How to Date Ukrainian Girls Over 20


Ukrainian ladies are attractive, everyone knows it. A lot of guys would like to see a beautiful Slavic girl by their side, but they don’t know how to approach these ladies properly. However, having a desire, you can learn to how to date Ukrainian girls over 20, even if you think you’re not good enough for them.

In this article, you’ll read how to date young Slavic beauties, where to start, and what you need to do for it. In fact, everything is easier than you think, and you’ll see it for yourself when you start trying these tips in real life.

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What are the main peculiarities of 20-something girls?

Let's begin with the list of peculiarities of character traits and appearance of young pretty girls from Ukraine.

Beautiful faces

Ladies over 20 can easily conquer men’ hearts with their eyes, lips, and smile. A beautiful face is what makes most guys dream about dating a young girl from Ukraine in the first place. That’s why taking good care of facial skin, choosing the right makeup, and having a beautiful smile are the main priorities of each woman.


It’s this women’s attribute that makes men indulge their loved ones with gifts. Men cherish Ukrainian girls’ ability to appreciate them and what they do. As soon as a woman begins to demand something and criticize her partner, a man loses interest in her.

Ability to sacrifice

Women’s charitable gestures evoke the warmest feelings in men. They see that a lady is not just a humble person, but also a possible candidate for the role of mother of his children, able to sacrifice herself for the sake of the family.


date ukrainian girl over 20No matter how beautiful the girl is, for long-term relationships, men always choose those who can understand them, sympathize, and empathize. Women-extroverts, able to show empathy, have a lot more qualities of a life partner from men’s perspective.

Beautiful bodies

A beautiful, fit body hints a man that his partner can satisfy him sexually. Most guys, who only look for sexual pleasures, don’t pay attention to a woman's face; they check her body out first.

The beauty of women's hips and breasts has always been driving men crazy. And it’s what most sexy young girls from Ukraine can give their boyfriends.


Smooth, graceful gestures and moves can not only attract men’s attention but also make them forget about everything. In the past, young girls had to learn how to be graceful. Many Ukrainian ladies have it in their blood.

There are many other Slavic women’s features that men find attractive, such as a beautiful voice, gait, and self-confidence. However, men pay attention mainly to above-mentioned ones.

How to attract a 20-year-old-girl

Dating girls in their 20's and establishing relationships with them is always a complex task, and chances of success are not so high. Some guys, discouraged by a failed attempt to date a girl, get nervous when trying to do it again. To avoid this, you should know the key rules that will help get a young Ukrainian girl’s attention.

Watch your appearance

To win the heart of a young girl, remember that no beauty will look at an ugly guy who doesn’t care about his looks. But if you’re dating in your 20's, you probably know that already. Therefore, look at yourself from the side and correct everything that you don’t like about your appearance.

Weird-looking guys have fewer chances to date a girl or simply attract her attention. So start with hygiene, and then pick stylish and suitable clothes for yourself to look better and more attractive.


To attract the attention of a Ukrainian lady, you just need to look like a guy who enjoys life and smiles, appreciating every moment. Ukrainians are a cheerful nation, so it’s important to them. The girl will see that you’re happy and want to share your happiness with her.

Come up with the original phrase to start a conversation

To get the girl interested in you, think of an original way to get acquainted, start a dialog, and eventually ask her out on a date. The girl will agree, at least out of curiosity, because such thing will probably happen for the first time in her life.

Stay yourself

When dating in 20's, we try to attract girls’ attention by acting like someone we are not, and it’s wrong. Always be yourself, and the girls will start noticing you and try drawing your attention to them. All you need to do is live your life, achieve success, and enjoy every single day.

how to date ukrainian girlsWhat Ukrainian 20-something girls seek in men

1) Intelligence

All women find intelligent men attractive, but only if they use their brain correctly. In other words, if you keep repeating clever words and explaining how many varieties of mosquitoes are in the world, you show an unattractive side of your intelligence. Use your brain to surprise your companion with interesting and funny ideas.

2) Indifference

A Ukrainian girl is used to men following her everywhere. If you want to stand out from other guys, then challenge her. Show her that you’re not going to do everything she wants, that you have a choice. Let her know that she’ll have to work the get your attention, and she will try to surprise you. But don’t overdo it.

Most girls can deny this, but a little indifference from the guys drives them mad. It makes them want to show themselves from the best side so that a man noticed them.

3) Attention

This point completely contradicts the previous one, but is no less important. Give as many gifts as possible and make a lot of compliments; girls want to feel important.

Don’t forget that all ladies wear beautiful clothes and makeup every day for a reason. Your Ukrainian companion will appreciate if you notice that she did something with her hair or put new earrings on. The ability to notice details is one of the most attractive features of men for girls.

4) Romance

You may think that this is banal, and every guy knows it. But romance is not just about giving flowers once a week. Romance is the perfect way to show a girl how much you care about her, and it can be very effective if used wisely.

5) Leadership

Everyone knows that a man with the qualities of a leader is more likely to win a girl’s heart than a guy who doesn’t show initiative in relationships and life. And we’re talking about guys that usually wait until someone else makes a decision.

Therefore, try to always make your own decisions, have your own point of view. Don’t be afraid to express it, even if your opinion differs from others. Take responsibility for yourself and your actions.

6) Sense of humor

If you made the girl laugh, you are already halfway to success. This quality is definitely one of those that attract all women. The main thing here is to understand what a sense of humor is. It's not enough to just tell one joke after another; you need to know the right time for this at least.

7) Passion for adventure

When dating young girls, it's one of the most important qualities. The opposite of it is boredom. Most young ladies are looking for a guy who can offer them something more than just daily routine. And Ukrainian beauties are no exception. They’re attracted to everything interesting, unusual, and fascinating. They want to escape from everyday life. If you can offer them a solution to this problem, consider her heart conquered.

Predictability, routine, and boredom will kill off any attempt to attract a young Slavic beauty. And remember: for Ukrainian girls, dating is much more than having a great time.

date ukrainian girlsIs the age difference a drag in the long term?

Some couples show that love has no age and that a relationship can last despite the years between them. If they are sometimes singled out, it is because they arouse in some people incomprehension: "What interests him in this much younger woman, apart from her pretty appearance?", "Will this relationship with a younger woman last?" Here are some avenues to better understand what binds such couples.

What is a man in a relationship with a younger woman looking for? The most common scenario: these men need to keep their age, the passage of time at a distance. That's why they want to feel like they appeal to younger women. The physical aspect predominates at first. Attracting a younger woman can spark the envy and jealousy of other men their age. Then comes the admiration these young women have for them. If they were with women their age, they would feel less special and more ordinary. These women offer men energy, passion, and availability that they do not necessarily find in women of their age, very caught up in the constraints of everyday life (shopping, children, etc.).

What is she looking for? The young women who enter such relationships need guidance. An older man has more experience, he is perhaps more focused on her needs and goals. Having lived more, he is less self-centered. Dating an older man is also a "time saver". From a material standpoint, it allows such girls to settle in life faster. Thus, a 25-year-old woman who is with a 45-year-old man is likely to gain material comfort more quickly than if she was with a 25-year-old man who has a long way to pass yet. Finally, the question of maturity is essential in these couples. Disappointed by the immaturity of men their age, these women feel more comfortable around older men.

Beware of the risk of "defusion" that is often observed in these couples. Over the years (after 7/8 years of relationship), these younger women will gain confidence and want to free themselves from a form of authority of the other. The partner who is not always taken seriously, the one receving remarks about her immaturity ends up getting annoyed because she is getting old and knows what she wants. There may then be a crisis within the couple.

How to make a relationship with an age difference work?

The age difference is not necessarily a brake on the longevity of the couple, as long as their interests and desires are the same. When everyone's maturity becomes equal, it works. On the other hand, there are some parameters that cannot be controlled. They can harm the relationship and cause a breakup. Thus, the desire for a child or illness (related to age) is a potential obstacle.

Do not make these mistakes when seducing a 20-year-old:

  • talking too much about yourself and your memories of the past, which young women cannot easily understand. This girl has surely had experiences completely different from yours so she will find it difficult to understand your ease or things.
  • avoid talking too much about yourself and focus the conversation on the girl in question, because a person's most interesting subject is their own person.
  • avoid hanging out with her too much at first, because you can appear a boring man or a loser who has no better hobby except chasing women.
  • the best you can do is let the girl come into your world slowly, on her own accord, not the other way around.
  • to avoid scaring her away or scaring her, try to keep things simple and casual with her at first.

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I am looking for committed relationships with a woman who has already decided what she wants from life and has some plans. Don’t think girls in their 20s are ready for such a step.
16.07.2020 14:57
Anwen Almond
Look at George Clooney! He is over 50 years old, but he is still considered a very attractive and charismatic man even by teenage girls of our time. A 50-year-old man who behaves like a dominant male is better in the eyes of 20-year-old women than any other much younger man.
03.12.2020 17:56
Helena Steele
Such love stories are difficult to place in time. Can a young man, really, project himself into ten or twenty years back trying to be on the same vibe with his beloved? It is possible, of course, but I would never date a man who is older when I was young. Although, after reading the article, I understand such people.
03.12.2020 17:57

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