s time for the third date. We hope you know how to get a third date, so it’s necessary just to find out how to spend the third date with pleasure and benefit. You can, of course, wander around the city park again or eat ice cream in a cafe, talking about nothing, or you can try to arrange an interesting adventure that will help you get to know the potential partner better. Remember that it is still a man who decides where to go on a third date, so you should be ready to have at least several good third date ideas to give the girl a chance to choose from. The chosen type of leisure can tell a lot about one’s personality.

third date tips

Why Third Dates Are So Important?

The process of seduction consists of certain stages that you can go through consistently, efficiently and completely, or skip. These stages include the process of looking for a partner, meeting, getting to know each other a little bit better, attraction, approaching and having sex. If in the process of seduction, you skip any of the stages, then you will not succeed in building a healthy relationship. You will have to start everything by going through the steps you’ve missed. The model of three dates is a particular option of the general structure of the seduction process. It is the perfect tool for creating long-lasting and beautiful relationships.

This is the classic and simplest method, which doesn’t require special techniques. As a result, it is easy to repeat without possessing any special skills, no matter what starting conditions are. The main feature of the model of three dates is that it is completely socially adequate. In this way, millions of women all over the world are seduced, and no one will ever reproach you for acting “too weird.” It is possible to say that it is a standard sequence of actions in modern culture. Nothing else is expected from a man.

So, if you are ready to go on a third date, then it means that you two are interested in getting to know each other much better and moving to a serious relationship. A third date can be called a turning point in the relationship between two strangers. Now you’re far more invested than you were on the first date. So, it’s a key decision time since you are not just meeting with someone, but you choose to spend time with this person.

Third Date Expectations

The whole process of dating can excite, frighten, inspire or nerve. It does not always endure the burden of our expectations and can go into the hours of painful self-analysis. It can become the foundation of family life or a gravestone of a newly born relationship. The issue is complicated by the fact that our expectations for a romantic meeting are sometimes very different from those of a partner.

Talking about third date expectations, it's generally believed that the third date is most suitable for sex. Most people are aware of the established tradition, but it’s not always the case. If a girl does not like a man that much or she is not ready, then she will demonstrate this unobtrusively, or this will not come to that at all.

Every man should understand that it doesn’t matter how chaste the girl is, she expects the man to show interest in her personality. Of course, it’s not about those who are looking for one-night stands and are not interested in committed relationships at all. So, if you want your third date expectations to come true, you should show that you have serious intentions towards her and that she attracts you physically. And to psychologically facilitate the transition to sex on a third date, you can use some tricks.

good third date ideasFor example, since you have only two dates in stock, this may bother a girl in some way. But to make her relax and feel comfortable, it is necessary to use anchors of some sort and adhere to third date etiquette. You can unexpectedly send her a funny and romantic message. You can please her with a bunch of flowers, sent with a courier. Of course, these tokens should not contain a declaration of love, but compliments are always a good idea. Thanks to these simple manipulations, the girl can get the impression of your constant presence and understand that you really like her. This will allow her to relax more in your presence, and you will subconsciously become attached a little more to the girl and be able to see more deeply her positive traits. Therefore, keep in mind using small anchors that remind her of you. Anyway, you should wisely use the time between second and third date to conquer her heart.

Third Date Conversation

Have you ever noticed that the first and second dates look like interviews when you are afraid to say something inappropriate and try to find out the most crucial moments from the interlocutor? It’s one of the reasons why you worry so much about your appearance and behavior, you try to do your best not to scare off the charming lady. It’s time when people try to find out whether they feel comfortable in each other’s company and whether there are chances for the relationship to move on. That’s why the fact that people have agreed on the third date tells a lot about mutual attraction and the readiness of the couple to take their relationship to the next level. Talking about the third date conversation, it’s a perfect time to have a more intimate talk. Your task is to develop the communication that you had on the first and second dates.

For example, you can tell about your dreams, plans, and aspirations. The third date questions may be about the same things as well. You shouldn’t talk about past relationships and problems since the third date is still not about that. If you can share your dreams with a new girlfriend, it means that you have good chances to develop your relationship in the right direction.

Where to Go on a Third Date?

The third date shouldn’t resemble the first two dates because if you spend it in the same way, then none of you will feel the difference. This is the main reason why you should choose another scenario for the third date. Besides, if you hope for something bigger than usual date, then you should pay attention to places that can evoke sexual desire by acting on instincts. For example, if you like dancing and you are good at it, then you can invite a girl to a club or arrange a dance class. If you have a sexy body, you can invite a girl to the beach (in summer), or to the pool (in winter). However, there are also some classic options that can also come you in handy.

Romantic and intimate option

Let's just say, the option is not for suspicious young ladies. It is rather for those who know what they want and certainly know what they do not want. For someone, a home date may seem too frivolous, but, as one movie hero says, “Sometimes a cup of coffee means just a cup of coffee, and not an offer to stay overnight.”

This date idea suggests a movie watching when you can comfortably sit on the sofa or on the floor in front of the TV, eat pizza, drink a glass of wine and watch a new or old favorite movie. If you have not won the young lady over, she can refuse. So, you should have at least several other third date ideas in reserve. For example, you can offer to meet in a cozy Italian restaurant where you haven’t gone yet.

Active option

It is an excellent opportunity to test the strength of your feelings, and at the same time, the readiness to be a reliable partner in an extreme situation. Choose an extreme activity to your taste. For example, it can be a horseback riding, skydiving, sightseeing flight. It is not only a way to have fun but also to feel new and pleasant emotions. Strong emotions that you experience can help bring you closer.

Research option

You can go on a trip to the nearest neighboring town or go on an “expedition,” immersing yourself in exploring the beauties of your native land. You can do that after the third date as well. The way to success is an optimally planned route, considering stops for sightseeing. Do not forget to charge the camera or phone, these pictures will fit perfectly for the future family album if you continue your relationship.

Art option

If you are fond of painting or any other kind of art, you can suggest visiting a museum or an art gallery. A concert of a symphony orchestra at the local philharmonic is also a good option. The main third date advice will sound like, “Use information, which the girl provided you with on the first two dates, and you will come up trumps.”

Third Date Tips

The third date is not a reason to relax completely and let nature take its course. Here are several useful third date tips that can come you in handy if you want to find out what happens after the third date.

Don’t be late

Being late is a manifestation of disrespect for another person. No one is interested in the reasons, even if you, in the company of Will Smith, have saved the world from the invasion of aliens, the impression about you will be spoiled. If you are so busy, it is better to plan your time in advance, postpone the meeting and warn your partner. The third date is not about a long-term relationship when you can forgive your partner so many things.

Keep it simple

Take everything easy. Experience shows that a person who is too obsessed with the result reduces the chances of success. This is inexplicable, but it is a fact. Although, perhaps, the whole thing is in excessive tension. Your task is to present yourself so that a girl wants to see you again.

after third dateShow genuine interest in her

The girls feel everything. And if you don’t like her very much, it will be difficult for you to seduce her, and it will happen not only because you don’t want her that much, but because she feels your indifference. How to show genuine interest if you don’t really like a girl? Choose a part of her body that you really like. For example, it can be about her long hair or a pretty face. Focus your attention on these details, and the girl will feel your interest. Doing that, you will look much more natural.

Become a drug for her

How can you do that? Everything is very simple. Give her emotions that she hasn’t experienced yet, and you will become the man she wants to be with. These emotions must be unforgettable so that you stand out favorably and vividly among other men.

Be yourself

The third date is the line beyond which you can finally unburden yourself of seriousness. All the uncertainty of the first meetings should be dispelled by this moment: she is interested in you, she agreed consciously to go on the second date with you. Relax and be yourself. If you’ve managed with two meetings, the third will seem like a child's game.

Get feet wet

If the first two meetings do not oblige you to anything, the third one is a turn on the highway towards “relationship.” Therefore, it's time to get to know the girl closer. Learn more about her interests, invite her to one of your favorite places to see if your preferences match.

Communicate with her as if you’ve already had sex

This is a very important point. It will make your communication easier because you do not care. When you worry about whether you will have sex or not, you look unnatural. You try to choose the right words and act silly. You depend on her when you think about the upcoming sex. Having reached the third date, the main thing is not to lose your head. You need just to take your relationship to a new level.

How to Not Fail a Third Date

You have to develop relationships, not stand still. The third date simply has to be more fun and daring than the first one. You need to carefully share your thoughts about the future with the woman, tell her something important about yourself, and so on.

Don’t wait too long for a third date

It should happen as early as possible. You need to constantly text a woman but don’t be annoying. The sooner you have the third date, the better.

Establishing tactile contact

Of course, the third date, as we said above, should develop the relationship. The second stage is touching. There is nothing wrong with touching an arm, a shoulder, and kissing a woman.

Be generous with compliments

Compliments should be more specific than on the first date. For example, instead of “how beautiful you look today” you can say “I like you very much”. You need to get rid of the banal compliments like: “you are beautiful”, “you are a very good conversationalist” as this prevents the relationship from developing.

Listen to a woman

You need to ask the right questions and let the woman talk. You can ask about something personal, such as relationships with parents, childhood, and so on. Psychologists recommend asking questions that will be interesting for a person to answer.

Final decision

Three dates are often enough to decide whether you like a person or not. This is almost a scientific fact. And if you’ve done everything right, then after taking the girl home, you will almost certainly get an offer to have coffee. However, don't start dancing ahead of time because if you want to see her again, you still have to show yourself from the best side. It’s the main third date rule.

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Thanks for the helpful ideas for the third date. They will definitely come in handy for me in the future!
16.07.2020 16:23
I understood one thing. If a girl agrees to meet with you, then you can be sure that she has already said “Yes”. She had many options for how to spend this day, and she preferred you to all this. So, on the third date, you can already relax. By the way, from my own experience, I want to advise you to try to hug the girl at the end of the date. Such a gesture on your part will show your interest in her, and she can go home in a good mood. You can ask a question: “Do I deserve a kiss on the cheek?” If the girl agrees, then everything is fine. You need to develop the relationship. And this article has described everything in great detail.
15.10.2020 12:59

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