Understanding Women's Psychology


How to understand a woman's mind? What does a woman want, and how to understand it? You need to understand a little about the psychology of women in order to make a girl fall in love with you and give you exactly what she needs.

Understanding Women's Psychology

Using psychology to get a girl

  • Sensitivity and emotionality. When it comes to understanding women, men have difficulty. It is difficult for them to correctly assess the behavior, emotions, and needs of the fairer sex. This is due primarily to the specifics of women's thinking and their perception of the world. How to understand women's psychology? Representatives of the weaker sex perceive the world more emotionally. This applies to all aspects of life, including family relationships, work, and opportunities for self-realization. A woman is impulsive and often makes important decisions guided only by emotions. She may burst into tears without a significant, in the opinion of the man, reason. At this moment, it is important to support the chosen one, listen to her and take care.

  • Frequent mood swings. A key feature of female psychology is frequent mood swings. Why does a woman's mood change so quickly? Representatives of the fair sex explain this phenomenon for various reasons. E.g.:

  1. hormonal surges;

  2. PMS;

  3. phases of the moon.

Mood swings can happen for no reason, and these are psychology facts about women. To conquer a woman, at such a moment, it is enough for a man to be near and support her.

  • The need for a secure rear. How to attract her back using female psychology? What does fair sex look for in their partner? According to a common stereotype, every woman is waiting for a handsome prince on a white horse. In reality, the situation is different. Women are not looking for a handsome man with cubes on the press. They are looking for a reliable partner who has the following:

  1. words do not diverge from deeds;

  2. there is no desire to appear as someone else;

  3. there is a desire to support the partner in every possible way.

  • Having an emotional connection with a partner. What does a woman want, and how to understand a woman? The fairer sex needs care and an emotional connection with a partner. To build it, a man needs:

  1. pay attention to your beloved;

  2. let her speak;

  3. to ask questions;

  4. be interested in her opinion, feelings, and thoughts;

  5. discuss negative emotions and problems.

This must be done even in cases where the partner's behavior seems illogical. Yes, she can make a storm in a glass and get upset for no particular reason. But by asking about her feelings at such a moment, you can establish close contact with a woman and achieve her location.

  • Compliment love. Not all women are vain, but most of them dream of hearing compliments and laudatory odes addressed to them. The fact is that the self-esteem of the fair sex largely depends on the opinions of others and on the acceptance of their own body. Why do women love compliments? Even insignificant compliments serve a woman as a kind of confirmation of her attractiveness. Hearing them, the ladies feel a surge of strength and self-confidence. But harmless, as it seems to men, jokes about appearance and frivolous comments hurt the fair sex.

  • Strive to be the only one. Female behavior psychology is such that fair sex is ready to build relationships on trust. Even a fleeting glance in the direction of another can hurt a woman and cause her negative emotions. Tying herself with relationships, the lady strives to be the only one for the chosen one. Women want to completely own a partner - his heart, body, and even wallet.

  • The need for control. To understand understanding the female mind, you need to understand that girls tend to control everything and everyone. Why is this happening? This is due primarily to their imagination and the habit of coming up with an ideal picture of the world. In such an ideal reality, nothing happens without the permission of a woman, starting with the behavior of the chosen one and ending with the change of weather. If what is happening around them differs from what was created in the imagination, many of the fair sex fall into a stressful state. They clash with the "violators" of the script and make ridiculous guesses why the "characters" deviated from the mental plan. It is almost impossible to convince a girl of the insolvency of claims. The only thing a man can do is conform to a girl's expectations.

  • Caring for those around you. Female psychology attractiveness suggests that the natural destiny of a woman is the realization of maternal potential. How does this manifest itself in real life? Instincts, the subconscious, or the memory of ancestors push the fair sex to take care of their neighbor. For this reason, women rarely live for themselves. Even those ladies who do not seek to have children immediately upon reaching adulthood find someone to take care of, for example, a man, infirm grandmothers from a neighboring entrance, flowers, or a dozen street cats.

The psychology of men and women is markedly different. For fair sex, feelings, and emotions are of great importance. They do not need strict logical judgments but the comprehensive care and support of a partner.

Men are the complete opposite of women

Such a basic truth is often difficult to accept. Women expect from men normal, from their point of view, understandable behavior. But their actions are largely dictated by their hormonal background, which is fundamentally different for men and women.

  • In cases where women experience empathy (under the influence of the hormone oxytocin), men do not feel it (they release very little oxytocin).

  • When a woman feels scared (due to low testosterone levels, adrenaline is produced), a man becomes angry (high testosterone levels help produce norepinephrine).

Therefore, a woman needs to understand that the reaction of a man will not be the same as hers.

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