A Guide On How to Surprise Your Girlfriend


How to surprise your girlfriend? There are 2 categories of guys; some are waiting for February 14 to make a romantic surprise for their beloved, and others do not tie their love to a time frame and are ready to arrange romance at any time of the year.

Let's see what gift will really surprise the girl and leave a pleasant mark on her memory. Delicious dinner, decorations, gift certificates.

Romantic surprises for your girlfriend

  • Gift set of niche cosmetics. Never, do you hear? A woman never refuses the next portion of cosmetics. Especially if it is produced by a world-famous brand, it can be decorative and skin care products for the face and body during the day or at night. Just be careful and beware of fakes; it will be unpleasant if your girlfriend gets cheap stuff from you. Beautiful packaging will make such a present special.

  • Beautiful underwear. If your relationship with your partner is close enough and has already been going on for a long time, such romantic surprises for her will be appropriate. Your wife will especially appreciate such a sign of attention. Choose a set that will emphasize all the advantages of the lady's figure and hide the flaws. Do not forget that the fabric set should be pleasant to the body and comfortable to wear.

  • Breakfast in bed is the perfect thing to surprise your girlfriend with. At first glance, this is simply a trifle, but so important for a girl. Let her feel like a princess being looked after. Such a surprise in the morning will charge her with positive emotions, give her a smile, and make her feel loved and desired.

  • Flight in a hot air balloon. The sky, birds, fresh air, strong hugs of a beloved man, and height, few people start the morning like this. Flying in a hot air balloon is a secret dream of every girl, which must come true. Enjoy the flight and unforgettable landscapes in the company of each other at an altitude of up to 1000 m above the ground.

  • SPA session for two. Relaxing in the spa is the best surprise for a girlfriend. If a girl has been dreaming of relaxing for a long time, contribute to this. To do this, pick up special treatments in the spa, a candlelight massage, a visit to the hammam, a body wrap, or a chocolate bath. If your city does not do such procedures, organize a romantic evening on your own. To do this, you will need a bath, candles, rose petals, and essential oils. Add to this wine or sparkling music and have a good time together. When your loved one comes home and sees your surprise, she will be delighted.

  • Decorations. The best way to surprise your girlfriend is to give her jewelry. These gifts will never go out of style. A cute, neat ring, a pendant on a chain, or a bracelet, will adorn her delicate body and complement any look. It is not necessary to buy gold with expensive stones in fashion now minimalism.

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Surprise for girlfriend ideas

If a guy likes a girl, then he certainly wants to perform such a romantic act that will not only surprise her but will remain in her memory forever. What could be better than to see her enthusiastic smile, the happy sparkle in her eyes, and genuine joy? It is for the sake of such moments that it is worth trying and presenting an unforgettable gift to a girl.

It doesn't have to be spending a lot of money. The main thing is desire and a little imagination. And in this article, we will look at some unexpected romantic surprises for a girl that will definitely not leave your other half indifferent.

  • Creation. If you draw beautifully, write poetry, sing or play any instrument, then your talent will come in handy, and you can embody it as a romantic surprise gift for your girlfriend. You can create a unique masterpiece for your loved one. A poem about your love for her, her portrait, or romantic love songs is a wonderful gift for your beloved, which touches even the most capricious princess. It is better to present such a present alone in a romantic setting. In no case should we do this in a hurry or in a company, with a large crowd of people? This is a rather intimate gift that should only bind the two of you.

  • Cooking masterpiece. In search of sweet surprises for your girlfriend, many guys have no idea that the easiest way is always at hand. If before you did not shine with culinary skills, then some delicious dish for your girlfriend will definitely be an unexpected but quite a welcome surprise. When preparing such a gift for a girl, follow these tips:

  • baking is very difficult, and it’s unlikely that you can cook something worthy without training, so it’s better to take care of meat in men; as a rule, it turns out perfectly;

  • ask for advice from some woman (sister, mother, girlfriend); they will definitely tell you some simple but original recipes;

  • be sure to clean the kitchen after cooking so that the sight of dirty dishes does not spoil the impression of a surprise.

Cute surprise ideas for the girlfriend

You can make a choice from a huge variety of ideas and proposals if you take into account several factors:

  • social status agree that a good gift for a kindergarten teacher and the director of a large company are two completely different concepts, so first of all, evaluate her lifestyle, needs, and opportunities;

  • interests - it’s good if the chosen thing or surprise comes into contact with her hobby or even contributes to self-development;

  • age - the preferences and demands of young girls and mature ladies differ significantly; the former will appreciate romantic and unexpected ideas, and the latter are inclined to the rationality and usefulness of things;

  • relationship stage - at the initial stage of the relationship, gifts are more touching, romantic, and sweet, but in long and stable couples, useful and expensive gifts are valued;

  • the essence of the event - if you have an ordinary holiday, look for something simple and inexpensive; for round dates and serious events, valuable and memorable options are suitable.

Good surprises for a girlfriend without investing money

  • Get a relaxing massage.

  • Watch a movie about love or football together.

  • Take a bath together.

  • While walking, walk around “your places” or go to the place where you met.

  • Say you love in public.

  • Arrange a quest for your loved one with notes to find a surprise.

  • Take the girl in your arms and carry her down the street.

  • Serenade under the window. If you yourself can not sing, then under the soundtrack, it will be funny.

  • Take a walk along the shore of a lake, river, or sea.

  • A joke certificate (handwritten) for preparing breakfast, washing dishes, massaging, etc.

  • Ride on swings or carousels.

  • Long kiss in the rain

  • Write a list of "I love you because..." or "Thank you for..." or "I appreciate you for...".

  • Make a crossword puzzle of your memories.

  • Memorize a verse about love and read it.

  • Send a love letter by mail, not email.

  • Light candles in the evening and dance to slow music.

  • Feed each other strawberries.

  • Ask for a date, as if for the first time.

  • Prepare dessert (or dinner) and decorate beautifully.

What to surprise your girlfriend with?

  • Sexual Surprise. The intimate sphere of life also needs variety, so a sexy surprise is a great option to surprise a girl. Here your fantasy is your best friend. But before experimenting, find out how your beloved relates to this kind of entertainment and if there are any prohibitions for her. Alternatively, you can use different sex toys, experiment with positions, or offer your favorite role-play. When choosing this gift option, focus solely on your imagination and the girl's preferences. No one can advise you in such matters.

  • Natural impressions. The girl will certainly appreciate the romantic deeds, so this is the best way to prove her feelings to her. But the choice of surprise must be approached with all responsibility. After all, an ordinary, banal gift is unlikely to surprise and be remembered. If it's summer outside, pick up a net, call a couple of helper friends and go to the nearest park to hunt for butterflies. It is not easy, but very fun and exciting. Catch a few winged beauties, put them in a jar, make holes in it, and in the morning, while the girl is still sleeping, leave your gift on the bedside table. Your loved one will definitely never forget such a romantic act.

  • Spontaneous travel is the best surprise gift for a girlfriend. An unexpected trip for two is a romantic act that many girls secretly dream about. But getting a ticket to hot countries is not enough to prepare for such a surprise. It is essential to find out and settle the following points:

  • Will the girl be able to take a vacation while traveling?

  • Does she have a foreign passport?

  • Will your parents be against it (if you are not married yet and the girl lives with her parents)?

  • A good idea is engraving on a ring, bracelet, or pendant. You can put a date of an acquaintance or a declaration of love - these are cute ways to surprise your girlfriend. Such romantic deeds touch your beloved and will not leave you indifferent.

  • A gift for no reason. The option with a gift, in this case, is complicated by the fact that you need to somehow get it without money. The only reasonable way is to do it yourself. Yes, it will be cheap in material terms, but for a girl, a homemade surprise will seem priceless.

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