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How to make your boyfriend miss you sexually? If it seems to you that your sweetheart does not miss you at all and generally forgets about your existence immediately after a date, there is no point in worrying. How to keep my boyfriend interested in me sexually? This does not require any conspiracies or love spells - only knowledge of psychology. Here are a few rules, following which you can settle in the thoughts of the guy you like.

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Don't impose

How to get a man's attention sexually? It seems that the more you flash before the eyes of a man, the more he thinks about you. In fact, there is a much more effective way to make a man think about you. Of course, the easiest way is to flood him with romantic messages, but the effect that you will achieve with this will turn out to be just the opposite. You need to work more subtly. So forget about frequent calls, messages, and constant spending time together. Let a man feel free, and do not soul him with your love ahead of time. Don't be jealous of his friends. Every guy needs a chance to retire and get away for a couple of days. Give him such an opportunity and in this way he will have time to miss you.

Brake the rapid development of the novel

This is a trouble-free way that our great-grandmothers used, if a man is not given what he wants, he will begin to achieve it. Or, at least, think about the object of your desire all the time. Another thing is that today, in the 21st century, it is hardly possible to marinate it for half a year, not allowing anything more than an innocent kiss on the cheek. Yes, actually, this is not necessary. All you have to do is not agree to whatever he wants right now. Sometimes it gets sloppy, but it is no big deal. Of course, this rule cannot answer the question of how to make a stranger think about you, but the method will work with acquaintances.

Use technology wisely

The fact that we do not recommend you bombard it with messages does not mean at all that you do not need to use modern technologies at all; on the contrary, you can use them rarely but accurately. Instead of spamming him with cute pictures in messages, intrigue him with some sexy message. It is also not forbidden to send him your sexy photos, but not too frank for his fantasy to play out. Just be careful if your lover is not free because you can make a married man think about you with such hints, but at the same time, you risk incurring the wrath of his wife. In such a situation, it is better not to leave unnecessary traces.

Infiltrate the enemy's camp

How to be sexually attractive for your boyfriend? The most effective way to make a man think about a woman is to make someone remind him of her. So boldly pour into his inner circle and become your own person there. Make friends with his friends and try to charm them. Even better, help them somehow, like recommending the best doctor in town to his friend. Or the best bar that few people know about (the bar is definitely more efficient). The goal is simple, other people should remind him of you and in a positive way, remind him what a cool girl you are. Don't miss her, bro.

Don't feed his ego

How to get a guy to think about you sexually? It is not necessary to please your man and his requests all the time. Let him know that sometimes he will not be able to get what he wants. If you are unfailing, then he will cease to respect you. Therefore, do not forget to give him sensitive clicks on the nose in time. In a figurative sense, of course. Do not get too carried away; after all, you are looking for a way to mentally make a man think about you, and do not intend to offend him to the core so that he refuses to know you.

Don't try to be "not like everyone else"

First, what does “not like everyone else” mean? All women are different; which one should you not be? Secondly, this advice implies that you are, as it were, "like everyone else," and therefore, he is bored with you. And thirdly, this advice means that you need to immediately change and start behaving unpredictably. Yes, of course, this is how you can make a man think about you. But what exactly do you think doesn't matter? In general, we consider this advice unsuitable and give the exact opposite - do not try to impress him, pretending to be a mysterious "not like that." Otherwise, he will start thinking not about you but about that “not like that.” Better think about what I want him to do to me sexually and be yourself embodying your fantasies.


how to make your boyfriend horny? But it can and should be provoked. But it's better, of course, to play this game on the "bed" field with sexy things to do to your man, in this case, your friend, but an unforgettable scandal is not a very smart move. Although he will certainly think about you. Obscene. This is hardly what you wanted when you were looking for a way to make a guy think about you. It is much better to choose sexy things to do for your man, and so he will not only think about you, he will not forget you.

Don't get hung up

In fact, it doesn't matter at all if he thinks about you when you're not together. Because it will either happen by itself when he falls in love seriously, or it won't happen at all - if this is not your option. And if you feel that he is really not your option, a man who is not worth marrying, or a misogynist, then do not waste effort on him. So don't even bother how to make my boyfriend want me more sexually if you don't see him as a lover but just want to make sure you're attractive. Because suddenly he really becomes attached - and then what will you do with him?

Causes that make a man lose interest in a woman

You are not deprived of male attention, but each of your romances ends as soon as it starts, and your fans, as if by agreement, disappear from sight a month after they met? If you recognize yourself in at least one of the above descriptions, then it is possible that you yourself are building relationships according to a deliberately unpromising scenario. We find out what women's habits most often make a man lose interest and end a relationship.

  • Trying to change a man. One of the basic needs of a man is to be accepted unconditionally. We are free in our choice, but our attempts to change the already purchased product are unsuccessful and stupid; the man is “acquired” by us exclusively in the “as is” format, and any attempts to remake, “upgrade,” or educate him will certainly lead to disaster and mutual disappointments. Either take it for what it is or leave it, baby.

  • Loquacity. If, in the first weeks of dating, your habit of twittering incessantly about everything in the world will cause sincere tenderness in a man, then after a couple of months, he will be replaced by irritation, headache, irritation and an acute desire to run away wherever his eyes look, there is little that can make a man lose his temper faster than female talkativeness. Even if you know the most interesting sexy things to do for your boyfriend but at the same time chatting, nothing will work. So leave gossip from the celebrity world and a retelling of the latest releases of your favorite reality show for girlfriends so as not to injure the gentle male psyche.

  • Competitive habit. If you tend to live in the mode of eternal competition and now and then compete with everyone around you in the ability to earn money, cook deliciously and drive a car perfectly, then it is possible that you will transfer the habit of competing into a relationship with a man without noticing it. In rare cases, such a competitive atmosphere can benefit the relationship and add spice to it, but this is rather an exception. As a rule, a man, by default, competing around the clock with everyone around, next to a woman, is still looking for peace and an opportunity to relax, not a call to conquer the next top of the race. So, if you don't want to turn your romance into a completely unromantic competitive race, slow down and allow yourself to just go with the flow at least once in a while. It will be better if you direct your competition in the right direction, for example, in sexual things to do to a guy.

  • Too much independence. How to show a man you love him sexually? Independent and successful miss independent intrigues and attracts a man; overly domineering and incapable of compromise, the "iron lady" frightens and repels. If you constantly complain about the lack of true gentlemen and courageous knights, ask yourself if there is a place for them next to you, if you yourself are quite capable (and you proudly demonstrate this ability) to pay your own restaurant bill, and carry heavy bags, and repair broken faucet? Try to throw off the knightly armor at least for a while; give in the role of a knight to a man, and he will want to be him for you again and again. Especially if only with you, he can experience sexy things to do to your boyfriend.

  • Inability to part with the past. Each of us has a baggage of past mistakes, painful breakups and unhappy romances, but sometimes it becomes a serious problem. If in conversations with a newly-made boyfriend you continually indulge in memories of the former, check his pages on social networks daily or even look for meetings with him, your man can quickly get tired of such a relationship. 

  • Lack of sense of humor. A sense of humor sometimes turns out to be a much more powerful weapon to conquer men's hearts than stilettos, stockings and glamorous makeup; and vice versa, if you have a gloomy disposition, are not prone to irony, and his jokes cause you only bewilderment and confusion, your romance is unlikely to last long.

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