How to Make Your Woman Fall in Love with You Again?


Hello to all people who feel abandoned and left. Yes, problems happen both in relationships and friendships, and it’s not easy to understand what exactly has happened. But who is responsible for that? How to tell if somebody is giving you the cold shower as of lately?

Falling in love is a thing that’s easy to distinguish. This person makes you feel some type of way – you feel cold and then hot all of a sudden, you either get too happy or depressed, angry or shy, brave or awkward (rather awkward). But when any steady relationship goes on long enough between you, it tends to appear staler or flatter with years. Your sex is not as amazing as it was, your interest in each other’s life wilts, and you two don't mind letting each other go out with people, although you used to be a deadbeat keeper.

But when should you alert in this situation? How to know whether it’s just a stage or things are really going bad, and it’s time to break up? If you feel like this person is your destiny, there is always a way to get them back and revive your love life. But, most importantly, how to make a woman fall in love with you again?

how to make a girl fall in love with you again

Simple Steps How to Make Your Woman Fall in Love with You

How to make her fall in love with you again? That is a question not many men dare to ask but always wonder. Why are women getting cold in their relationships? There might be plenty of reasons as to why she abandoned you.

A girl gets cold after a list of reasons. And no, women are not so complicated and illogical, they are easy to understand because they need the same treatment as men – a good, wholesome treatment. If you forget to do your chores, be romantic, attentive and listen to her correctly, there is always going to be someone who does. Women don’t change their mind all of a sudden.

Step 1: Relationship recovery

If you want to know how to make someone fall in love with you again, you definitely have some work to do. Both of you.

Decide what went wrong

Reflecting on your problems is always a good way to decide what was crucial in your relationships. What was the last quarrel about? And if there wasn’t any communication, maybe she felt lonely, thinking you are neglecting her inner world. What has been bugging both of you throughout a relationship? Maybe different points of view, or inability to agree on the most crucial parts of your life.

Mind you that if you are unable to tell what went wrong and your spouse refuses to tell you the truth, it’s high time for you to go and visit a family therapist if you want to receive some advice and indeed cherish this relationship.

Avoid blaming

If you want to solve this problem like a pro, a mature man, you two should avoid a painstaking process called “the blame game.” Whenever you feel an urge to blame your partner in some things that make her cold, remember that it takes two to tango, meaning that you probably messed up immensely. After this realization, build all of your points around the fact that blaming can be addressed to you as well. The phrase, “But you…!” is also completely toxic. Yes, it’s not in our power to make someone love us deliberately, but we can definitely influence the process.

fall in love again tipsTake responsibility and apologize

Before yelling and reading fall in love again tips, think about the fact that irresponsibility may be the key fact why your spouse ceased to love you. Maybe because you always tend to switch sides and can’t apologize or admit things. Nobody likes whiners and blamers. So if you can’t take your side and apologize on your behalf, the truth is, you don’t really need a partner. You want to be the only right person, a decision-maker. It’s so easy to admit that you did the same amount of damage (if you did). So be brave and talk like a real professional. Be short and clear about what you think went wrong.

Validate her feelings

Yes, it’s hard to agree with the person who insulted you by being too distant. But if we actually see outside our selfishness, great things await us outside our comfort zone. If we agree to see peoples’ feelings, we will understand peoples’ feelings. She can’t be bothered because of anything unless she is a psychopath. It’s crucial to step out of our perception zone and see why other people might be right when they talk bad about us when they decide to leave us. It means that we changed for bad, and that’s why our presence can make other people around us uncomfortable.

Work together to come up with solutions

When you want to make your girl fall in love with you again, you need to work cooperatively as a team. Once you’ve come up with all excuses about yourself, combatted them and actually sought her side, it’s time for you to talk about it in a family court. Do they have something to say or add to the situation? Let them go ahead, talk about it and find common ground – a way that is going to be comfortable for both of you. Be reasonable and ask for more as well. You don’t want your partner to take advantage of a situation and be greedy.

Step 2: Light a girl’s heart

Once we’ve talked about some things you need to do about yourself and considered some ways to make her fall in love with you again, let’s find a starting point where you actually ignite her heart. So you’ve made a concrete basis of your construction by showing your trusty side, you are not hiding and running away from problems, so you’re a responsible man. After the floors have been swept up, let’s work on some decorations, aka your inner world that needs a lot of work too.

Ask the girl what makes her feel loved

Sure, this question alone can piss her off (you might have already found out that), but still, if you want your reconstruction work to get going, it’s high time for you to ask, “What do I do to make you feel loved?” It’s crucial to ask her not in a condescending, toxic way, as if you are blaming her, and definitely don’t ask the question that may sound something like that, “What do I do to make you LOVE ME?” Don’t make it about yourself. Be politer and genuinely try to get to know her better. After you’ve known it, do it.

Say compliments more often

After some time in a committed relationship, things start to blur out. We tend to forget why we fell in love in the first place. If you are greedy for words, she might be upset and abandoned, especially if there is some other jerk who actively pays close attention to her, giving her compliments every day on social media. Instead of insisting on deleting all of her accounts and prohibiting her to meet other people, you should start listening to what they say. You should be the first person who says her compliments in the morning, you should be a #1 support system for her. Compliments work better than any spells to make someone fall in love with you again.

Do romantic gestures more often

How to make a girl fall in love with you again? Be more romantic. And we want to emphasize that it doesn’t mean being a true romantic since not everyone is born to be poetic, cute and quirky. Try to keep up on your level. If you have some time to buy her a bouquet of flowers and bring it after work all of a sudden, do it. The same goes for romantic dinners, rooftops and so on. Every girl aspires to be independent, but some of them want to depend on your decisions to some extent, especially if it concerns quality time.

Try to be closer without sex

Though sex is crucial in family life, when it overweighs the amount of talk between you, that’s a problem. This way, a girl feels like she’s an object to you, meant for pleasing you and make you feel right. But what about her feelings? If you want to be reasonably renovated as a person, stop using sex as the only way to bond. It’s disgusting and truly wrong. If you want her and after all of those years you feel like she’s the most desirable woman out there, it’s great, but the way you love her soul is much cuter and more cherished.

Show interest in what's important to her

People hate to be misunderstood and misinterpreted. Girls hate to feel like talking about their favorite stuff won’t give a man a single clue about what to give them for Christmas. If you want to be a good man, and you are interested in ways of making your ex fall in love with you again, do the impossible…listen to her genuinely. Even if you don’t give two craps about makeup or the tea she likes to drink. If you give her favorite brand of makeup for a holiday or make her tea just as she wants it, you’ll melt her heart immediately.

Step 3: Seek Professional Help

If you see those things you do aren’t working, ask a professional. It can be a psychologist, your relative, your friend, women looking for men online (they definitely share a similar mindset). If your girl doesn’t mind, consult many girlfriends to understand what really makes women dump their boyfriends.

make someone fall in love with you againOffer your girl a consultation from a specialist

Or, to be precise, visit a family therapist together. Only going full circle will make her “fall in love again” steps complete. Sure, a specialist won’t convince her that life with you is necessarily better, but at least you will know what the core of a problem is. And when getting help, try to work on the problem every day, be consistent and engage in this job together. It might be tough, and you might face a couple of discrepancies here and there, but at least you will be proud of calling yourself a fighter.

Visit a consultation yourself or with her

If you are brave enough, you can go to therapy as a side dish to your main work or offer her to do the same without you. But the key thing, both of you have to go to the same doctor to a family session. It should look like tedious work to do but imagine how powerful it can be when you find out new things about yourself, find out what’s bothering her, talk it out in an adult manner and try to fix things together. It should be an amazing activity that will unite you even more!

Join a Support Group

There is nothing bad about going to support groups. They are not miserable people; they are people with the same struggles and problems as you have. If you really want to make someone fall in love with you again, engage in a support group of individuals, familiar with the problem, talk about how they have managed to solve this problem and listen to their wise advice. A support group is usually led by a psychologist who can understand the motives of your partner to leave and give some tips on how to change for this person (an if it is worthy at all).

Major Mistakes

Many men don’t want to admit they are a part of a problem, so they tend to seek revenge and be even more aggressive and desperate. That is something you don’t want to do.

Make her jealous. If you want to get a woman back, don’t scroll single women pictures, trying to show that you don’t care. It is not only an idiotic and standoffish move, but you can also deeply insult a person who meant no harm to you by showing that you don’t need them anymore. You risk ending up with a contrastive effect.

Try to blackmail her. Some desperate men love to state the fact that once they divorce, a woman will have nowhere to go, they will leave her out of financial support, they will be lonely forever and so on. That is just low. So, to get the person back, try to understand what turned them off in the first place. Then ask whether they agree to work on this, talk about this and get things done to fix your problems. Engage with support and understand that no matter what happens, it happens for better.

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In my opinion, a man should decide what went wrong, think over the past mistakes, and change himself in order to make a beloved woman fall in love with him again.
17.07.2020 09:08

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