How to deal with your girlfriend ignoring you


Many guys today don't know what to do if your girlfriend is ignoring you. There are many reasons for this; we will analyze only the most basic ones. It is also important to know what to do when your girlfriend ignores you and what tips and techniques are there to prevent this and return to the old love and relationship.

This article teaches you how to get her attention when she ignores you. Remember, your fate is in your hands; only you decide what to do. Psychologists will help you with advice if you apply them in practice to solve this problem.

What to do when your girlfriend is mad and won't talk to you?

  • Wait a while. Often a girl ignores you because she has another boyfriend or she just stopped loving you. Other symptoms may also be the cause. In this case, it’s generally better not to touch the girl since you won’t be able to force her to figure out the problem by force. It is wiser to wait, wiser, to show that you are the best for her. If you start to humiliate yourself, run after a girl when she ignores you, then you will sink below her, and she will quickly leave you. If you hold on like a real man and do not give up, then the girl will understand that you are stronger and will return to you herself. Of course, 80% of guys, when a girl ignores them, start calling, writing, and annoying her. As a result, they lose the girl even faster. Even if the girl has found another, this is her choice; if she ignores you, and does nothing for a month if she does not call or write to you, then this is not your girl, and you should not be disappointed and suffer because of her.

  • Let the girl go. should I ignore her if she ignores me? If a girl is ignoring you and you don't know what to do, then it's best to let her go and start ignoring her too. She started first, so she must be first and bring you back if she wants to. In this case, it is not worth pushing and seeking a girl. Hold on like a real man, and then, she realizes that you are more suitable for her and will try to return you. Remember, never be upset with people who ignore you and leave because if their fate decides so, this is their choice, and in no case do you have the right to put pressure on them to return and start the relationship anew. If a girl ignores you, there are reasons for this; if you do not know the reason, do not take any action. If the girl herself does not contact you, let her go and start a new life, new acquaintances, and communication.

  • Be the best when my girlfriend is ignoring me. If you do not know what to do when a girl ignores you, then just take care of yourself; why waste time on those girls who are not interested in you? Mind your own business; then there will be that girl who herself will be interested in you. The main thing is not to be disappointed in girls, they are all different, and you just need to listen to your soul, not your emotions. Do nothing if the girl is ignoring you, as she made such a decision, and she does not need to interfere. Even if you return her with your words or actions, she will still not love you enough, and you will not feel any pleasure and joy being next to such a girl.

What does it mean if your girlfriend ignores you?

Sometimes men don't know what to do when your girlfriend doesn't text you all day. She does not answer the phone, ignores messages on social networks, avoids meetings, and does not explain her strange behavior in any way. The guys begin to show reciprocal indifference or try by any means to return the favor of the chosen one. Both methods can be harmful if you do not understand the situation.

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Should I worry right now?

Psychologists call three options when a girl no longer wants to communicate. You need to act depending on the specific case:

  • Ignoring began immediately after the meeting. The lady gave me her phone but did not pick up the phone. Silence came after the first date, which the guy might have seemed successful. Women draw conclusions based on a different rating scale, so opinions about a romantic meeting can be drastically different.

  • The couple had a long-term relationship, but after a quarrel or a difficult situation, the beloved does not want to talk. Under such circumstances, the guy says my girlfriend doesn't talk to me like she used to.

The first two options speak of the girl's indifference. You can try to fix something, but for sure, the lady has already made a decision. Psychologists advise to stop in time and not to pursue her. She likely does not know how to gently and correctly refuse, so she chose silence as the only way to get rid of an unsuitable candidate. If ignored during a long relationship, the guy himself will be able to understand from what moment the communication stops.

Possible reasons for women's silence

why is my girlfriend ignoring me all of a sudden? If a girl categorically does not want to talk, it will not work to directly ask about the motives of her behavior. You will have to analyze your own words and deeds in the last days of communication. Women tend to exaggerate what is happening, passing everything through the prism of emotions. Sometimes their hopes or dreams do not come true, so they decide to play silent. Psychologists have listed the main reasons for ignoring, and the guys are left to compare the proposed options with their situation.

  • Bad mood. If you understand that she is purposely ignoring me, she may be having a bad day. Everyone has moments when a carelessly spoken word can cause a major scandal. Beloved does not want to communicate with you in such a period so as not to quarrel. Hormonal fluctuations during the menstrual cycle lead to a change in mood; on such days, a woman can take anything into her head. It is better to just wait out a difficult period of time so as not to aggravate the situation.

  • Life problems. Why is she avoiding me all of a sudden? With a trusting relationship, the girl talks about difficulties in her studies or conflicts in the family. She can stop communicating if the chosen one did not pay attention to the problem, and now her beloved is busy solving it on her own. There is no need to draw hasty conclusions, because there are troubles that are difficult to voice even to a loved one. If, in the opinion of a woman, a man cannot help, she will not overload him with unnecessary information.

  • She was offended. Now is your chance to understand how your ex feels when you ignore her. To begin with, psychologists recommend analyzing your own behavior. It is advisable to remember the specific moment when silence ensued. The list of reasons for resentment is impressive, but psychologists have identified common ones:

  • The guy forgot to fulfill the promise or ignored the request of his beloved.

  • The chosen one pays less attention to the woman.

  • The man missed an important date in the relationship.

  • Girls mistakenly think that guys understand hints, so they expect concrete actions from them. The gentleman could listen all evening to what earrings the lady saw in the store, but still not understand that she was dreaming of a jewelry gift.

  • Jealous. The reason for suspicion is a slight flirting of a man or a compliment to another girl. It is useful to remember whether there was a similar situation the day before. It is not necessary for women to receive proof of infidelity, just one word or a look from the chosen one is enough. Sometimes jealousy is exaggerated, not having a real reason. The guy wonders why she purposely ignores me if I did nothing wrong. And the reason lies in a harmless dialogue with a friend he met in a supermarket.

  • Lost interest. Communication helps the couple to get to know each other better and at some stage the lady can draw conclusions not in favor of the guy. If a man at the dawn of acquaintance tried to try on other people's masks or pretended to be another person, over time, true qualities and character will definitely appear. Women can read information on a non-verbal and emotional level, so they quickly recognize lies and put the deceiver on the ignore list.

  • Decided to check. Silence is often used to test the chosen one. The woman pretends that she does not want to communicate and monitors the behavior of the man. She looks at exactly how the gentleman will seek her location and how much she strives to be with her. Tactics speaks of narcissism and selfishness of a passion, since in relation to a guy this is not the best and most delicate behavior. Either the qualities were instilled in the girl in the family and it is impossible to change them, or one of her friends advised the chosen one to conduct a silence test. Sometimes this behavior may be in response to the fact that he ignored me and now wants to talk.

  • Manipulates. Girls live in hints. Instead of making a request, they resort to a lot of tricks - the psychology of ignoring a woman. If a dull gentleman is caught, the young lady blows her lips and keeps a vow of silence. To get what you want, ignoring is the most proven and effective tactic, according to women. A man is ready to do anything to communicate with his girlfriend again. He will agree to the demands, give in, so that the chosen one speaks to him again.

Rules for an apology after a fight

Usually men go to extremes to fulfill all the wishes of a girlfriend, or wait for the first steps. Both models are destructive. The first will lead to a loss of respect and henpecked status. The second will create the illusion of indifference. Remember how to apologize to a girl if you offended:

  • Apologize, but don't beg for forgiveness. A good scheme, tell me what you are wrong about, that you understand the feelings of the chosen one and are ready to improve. Awareness of guilt is the key to quick reconciliation.

  • Don't push for dialogue if she doesn't want to talk. Choose the right moment. When she is at work, with her parents, preparing for an exam or sleeping, do not sort things out. If you were told that they did not intend to talk, answer “Good. I'm ready to talk when it's convenient for both of us."

  • Give gifts. It's not about expensive things. Present what she loves. Flowers and sweets are a universal solution. This is not commercialism, but compensation for tears, feelings and nerve cells.

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