Guide On How to Be a Female Player


You simply don't know how to handle girls when they cause more issues than they provide pleasure. Men tend to suffer more than pleasure in relationships because they forget they are in command. Learn the definition of a player in dating and how to control females if you want to be happy in a romantic relationship.

People's attempts to be politically correct and please everyone only lead to more problems. Girls do not need equality. They need a real man who can make his own decisions, take responsibility for them, and won't dance around like he doesn't know what's going on. Let's talk more about how to play with women properly and, at the same time, get the full benefit of such a relationship. This article in Our Dating Blog is all you need to know about the female player definition and a perfect step-by-step guide on playing with girls correctly.

1. Dominate the Relationship

It's not hard to understand how to play a woman. The battle for the primary position lies at the core of healthy relationships with women. If a man wants a fulfilling and solid relationship, he should be in command. 90% of relationships result in breakups, and 50% of marriages end in divorce for everyone who shouts for equality and tries to listen to women. Why are they so profoundly lonely or miserable in love if they are experts in relationships?

It is much easier to manage a girl who listens to you and does not reread. Thus, whatever you say, she will fulfill and dutifully listen to every word and fulfill any of your whims. Of course, it is worth acting within the boundaries of reason and not going too far with female players dating.

2. Stop Winning Over The Girl

Men try to win the girl over once they've watched enough romantic movies or tips from women's magazines to read. It should be kept in mind that the girl is not a fortress that needs to be captured after a drawn-out siege and resource-intensive battle. All of this was created for wimps with nothing to offer in exchange but impolite intrusions in front of a female.

When a guy starts fretting and aggressively wooing a female, she thinks of him as weak. She has already defeated him. Therefore going any further would be pointless and dull. It resembles hunting in a zoo where every animal is caged. Women require feelings, and there is no mystery. The girl starts wiping her feet on the man, who climbs to her feet while also looking for a more muscular, more genuine male.

However, the female gets upset when a man freely interacts with her, isn't pressed for time to offer presents, resists manipulation, and acts autonomously. He does not give in to her alluring figure and feminine attractions, proving his precious and decent nature. Using your poise and confidence, manipulate the girl. A female would like you more the less you attempt to win her over and please her.

3. Don't Be Afraid to Lose Relationships

The third piece of advice about how to be a female player is not to be afraid to lose relationships. The female can tell when a man is weak when he gives up on even the slightest argument or fight. One always loves a bit more in a relationship than the other, and the latter permits you to love. It's crucial to avoid becoming the person who desperately clings to connections, acting as though they are useless and unneeded. If you accomplish this, the girl will keep you under her control until she finds a better match, at which point she will go. Everyone hates weaklings, but women hate them much more than men.

A guy should keep in mind that as he gets older, his perspective worth rises, whereas a woman's value declines. The current female may simply be replaced with a better, younger, and happier one by a guy. The number of ladies willing to be physical with you has grown. Avoid embarrassing yourself in front of a female; don't stoop or worry. You are a predatory man who, if wanted, can get any kid.

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4. Get Rid of Illusions About Women

Illusions about women are one of the faults that many guys and men have when trying to understand how to have game with the ladies. Men frequently think that women are from an entirely another test. These princesses and monarchs possess ethereal personalities and pure spiritual inclinations. Thus, men elevate the fair sex to a pinnacle they cannot approach. Men start to treat the girl as if she were more important than them and start serving her. Does the princess have feelings for a jester, servant, or serf? Of course, give her another prince or king, and the answer is no.

Most guys act this way, and as a result, we frequently see them in friend-zone situations. However, ladies are not always what they appear to be. They have no superiority over humankind. Contrary to the widespread belief among males, women are not enigmatic and mysterious beings. All women are similar and frequently the same, as experienced guys are well aware.

5. Don't Buy The Girl In The Relationship

There is no need to serve a woman since she is as interested in being in a relationship as you most minor kisses, embraces, or anything else, you owe her nothing. Everything is done for the benefit of everyone, not just you, so it is a very useful tip on how to be a player for females.

To purchase a girl's undivided attention, dates, communication time, kisses, tenderness, or a bed? You can compensate the girl by giving her presents, gift cards, cash, or meeting her requests. Why, on equal footing, should you make a purchase? Are you dating someone, or do you buy things off the shelf?

For her genitalia, many men will throw bouquets, presents, brand-new phones, vehicles, and apartments at her feet. At a time when there are fewer and more valued males, this is an undesirable exchange. With these funds, you could purchase a lot of tasty food and even better in-bed treatment than your materialistic girlfriend or find another one on GoDateNow.

6. Manage The Girl With Compliments

Compliments are a potent weapon against women of any age since girls adore receiving them. Women aspire to be alluring and appealing to men. A guy disarms a woman most effectively and efficiently if he admires her beauty, intellect, or other attributes.

For an evening with a female, a few compliments will boost her self-confidence, break the ice with her, and make her swim a bit. Give the girl unique, straightforward, excellent praise by pointing out her many traits.

Emphasize the inner world as well as outward appeal. The fact that such an expert noticed her would make the girl delighted. Give the girl royal treatment and treat her like a lovely babe. Do it simultaneously so she won't be able to comprehend you. It's as if you want to fry in bed while reading her romantic poetry rudely. Girls enjoy being seen as both good and bad simultaneously because this is the art of being a player.

7. Use Cool and Carrot to Control The Girl

How do you manage and manipulate girls? Of course, this cannot be imagined without the classic “cool and carrot” method. Girls behave well and badly and, therefore, should be treated accordingly. This last step about how to play a girl who is playing you is the most important.

The girl misbehaves, is naughty, and takes out the brain, and you start to load her with cool? You please, give gifts, fulfill her whims. She begins to believe that her bad behavior and mood bring more benefits and will use them to her advantage. Now in a relationship, there will be a continuous removal of the brain, manipulation, and other similar heresy.

To improve the relationship, you should handle the woman personally. Instead of trying to appease a female with a carrot, you should use a cool. Stop being so adorable, humorous, joyful, and spontaneous. Act colder, ignore the girl more, and distance yourself from her. The girl will give it back to you after realizing it is impossible for you. Find a better girl if she doesn't understand, though, because this is what does the player mean.


You need to understand whether you want to learn how to play girls. Perhaps you don’t need such an idea and just dream of building a healthy relationship without manipulating the girl like your own dog. If you still want this, try to look for a suitable candidate for the Girls online gallery – there are a lot of beautiful women there.

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