How to know if Russian girl likes you?


Are you questioning whether that Russian girl likes you and want to figure out how to know that? How to know if girl likes you at all, man? I mean, Russian females are (even if it’s difficult for you to admit) humans and have that basic set as most of us do, so the point for the discussion here is not only interesting for those in favor of Russian girls, but for all those people who want to know the real attitude towards themselves. In addition, for those extra-active – couple suggestions how to get Russian girl to like you.

How to see person’s true intentions if you not yet a pro in reading somebody’s mind? We’re not gonna give you those tips on telekinesis – we ourselves not that good at it. Yet. Though, we can give you an advice or two on some old-fashioned, though verified and actually working ways of interpreting your interlocutor’s behavior.

If you’re out with Russian girl for a date, you’re darn lucky not only to have a wonderful time, but also seeing your lady “in flesh” and receiving all that louds of signs that her body and psychics will give you. But usually we start wondering whether they like us way earlier - yet we’re merely chatting online. And this lie of the land turns your “guessing quest” into quite a challenge, as you don’t see your collocutor and have quite narrow range of signs that are to tell her true regard. That is the point you need us and our practically life-saving advices the most, and you know what? We are happy to provide you with them.

How to know if Russian girl likes you

Before the actual meeting

Practicing online dating with Russian girl is kind of sophisticated entertainment. Of course we’re fooling around here - we know most of you, people, have serious intentions to find long-lasting love or a life partner. And as long as you have started your communication with that stunning woman you, probably want to know whether they are into you as much as you are. And here’s the first sign: you can tell that Russian girl likes you if her answers are prompt and full. We’re not even mentioning that she’ll probably like all your pics and stuff you post cuz the actual communicative attention says it all. You shall also consider her sincereness and openness. Does she let you into her world by telling about the actual things like her family, thoughts, dreams and longings? Maybe even some troubles or issues she faces. If you can answer “yes” for at least half of the above, that woman has fallen into you, man, that’s a fact.

Russians are very sensitive about feelings, so probably the most telling sign that a girl into you is her sincere expression in front of you. If you are devoted to her inner world insofar, you got that game won.

Another tip for you to have – pay attention to the time she finds for you. We all have our days settled in particular ways but there are some little details that will show you her propensity - the way she’s not agreeing but rejecting. That may sound confusing but it’s, in fact, clear as a day. If she says bald “no” to your invitation - she’s whether not interested, or has a tough game to play; both don’t promise any bright perspectives to you (if you are, of course, not a secret fan of either). And if in case of misfortune with the first-time deal she tries to encourage you and says something like “oh, but maybe we can do it this or that time”, you better pay most of your attention to it as this definitely means that she wants to meet as much as you do.

Dating stage

As long as you’ve managed to move your communication to the next level and finally asked her out, trust me, the most exciting part has begun. Dating Russian woman is slightly different from with any other ladies. I mean, it’s not like they have three hands, no. It’s just due to this Slavic mentality those girls are very sincere and frank, so communication with them is easy and saturated. And that is a sign itself – if she feels like talking, she’s interested.

And now we move to the most capacious “fancy signals” cluster – body language. Well that’s quite a field for analysis! Important warning: do not excaudate! But do pay attention to the way she poses acts and the way her face is. These elements may tell a lot of tiny secrets, and for sure, can be those to show you your Russian girl likes you (on not). We’ll even make a list of most telling signs so you could recognize them right away:

It’s all in her eyes.

I mean it, take a look! If the pupils are dilated that signs that a person likes you. That works for everybody, not only for Russian women, so look at people’s eyes more often, my friend!

She towards you.

If her face and body faces you when she talks, that can be freely taken as another fare sign of attraction. It means that she trusts you and subconsciously ready to let you in

She laughs at your jokes.

Even if you’re like, frankly, not the world best joker and she still finds you finny – you got that girl, man. She’s interested, that’s one of the most accurate signs

Physical contact.

If she accidently or purposely touches you, that is the most common and sure sign for everyone, including Russian women specifically, to show their affection. So if that happens, you may celebrate the day, boy.

Home time.

Once that great (hopefully) time on a date with Russian woman is over and you return home there are some points for you to consider. Of course you both probably need some time to take rest (especially if the meeting was rather dynamic) but how and when she will contact you afterwards does also mean a lot. Time and effort is the main things people can actually give you and if your lady treats you well at this point you may consider yourself a lucky fellow and be sure that girl’ on the same track you’re at.

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I always feel with my gut whether a girl is truly interested in our communication and wants it. If a girl likes me, she seeks to maintain a conversation and ask some questions.
16.07.2020 14:33

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