How you Can Cope with Falling in Love


What to do when you are in love with someone? Falling in love is a wonderful feeling, especially when it is mutual. When two people feel sympathy for each other and the same feelings, falling in love develops into love. But when a girl does not respond to a man or, conversely, reciprocate, it is very difficult to stop feeling the love. Often, you can get rid of sympathy only with the help of a psychologist because the one who waits has the hope that the partner will be able to love.

 How you Can Cope with Falling in Love

What is the feeling of falling in love?

According to the psychological view, falling in love is a temporary affective state of the body, caused by a hormonal surge and unable to be controlled. In contrast, love for a person, whether a man or a woman, arises gradually and is accompanied by calm, constant emotions, and not undulating. A loving person shows selflessness, strives to do more for his other half without expecting a response, deeds, gifts or attention. Such a person appreciates relationships, learns to find compromises and avoids excessive passions.

I'm in love. What do I do? The state of amorousness, the desire for an object of adoration, does not arise just like that. Attachment on a mental and physical level is affected primarily by:

  • Lack of attention and love from parents. Thus, the individual compensates for this deficiency in adulthood.

  • Rigid upbringing or even abuse in childhood (participants or witnesses of family conflicts often fall victim to unrequited love and do not seek to get out of such a connection).

  • Abusive past relationships (meeting a person who treats us with interest and in a kind way, we often perceive these as true feelings and fall in love).

  • When a woman does not get enough sexual satisfaction in her current relationship, this can lead to a chill in her husband. In such a situation, she may feel strong affection and interest in another man, but realizing the abnormality of this desire and feeling guilty, she may try to drown out these new feelings and sympathy.

  • Low self-esteem and various complexes.

How to handle falling in love?

When love remains unrequited, a person feels pain, jealousy, betrayal, and apathy. This can result in real depression; therefore, in order to maintain your health, you need to try to extinguish your love. If you often think I'm in love now what, then it's time to look into this issue.

Falling in love tips

When a person begs another for hope for love, he is completely immersed in his emotions and loses interest in his own life. He ceases to engage in his hobbies, loses concentration and becomes indifferent to the world around him, except for the object of his passion. Such feelings can be destructive and can gradually destroy a person's life. Therefore, such emotions need to be overcome or simply experienced.

Things to do when you're in love

  • Analyze your own feelings. What do they give you? What true needs are you trying to cover with love? How can you get these needs in another way?

  • If you are experiencing negative emotions associated with love, a good way to get rid of them may be to change the environment in your home or your appearance. This will help to distract from negative thoughts and suppress unwanted emotions associated with love.

  • Try not to look for reasons to meet the person you are trying to distract yourself from. It is necessary to block contacts, delete messages from social networks, throw away gifts, photos and other things related to him. Each person experiences his own period of falling in love, which can last from several months to several years. The longer you are in depression caused by love, the harder it will be for you to get out of it.

  • Switch your attention to a new activity. If, at this time, you manage to change jobs or get an additional project, that will be great. By plunging headlong into work, you can quickly defeat falling in love.

  • Try to find flaws in your partner. The idealization of a person works against you. But if you can notice something you didn’t notice before, it will be easier to deal with love.

  • Don't shut yourself up and stay at home. Meet friends, get to know each other, go on dates, go to the cinema and exhibitions, and spend active time. Take up a new interesting hobby that you have been putting off for a long time - this is the best option not to return to the experience.

  • Don't forget about physical activity. Turning off the "brain" and suppressing unnecessary thoughts about love will help you sport.

Can you control falling in love?

If you fell in love with a colleague, how to deal with it?

  • Admit your crush on a colleague. If you haven't already, the first duty is to admit to yourself that you've fallen in love. This does not mean that you need to rush in search of a new job right now. According to psychologists, falling in love lasts about four months on average, and then either begins to fade or become stronger. And do not think that your case is unique. Falling in love with colleagues is a common thing. The need to constantly see and communicate with someone on a daily basis arises very often, and in some cases, it can even be to your advantage.

  • Keep a secret. What do you do when you are in love? Naturally, you may want to share with someone and relieve your soul, but in any case, do not pour out your feelings to any of your colleagues! This creates unnecessary tension and can lead to an awkward situation if the secret suddenly leaks out. Tell a relative or friend who works for another company. So you can get sound advice and not start a wave of gossip.

  • Stay professional. Falling in love with someone is completely normal; then, you just need to behave correctly. Perhaps this is the essential piece of advice: remember that you are an expert first and foremost. Office romances are a nightmare for any personnel officer, and if outsiders find out about your love, this can greatly damage your business reputation and the corporate culture of the company. Spreading rumors, immoderate alcohol consumption, and any similar ways to get attention is not your method. Chat with you chosen or chosen one, have a good time, but keep yourself within limits, and do not lose your head. If you're in doubt about whether or not to say something at work, it's best not to.

  • Look for the positives. It is very important to find something good in any situation, even if it is the process of falling in love. Use your feelings as a source of motivation: come to the office every day, dress smartly, and do your best to work successfully. If your crush works in another department, take the opportunity to meet the rest of the department, learn something useful, and work on a project together. Falling in love with a colleague can help improve relationships between different departments of the company and improve the working atmosphere.

What are the symptoms of falling in love?

The body of a man in love is going through a real hormonal storm. When we see a loved one or even dream about him, the following “characters” enter the “stage” of our inner life. Steps to fall in love:

  • Hormones. Testosterone and estrogen. Male and, respectively, female sex hormones. Their task, among other things, is to regulate libido, that is, sexual desire.

  • Endorphin. The hormone of joy. It is produced more actively during physical contact with the object of love. Thanks to him, we want to move from a light embrace to a passionate kiss and from a kiss - further and further towards our instinctive nature.

  • Dopamine. The body rewards us with a small dose of this hormone when we exercise, achieve some goal, and eat delicious, sweet food. Thanks to dopamine, we are able to strive for the object of love and achieve reciprocity, despite any obstacles. Or at least worthy of a fight.

  • Adrenalin. Do you feel yourself trembling with happiness? Are you filled with euphoric delight? It seems to you that the sea is knee-deep, and everything is achievable - you just have to want. Your heart beats like a jazz drummer; your hands tremble, and your mouth dry. You seem to be experiencing an adrenaline rush to mobilize your body.

  • Serotonin. This hormone of joy and self-satisfaction helps to behave at least relatively confidently even in such an extreme, in general, the situation as communication with an object of love. Also, thanks to the good production of serotonin, our sex life becomes rich and full-blooded and brings deep satisfaction.

  • Oxytocin. The hormone of affection and tenderness. His time comes after violent passions subsided and trust, calmness, tenderness, and gratitude appear between lovers. By the way, the surge of oxytocin is also provoked by children, parents, and close friends.

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