How do men and women deal with a break up?


What is the difference between man and woman after breakup? Unfortunately, everyone experiences breakups. Well, almost everything. Of course, it is always bad, difficult, and painful. Pessimistic thoughts torment me. Someone has no appetite, someone wants to get drunk and forget, and some break down and spend their entire salary on new clothes. Communication is an integral part of recovery after a breakup. Girls share their difficulties with close friends; they try to support them with words that they will regret it. Tears are shed, ice cream cake is eaten, and the sun still appears from behind the clouds.

But for some reason, it is customary to think only about how the girl will go through this difficult test of fate. Somehow they don’t think about the guys, referring to the fact that he will sleep with someone several times, take a walk and come to his senses. But in practice, everything is not so simple. Nobody usually asks the question, do guys cry after a breakup?

How do men and women deal with a break up?

Stages of breaking up for guys

Men are people too. From the outside, it looks ridiculous because experiences are almost always clearly divided into stages, especially when the man is abandoned.

  • Emotional disorder. The period when a man cannot get used to the idea that they are no longer together. No one dessert for two, no evening gatherings in a cafe, and no one will laugh so heartily at his jokes. Nothing can cheer him up - not a new episode of his favorite series, not a trip to Las Vegas, not a salary increase. He is in a real depression. If the mood were assessed on a hundred-point system, then at this stage, it is in the region of 2-3 points.

  • As if nothing had happened. How breakups affect men? After some time, he is still feeling bad, but he wants to prove himself to friends and acquaintances and behaves as if he does not care, and his mood is excellent. Striptease? Why not! Talk about anything - yes. He, like any normal person, wants to be distracted, to forget how bad and hard it is for him. After all, he keeps everything to himself. And it eats him up from the inside.

  • "How are you?" Not all men come across this point. But the majority. They write to their ex-girlfriend, “Hi, how are you?” in order, in most cases, to answer the counter-question: “Well, it’s fine.” It's called "playing poor relative": an opportunity to show her how wrong she is and how she hurt him. This cheers him up a little. "She knows how bad I feel!"

  • Emotional breakdown number 2. After the message and the realization that there was nothing to return, he replayed everything in his head, he felt bad again, but now he was ready to share it with his friends. Why not? Let everyone know what a cold and callous heart she has.

  • Sport. Do men hurt after a breakup? Outside of a relationship, a man has more free time. Many go to the sport, whether because of the desire to take this time or because of the need to release anger. They spend hours in the gym, go home from there and just fall and fall asleep, not giving themselves the opportunity to start thinking about relationships again. Or maybe it's preparation for the hunt?

  • Tinder and more. He's done well and spent a week or two in training. And what is it with friends? Tinder? Who is this girl on Instagram? I will subscribe. And here are three likes and a comment. I'm ready to swipe right.

  • Overcoming. Men, after a break up already gotten used to the idea that this is the end. She has her way, and he has his. There is no point in suffering and suffering. We need to go ahead. And sometimes check her Instagram; you never know what.

After all this, you ask: how to try to return it? How do men deal with a breakup? Situations are different. Sometimes a man becomes unbearable, and parting is the only option possible. In this case, you have to try. But people almost never change. But you also need to understand and understand man vs. woman after break up.

Stages of breakup for a woman

The girl left you. And you are very worried. You feel bad, you get drunk, and tell your friends what a bitch she is. And you hope that at the same moment, on the other side of town, your girlfriend (ex-girlfriend) is also going through a breakup. But the question is - are you worried?

A woman is a bundle of emotions. Did you know that even when she's in a perfect relationship, she still has "crying moments" for herself? They are so arranged that they make “food” for emotions out of everything and leave the good guys.

As for the breakup and how she handles it, first, you need to understand the three types of girls.

  • Short-term. What do girls do after a break-up? Such ladies usually do not worry after a breakup because they do not value relationships very much. There was a man and no man. And the truth is, why get upset and shed tears? She is self-sufficient, and people like him will still be a wagon and a small cart. These women are usually careerists; they need relationships for status and a pleasant pastime. They don’t know how to worry or don’t want to, so you shouldn’t count on her tears and night calls with sobs.

  • Depressive. Female behavior after a breakup looks from one extreme to another. If the previous type of woman does not worry about breakups at all, then depressive ladies are an explosion of emotions and despair. Even if the breakup occurred at the initiative of such a girl, there would be more drama than in the series. At first, she will proudly leave, then complain to her friends, then drunken songs in karaoke, and then rivers of tears and insults. Years will pass, but the girl will remember your story with whining music. This story will last until the appearance of a new gentleman and new emotions.

  • An ordinary girl. It is clear that everyone has a different personality, just like a different attitude to a particular situation. If the previous two types are rather exceptions, then the average girls meet all the time.

Statistical data

It's good that researchers have taken up the question of whether girls after break up are worried if she left. Now we have not just words but statistics.

After a survey of six thousand people, scientists came to the conclusion that women experience a gap very hard, and it does not depend on who initiated it. But at the same time, after a certain time, they recover better and become emotionally stronger than men.

If a guy can cool down to a former lover in a short period, then a girl can engage in emotional self-blame for years.

There are a lot of reasons for parting, but usually, after that, women experience not resentment and anger but a sense of guilt. Yes, yes, it was guilt, especially if she left. There is a real study of yourself and your behavior. And if it's raining outside, then be sure that she is sad, drawing your reunion in your fantasies. Many girls return to their boyfriends during this period because "how is he there without me?"

Women feel responsible for the emotional component of a couple, so they consider the gap to be their omission and flaw. But suffering for an ex-girlfriend is not courageous, so guys immediately look for ways to distract themselves to not show their weakness.

Answering the question "Does a girl go through a breakup?", "Yes!" If it's appropriate, of course. A woman can hide her feelings in public; on the contrary, she will show that she is much better and that she made the right choice by breaking up with you. But she will not succeed in avoiding long night thoughts. This state of affairs can last for years.

Even after a while, a man goes into the "former" category, which still awakens certain feelings in a woman. This does not mean she will be ready to throw herself into your arms and dream of returning.

Most likely, it will be a feeling of warmth or hidden resentment. Everything will depend on the reasons for the breakup, her temperament, and the time elapsed.

Also, girls can be “covered” by a new wave of experiences after meeting a man, especially if she has not yet had time to completely cool off towards him. Perhaps that is why they try not to catch the eyes of the guys, at least for the first time, and avoid any communication.

Many people find it helpful to connect with new potential partners after a breakup. Therefore, the best way out of this situation would be to make new acquaintances, chat, go on dates, and receive compliments.

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