Whether Or Not You Are Attracted To Someone


How do you know if you are attractive to someone? When it comes to looks, many women are the biggest critics of themselves. Instead of looking at themselves in the mirror and saying, "Hey, you're beautiful," they usually look for flaws and find fault with everything in the world. Extra weight has formed on the hips, the lips should be a little fuller, and the hair should be more voluminous. How often do we worry about how others see us? Do men find us attractive? What do colleagues and passersby think of us? Even if we think we look good, it seems that we always have something to strive for. By the way, not only women but also men worry about their appearance.

But all this is complete nonsense. Because in fact, most of us are more beautiful than we used to think about ourselves.

Whether Or Not You Are Attracted To Someone

Signs you are attracted to someone

  • People raise their eyebrows when they see you. Whom am I attracted to? People who find you attractive raise their eyebrows when they see you. The reason for this is very simple: when we raise both eyebrows, our face appears more open and friendly, especially when we also smile. Such a gesture means that we want to show our interest in whom we are talking to.

  • People pursing their lips into a kiss when they see you is a sign of being attracted to someone. This is not an exaggerated "duck" kiss but a gentle and slightly noticeable movement of the lips. This is a sure sign that your interlocutor would not mind kissing you. Is there a clearer sign that you are considered attractive? By the way, the same is true in the case when someone in your presence runs his tongue over his lips. When a girl bites her lips, this is also a sign of attraction toward someone.

  • You rarely receive compliments. It may be hard to believe, but it is a sign that others find you attractive. At the same time, they don’t really want to harm you, but only assume that you already know how good you look without them. They think compliments are unnecessary.

  • People compliment you without emotion. If you are used to not receiving compliments at all, you will most likely not be alien to this phenomenon: when someone compliments you, it will most likely be some kind of half-words or comparisons, for example: “You look great, as always. " Hearing this is pleasant, but you would certainly be more pleased with sincere emotions. Nevertheless, you can be calm because this is an indisputable sign that your interlocutor considers you attractive. He or she simply (like already mentioned) assumes that you already know what a charming effect you have on others and that you do not need to constantly be reminded of this.

  • People are surprised when you talk about your complexes. If your interlocutors are extremely surprised when you tell them that you also have complexes and are not at all satisfied with your appearance, this is a sure sign of your attractiveness. After all, we simply cannot imagine that someone whom we consider attractive does not see himself as such.

  • People want to be closer to you. How does attraction work? With people we don't like, we like to keep our distance, whether it's spatially or emotionally. And people who find you attractive often seek your intimacy and contact with you. It can be both attempts to sit next to you and attempts to enter into a conversation with you.

  • People are either very nice or very unfriendly to you. Our subconscious decides in seconds whom we find attractive and whom we don't, and in doing so, mercilessly sorts people into categories. If someone is like us, we are more likely to want to be friends with him or her and therefore act openly and friendly toward that person. So this means: one who considers himself attractive is kind to people whom he considers equally attractive. But if someone is very rude to you for no reason, it often means that your interlocutor is jealous or just unhappy with himself. Therefore, if you think why am I so attracted to her, then most likely you are similar.

  • People look into your eyes. Unconsciously, we express ourselves a lot through body language. It always betrays what we really think about the other person, even if at that moment we say the complete opposite with words. If someone is watching you or trying to make eye contact with you and holding their gaze longer than usual, you can be sure that you are found very attractive. Looks really means more than a thousand words.

Many people are too picky about their own appearance. But let's face it: our interlocutors often have no idea about all the flaws we have considered ourselves. So just take a closer look at how others behave around you and find out how attractive you really are.

What makes you attracted to someone?

The sympathy of a man or woman is not always obvious for various reasons. But there is still a certain behavior of a person still betrays his feelings.

How to understand that you are in love?

  • This person is always there for you, even if you are doing something boring. A person who cares about you will try to keep you company not only at parties or other fun events, but also, say, at work, during the delivery of a complex project, when you are shopping in a supermarket, or cleaning your yard. A person who is glad to see you and is ready to offer his help, no matter what you do and no matter how you look, maybe in love with you.

  • He is constantly looking at you. If you understand that I'm attracted to you, then you will look at the one you like. If you suspect that a person likes you, pay attention to how often he looks at you. There is a relationship between eye contact and falling in love. The study found that deeply in love couples look at each other 75% of the time during a conversation, while people who do not have tender feelings look at each other about 30-60% of the time.

  • He pays more attention to you. Even when a person is too busy, he finds time to compliment you, tells you a joke, or start a conversation. This can be compared to how a boy at school pulls the pigtails of a girl he likes.

  • He supports you in moments of joy and moments of sadness. When you are attracted to someone, then you sincerely experience all the emotions with this person. Another sign that a person likes you is that they express empathy. Your joy is his joy, your pain is his pain. When a person sincerely empathizes with you, without being a relative or close friend, he may be in love with you.

  • He remembers every detail. When someone is in love with you, they will remember your date of birth, favorite color, favorite food, and other little things that make sense to you. He will remember them, having heard only once.

  • He introduces you to important people in his life. If your boyfriend or girlfriend introduces you to their family members or best friends, he/she wants to be emotionally closer to you.

  • He often talks about the future. Consider, we do not often discuss our future with someone if we do not want this person to be present in it. If a person suddenly starts talking to you about the future, asking about your opinion and dreams, most likely he is in love with you.

Ways to be attracted to someone

  • Smile. Try to smile more often. When you have a smile on your face, you appear more friendly and approachable. In this case, people are more pleasant and comfortable doing business with you. And you increase your chances that someone will say am I attracted to her. Regardless of how you feel - smile! By the way, even if at first you only force yourself to smile, you will soon notice that your mood automatically improves.

  • Watch your hair. You can ask if are you attracted to me, and the state of your hair and hairstyle will also affect the answer. Your hair is your crown! So take care of them. Always keep your head clean and tidy. Do not forget to cut your hair; it is essential, first of all, for the health of your hair. Even if you want long curls, trim the ends every couple of months.

  • Watch your facial hair. When caring for a haircut, many people forget about facial hair. And it's almost as important. Women need to tidy their eyebrows. Men should not be lazy to shave, and those who wear a beard should definitely take care of it and trim it regularly.

  • Wear suitable clothing. How do you know if someone is attracted to you? Always take care of what you wear. Buy clothes that suit you. Clothes that don't fit too wide or too tight make you look weird.

  • Look into the eyes of the interlocutor. If you maintain eye contact properly, then your interlocutor will feel important to you. If you feel embarrassed and embarrassed to look others in the eye, first practice on loved ones. And then extend the rule to make eye contact with strangers as well.

  • Move confidently. How to be attracted to someone? Be confident while walking. Do you know how to achieve this? Keep your body relaxed and your chin up. Look forward, not at your feet, as you move.

  • Smell good. Nobody likes those who exude an unpleasant smell. All your efforts to create attractiveness will go up in smoke if you smell bad. Follow the common truths: shower daily, use deodorant, and brush your teeth. If necessary, use means to eliminate bad breath. But do not overdo it by using cologne or toilet water - your interlocutor may be allergic to strong odors.

  • Laugh yourself and make others laugh. No wonder they say that laughter is the best medicine. When you laugh, people around you feel comfortable. In addition, laughter can make you look more attractive. Most importantly, if you can make people laugh, you make them happy for even a minute. And then people will communicate with you with pleasure.

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