How to Read Eyes and Decode Eye Movement Body Language in Women


In the eyes of people, you can read their character and thoughts, mood, attitude to the world, and so on. They talk about who they belong to much more than you can imagine. Not everyone can understand what the eyes say (especially if people just communicate on a man and woman dating site). But by changing their size, shade, and moving in different directions, they reflect everything that happens in our head, whether we want it or not. Would you like to know what is on the mind of your interlocutors? Show a little observation, looking in their eyes, and you can learn about them much more than others. Moreover, you can show emotions with eyes. And talking to a girl, you don’t even need to come up with the best compliments for her because your eyes will tell everything.

how to read eyes for emotions

Is It Possible to Read Something in the Eyes at All?

Eyes are one of the manifestations of non-verbal communication, which allows people to determine the level of closeness between them – the closer and deeper the relationship is, the more intense eye contact will be. Words and actions can be confusing. However, intentions and feelings can be seen in the eyes. “I love you,” pronounced looking directly in the eyes, have a completely different power than the same confession written in a message or said with downcast eyes.

Well, everyone knows the notorious phrase that the eyes are a mirror of the soul. Modern psychology knows that the eyes not only reflect your soul but also are an indicator of your thoughts. And this is not an exaggeration. The fact is that the eyes are a natural extension of our brain to a large extent.

What is the eye direction meaning? A careful study of the eye movements of your interlocutor will allow you to determine with sufficient accuracy what a person is thinking about right now. It is worth paying only the very first reaction to the question asked because eye movements are usually neither recognized nor controlled by the brain. The eyes are a powerful indicator of what we are thinking about at the moment, and at what point in time this refers – past or future. The ability to read the direction of thoughts through the eyes is not mysticism at all but a fascinating and useful skill that allows you to quickly find a common language with others. But how to read eyes? You will learn it a little later.

Where to Start Decoding?

The basis for real communication can be established only when you communicate face-to-face with a person. If, while communicating with some people, you feel comfortable, then with others, you may feel uncomfortable and incredulous. This is mainly due to the way they look at you and how long they can hold your gaze. Eyes can convey the most subtle nuances of mood.

Eye contacthow to read eyes

The ability to make eye contact is a skill that everyone should work on. It is proven that it creates incredible benefits. Have you ever experienced strong emotions after looking into someone’s eyes? Eye contact creates moments when you can feel what someone else is experiencing. It ties together your emotional states and creates empathy and a close connection. Synchronize with others, share your feelings, show attention, and create a connection: eye contact is a really powerful tool for communication.


How to read eyes for emotions? The frequency of blinking can show emotions towards another person. Blinking more than 6-10 times per minute may be a sign that people like their interlocutors. Besides, blinking may indicate that a person is feeling nervous. This reaction is the result of an unexpected question or a stressful situation, from which lie is the one way out.

Eye tap

If people lie, they will often touch their eyes during a conversation. With the help of such gestures, the interlocutor tries to hide the excitement. So people unconsciously try to “soften” their lie. But, on the contrary, it seems even more implausible, and the excitement becomes apparent to others. The one who tells the truth has nothing to hide, and he or she will not even touch their faces with hands.

Basic Types of Gazing and Their Correct Interpretation

It is believed that the eyes don’t lie: no matter how much a person wants to hide true intentions, it is enough to look in the eyes to feel something is wrong or even to guess at once about everything. On the other hand, understanding the eye language at an elementary level can already make life easier for anyone and in any field of activity. Incredibly, visual contact is the same complete non-verbal communication tool as body language and facial expressions.

Power gazing

How does eye movement body language look like? When conducting business negotiations, people are advised to come up with an imaginary triangle on the forehead of other people. By directing their eyes to this triangle, the other person understands that you are serious and set up in a businesslike way. You can control the progress like this.

Social gazing

If your eyes are below the level of another person’s eyes, an atmosphere of social communication is created. Experiments on the study of gaze features have shown that the eyes should also look at the imaginary triangle on a face but, in this case, it is located on the level of the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Intimate gazing

Here your eyes are directed on the chin and below. With close contact, this triangle can stretch to the chest, and if people are far apart, then the gaze goes down to the level of the genitals. Men and women use this look to show their interest in each other. If a person is interested in you, then he or she will return you the same look. And why do people’s eyes dilate? Again, it is because a person likes you.

Most Popular Eye Direction Meaning

Surely, you have seen many films and TV shows about how mentalists read thoughts and emotions, just looking at people and noticing their facial expressions and gestures. Someone is given this skill from birth, and someone gets it only with experience. If you think that reading people is difficult, we will dispel your doubts and try to teach you some indicators. So, how to read people eyes?

1. Direct lookeye language

If the interlocutor looks directly into your eyes, then most likely, he/she has nothing to hide from you. They want to talk and are focused on you. In case you need to ask for a service, now it is the time to do it. Such a person is disposed to the serious conversation and interested.

2. Quick look

Watch eye direction. If the look of your interlocutor is a little restless, and eyes are rushing from side to side, then something is wrong. Perhaps you gave a person disturbing information, or he/she is simply afraid to tell you something. In any case, at the moment, they are unlikely to listen to you carefully, so don’t rely on any help or attention.

3. Look down

If your interlocutors constantly look down or at their hands, it means that they feel a sense of shame. If you notice a sharp change in mood, then most likely, you have expressed something for which they are ashamed, or the topic of conversation makes them feel awkward. If you initially noticed a person is looking down and to the right, then you should expect unpleasant news from your interlocutor, which may upset you.

4. Look up

How to read people’s eyes? Well, if your interlocutor looks above your head or eye level, he or she feels their superiority over you. There are two options: either they are proud of something, telling you any news, or just feel more confident and better than you. So, it depends on the situation.

5. The gaze is directed to the right

In this position of the eye, the interlocutor tries to remember some information, no matter whether it is on the topic of your conversation or not. Most likely, they almost don’t listen to you and are fully focused on their thoughts. So, looking up and to the right means that he or she just wants to remember something.

6. The gaze is directed to the left

Such a gaze means an analysis of the information received. Perhaps the interlocutor is trying to visualize what he/she heard and comes up with some kind of solution. Or, a person is seriously thinking about what to answer. In any case, this gaze doesn’t imply a lie. It is just about thinking.

7. A person has pupils running

If, reading people’s eyes, you notice that the interlocutor’s eyes seem to be jumping up and down, then you are being told false information. To immediately understand if your interlocutor is lying, ask him/her a couple of clarifying questions. Running pupils mean that a person can’t focus on one thought and tries to remember something, come up with some kind of story or answer.

As you can see, it’s not so difficult to understand what another person thinks. Of course, it is impossible to accurately recognize an emotion. But if you look closely, then you can determine the degree of his/her sincerity by the direction of a person's gaze. This is what body language eye movement means.

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