Best Compliments for Her to Melt Her Heart


Online dating has been around for more than twenty years already, and it has been providing us with a lot of benefits, like saving us some time and helping us avoid awkward situations on the dates when we realize that our date-mate is not our type at all. But there are a lot of people who claim that using an online site to meet single ladies killed the dating culture and traditions. But did online dating kill traditional dating?

Many people claim that online dating is all wrong, as it offers you to fall in love with someone whom you've never seen, which nonsense, as there are thousands of pictures of single women on online dating sites. Others, who sound less nonsense, say that online dating killed the traditional dating, allowing daters to avoid all that "trying to win her heart" stuff. While they sound less nonsense, they are wrong, as online dating didn't kill those traditions, but simply transferred them to the online world. Yes, online dating may save you some time, but it doesn't make dating any easier. That's why you need to know how to conquer her heart with your words. And the best way to do that is to use compliments.

best compliments for a woman


Compliments are an inseparable part of social life, regardless of where social life takes place, as they work the same way both online and offline. The compliments work like magic, especially when you are using them to win the heart of the girl. But you need to be careful with that as a compliment is a knife that cuts both ways. You can make her melt with the compliment, but you can make her disgust you. Thus, you need to know how to compliment a girl. So, continue reading to find out how compliments work and how to use them properly.

How Do Compliments Work?

Compliments work like magic, as sometimes finding the right words can be better than moving the mountains. Expressing your appreciation of someone can make them fall for you. But you need to remember a few tricks about compliments. Compliments work best when they are not incidental. Thus, when you are about to make a compliment, don't drop it casually in your conversation. You need to free some space, so your compliment will sound like praise.

While compliments are mainly associated with romance, they go way further than that. The ability to compliment is one of the most important social skills that you can get, as compliments can often lead to great returns. Knowledge of how to give a compliment can help you at negotiations, as it can easily escalate the positive atmosphere.

But things are trickier when you are figuring ways to compliment a girl. Seems like men used and abused compliments that much that women often disregarded them, perceiving them as a way to get to them. There is a simple solution to that, don't compliment her in a general way. Make your compliment sound as it directed towards her and not something random that could have been said about any girl in the world. In this case, the compliment will properly affect her brain.

Scientists about How Compliment Affects the Brain

If you've previously dismissed compliments as nothing more but a social way to express your politeness or some old-fashioned dating tradition, recent research will prove you wrong. Compliments greatly affect your brain. According to the research, receiving a sincere compliment activates the ventral striatum and the ventral medial prefrontal cortex.

how to write a compliment Well, if you wonder what those scientific words mean, those are the areas in your brain that generally activates when you receive money or romantic attention. Compliments make us more motivated, focused and positive. This happens because sincere praise propels the release of dopamine to our brain.

That's why compliments are important with studying and work, as when we receive praise after learning something or doing something, our brain creates the link between the action and reward, which makes us more motivated to repeat the path. Speaking of the romance, when you make a sincere compliment to the person you like, you are going to be associated with the release of dopamine to their brain, which makes communicating with you important for them.

How to Learn to Compliment a Girl?

You wonder why on Earth you need to learn how to give a good compliment to a girl, as it feels a little bit ridiculous. You need to figure out the ways to grab her attention, while she's doing nothing. Aside from the fact that it doesn't work that way, things are less unfair than they may seem. Giving compliments is good not only for the recipient but for the person who gives the compliment as well. But that requires giving a genuine compliment, as for giving the sincere compliment, you need to look for the good in others. But how to learn to give a proper compliment?

Best Compliments Do Not Concern Appearance

When we think about compliments, something casual like, "You look beautiful," "You have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen" or "I like your new dress" pop-up in our heads. Yes, we think that the best compliments for a girl must concern appearance at least in some way. It should be the body, the looks, eyes, clothes, etc. Right? Wrong!

Funny enough, but the best compliments have nothing to do with an appearance at all. The best compliments must be sincere and must express appreciation. Yes, appreciation of someone's appearance is appreciation in the end, but it can easily make people feel like they are perceived as nothing more but an object, a physical body. Thus, real compliments should concern achievements and thoughts.

Did she go on a trip to Africa? Well, that's amazing, why not to compliment her for that? She's pretty good in the history of different countries? That's amazing too, and you should compliment that as well. She never shies away from expressing her opinion, and you think that it requires a lot of courage? Why not complimenting her for that? As you can see, it is quite easy to find things to compliment other than appearance.

Empathy Is the Main Key

When you think about how to write a compliment, you must remember that the key point of compliment is empathy. The best compliments for a woman are those when she can feel that you mean what you say. And the only way to achieve that is by being honest and sincere when giving a compliment.

And to do that, you need to have a bond with the person you're about to give a compliment to, as that's the only way to have empathy. If you want to give a genuine compliment, you need to be impressed by the way the woman acts, thinks or by what she does; or by her appearance in the end, if you are impressed by that.

The key point is to stop viewing a compliment as a social or romantic cliche. That would give you the possibility to think twice before complimenting someone. And that would give you a possibility to give a genuine compliment, as you would compliment only something that truly impresses you in others.

Best Compliments Examples

While everything mentioned above is useful for you, you might have started looking for something more straightforward, like examples of best compliments. You don't have to go anywhere else, as we've collected everything here. So, we offer you to check out the list of best compliments. Mind that some of them are ready to use, others are hints for you, so you can figure out your compliments for a girlfriend.

1. "I Bet You Make Children Smile"

Let start with the simple one. First, you need to notice that there is nothing about the girl's appearance. Yep, this compliment is designed to recognize her inner positivity that shines through. Still, you should make sure that you are giving this compliment in the proper moment, as it can easily sound like an awkward one. In any case, mind to explain, kids can easily see-through, and they can see how positive are you.

ways to compliment a girl2. "You've Got All the Right Moves"

That's the compliment that works all the time thanks to its vagueness. It can be an appraisal of the way someone works or acts on the social level, and it can be the appraisal of the way that someone walks or dances as well. But this compliment is a tricky one, as timing means everything. If the person falls or makes some mistake, and you've got all the right moves compliment, it would come up as nothing but sarcasm. So, be careful and mind the timing when you are about to compliment someone's moves.

3. "Your Point of View Is Refreshing"

As we've mentioned above, compliments are not about the appearance, as you can easily compliment the way someone thinks. This compliment works great, as it works as an affirmation of someone's courage to share a point of view different from others. If you fall for a person who often shares brave and interesting ideas that don't find popularity among the others, that's the best way to compliment them and express your interest in that person. So, use it whenever you want to express your admiration for someone's opinion.

4. "Your Inner Side Is Even More Beautiful Than Your Outside One"

This compliment works perfectly when you want to knock off two in one day, as it allows you to tell the person that you find them beautiful and express your admiration of their thoughts. But you should mind that you should express it close to this example. Because, if you say something like your inner world overshadows your appearance, it would mean that you don't find them beautiful, but you are impressed with the way they are thinking. And that's nothing but a half-baked compliment.

5. "You Should Be Proud of Yourself"

This compliment is ideal as it works on every level in every field. Whether you want to cheer someone up because of their work. Or if your online dating acquaintance tells you their story of a turbulent life, "you should be proud of yourself" comes as one of the best examples of how to compliment a girl over text. First of all, it shows that you really care for the person and that you are there for them. Secondly, it's one of the best ways to let your loved ones know that you think that their accomplishments are worthy.

How to Give a Compliment: Main Tips

Now, after going through all the scientific stuff and figuring some of the best compliment examples, it's time to figure out, "What are some great ways to compliment a girl?" Complimenting someone is a hard task, even if you know the examples, it doesn't mean that you know how to compliment someone. That's why we've collected for you the most useful tips on giving a compliment, which we offer you to check out right now.

1. The Compliment Must Be Genuine

We've already mentioned this above, but now we need to expand this topic a bit. The honesty should light through your compliment. Thus, it mustn't be some casual compliment that any random person on the street can give her. Before making a compliment, think about those things that you admire about her. By doing that you would be able to make your compliment sound genuine and honest. All in all, whenever you are about making a compliment, make sure that it's an honest one. Not something that you are forced to say, but something that you truly want to say.

2. The Compliment Must Be Authentic

"You look beautiful!", despite the honesty that this phrase may have behind, it's something that she heard a thousand times before, and most likely she has stopped regarding it as a compliment. That's why you need to pick up something specific about her. Complimenting something specific that you like about her will provide you with a lot of benefits. It will show that you are truly attentive to her and that your perception is not mindless. Once again, "You look beautiful" or "You are beautiful" is great, but has she done something about it? That's why it is better to focus on her achievements as a person.

best compliments for a woman3. The Compliment Must Be Creative

You should have a creating approach when you are making a compliment. From something funny, like "I bet you would look great with a pink wig" to something more or less flirtatious (but only when you are in a close relationship), like, "I bet your yoga instructor thinks that you are truly flexible." In a nutshell, you need to pick something specific that you honestly like about her and present it in a rather creative form. Unfortunately, it is impossible to provide some direct instructions on the creative approach, as everything depends on the individuality of your crush.

4. Timing Matters

Timing is one of the most important things about complimenting someone. If you are about to drop a compliment in a conversation, choose the right moment for that, as dropping it casually in the conversation can lead to your compliment being left unnoticed. If you are about to make her a compliment at some public event, make sure that she will hear you and that you are not interrupting someone else's speech. At the same time, make sure that others hear you complimenting her, or, even better, compliment her to others so that she would hear that, as it is a clear indication that you are not afraid to express your admiration of her.

5. Write It Down

If you are having problems with figuring out the compliment to give her or if you have doubts about the way it may sound, write that compliment down. Write down all the compliments that pop up in your head, and then dedicate some time to figuring out which one is the best for her. You can also ask your friend's advice. Mind that this point is crucial to you only in case if you generally experience problems with complimenting someone. Otherwise, you can easily disregard it.

Should You Compliment or Complement Her?

Last but not least, you should make sure that you compliment her and not complement it. Most likely, you've come across both variations of the spelling, but contrary to the popular belief that those are just different spellings of the same word, they are not. Complimenting someone or something means that you are expressing your praise towards those people or those events. And complementing someone or something means to complete someone or something. So, as the article complements, you are prepared to provide your online date acquaintance with a proper compliment.

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