How do you stop thinking that your partner is cheating?


Being envious of a loved one occasionally is natural and even beneficial since, in homeopathic amounts, it stimulates the blood, enlivens relationships, and helps you value your companion more. But what if, instead of brief jealousy bursts, you start to feel a suffocating sense of betrayal that never goes away? Do you require concrete proof? It has taken up residence in your spirit and is preventing you from breathing normally, making you anxiously watch every action a guy makes to see whether he has changed. Is it a shift in the air? Because it's so challenging to quit being terrified of сheating and catching your partner scrolling GoDateNow, especially if the lady or man has already burnt themselves, such anxiety may poison a person's life. In this article, we’ll talk about how to stop thinking your boyfriend is cheating.

Where Is The Source of The Problem?

Do not mix common jealousy with the irrational fear of betrayal. There are typical explanations for the latter, whether severe or not. It's acceptable to be envious of a man who can't help but flirt with coworkers or a husband who wears women's cologne when he returns from late meetings. Being envious of a loved one who locks himself in the toilet to chat on the phone is also common. However, these "flags" do not consider the relevant fear of betrayal. He needs no obvious signals to bother his mistress. Fear of being cheated on will constantly nudge you in the ear with, "He has someone," even if a man is sitting next to you and gently massaging your knee. If not, it will, nonetheless. He has already begun to consider the subject of his upcoming liaison.

Let's be honest: even though it lacks a recognized term in the medical dictionary, you have fallen prey to actual fear. And if you don't start resisting it right away when trying to understand how to stop worrying about your boyfriend cheating, this sneaky ploy can quickly enslave your entire life and finally destroy everything.

The "Rosenthal Effect" or "Pygmalion" is a psychological concept whose broad meaning is that a person's strong faith in something might be realized because it influences not only the individual's conduct but also the behavior of others in their immediate environment. To put it another way, a man who has been firmly and for a long time suspected of treason could one day decide: "To receive, at least for the cause," and be walloped.

Whether you like it or not, you must overcome the phobia. It’s not easy to learn how to stop thinking about being cheated on. Find out where this dangerous flower first sprouted, as nothing straightforwardly happens in our minds.

Potential Victims of The Fear of Cheating

Women who don't value themselves

Perhaps the woman had braces on as a youngster and was overweight, which caused her to pass all of her senior classes with the label of an ugly girl, or perhaps a terrible experience from her past served as the cause. The important issue is that she now feels secure in her "non-competitiveness" and is persuaded that any random beauty may easily persuade a cherished guy to cheat on her since, after all, our "ugly duckling" has nothing to contend with.

Old cheating victims

If you’re always asking yourself “Why do i always think my boyfriend is cheating”? – there will always be scars on your spirit, often very terrible wounds that take years to heal. Because of them, some beautiful and intelligent women who have turned down a dozen marriage offers do so out of dread of the same thing happening again. The thought, "they cheat on everyone, even if you are Miss World, thus sooner or later it will happen again," takes root in my mind. Women shun relationships that may potentially lead to a strong marriage out of a sense of impending doom and total powerlessness. Give them another lady a chance.

Children who bitterly endured their parents' divorce

While dad moved in with another woman when the child was young, it frequently rocks their world to its foundations, leaving only rubble and a lingering mistrust of others. How can you rely on anybody else if even your closest friend has abandoned you?

Young mothers

A woman who has not yet recovered from childbirth does not look her best and may have anxiety after infidelity. She puts all her energy into caring for a kid and has little time for her spouse. These are all reasons why this concern may be unfounded. It is not far from a phobia if the partner lacks the love and decency to show his support for his mate actively.

Women who are menopausal

Hormones are out of control, my appearance in the mirror is less than ideal, and I have random ideas. The most favorable conditions exist for the growth of betrayal dread.

Is It Possible to Learn to Live with The Fear of Cheating?

Anyone with phobias will find that overcoming them requires time and work. So maybe accept an inside adversary as a given and attempt to ignore his persistent whispers? When on a diet, we must contend with the stomach's sneaky prodding to "have a bun, nothing will happen from one tiny item." But alas, it won't. Even if a woman has strengthened tangible endurance, the dread of betrayal will eventually find a way to present itself in the shape of numerous unpleasant physical and psychological diseases. For men it’s a little bit easier to stop thinking your girlfriend is cheating.

Tantrums out of the blue, the actual reason of which may not even be expressed to the second party in the disagreement, panic attacks, nerve illnesses up to major mental disorders, finally result from a long-contained phobia and a life of continual stress. In the most extreme circumstances, a woman loses her identity. She transforms into a bloodhound who survives solely by searching her partner's pockets for compromising notes, hacking into phone and website histories, and occasionally not abstaining from open monitoring. Furthermore, no evidence can persuade the young girl who "went on the trail" of a man's innocence. They are gradually swept aside by a muddled intellect as it confronts him with the only reality: treachery will occur sooner or later.

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How to Deal with a Phobia

We must deal with it since we both believe it is intolerable to endure an unrelenting phobia. Try to handle the matter on your own if you still have control or wondering does cheating cause anxiety.

Immersion method

This method has a special place in Our Dating Blog. It involves picking a moment, sitting down, and firmly believing that the betrayal has already occurred. Even the tiniest particulars. What impact will it have on you? The dude will do what? How are you going to act? Turn the issue in several directions, making it completely silly, until you tire of it. You'll probably come to understand that the supposed betrayal was not as horrible as you thought it was at some time, and your life won't end then. We know that it’s may be impossible to make yourself stop overthinking after being cheated on.

Important circumstance! After the session, remind yourself that what you just witnessed was a fantasy that had nothing to do with reality and that you are now happy, united, and in love. Also, resist the need to repeatedly return to imagined images! The technique is effective as a one-time activity that may sometimes be used rather than as a continual mental chewing gum.

Self-realization and self-improvement

Ensure your well-being. Do you think your physical appearance might be better? If you have constant paranoia about cheating try to make time for exercise, start a diet, and register at a hair salon. Having phobias and being confident do not mix well.

Consider a pastime you could pick up along the road. After all, you did have some enjoyable jobs before the big decision of "would it change or not" in life arose. Whether you concentrate on knitting, oil painting, or dog training – the most important thing is that you feel drawn to doing it. First, a large portion of the time will be spent thinking about more positive things than fantasizing about betraying a close friend or partner. Secondly, self-realization in any endeavor is always advantageous to a person – specifically the female. You will unintentionally exude charisma and assurance. Although you probably won't notice it, those around you certainly will!


This is one of the best methods you won't believe. It will help if you’re still asking yourself “Is he cheating or am i paranoid”? Try to talk privately with your partner about your worries; specify the specific behaviors that trigger phobia attacks. But remember that this should be a dialogue between two mature individuals, not a victim-blaming tantrum like, "You're the reason I can't sleep at night!" You can take a sedative in preparation, practice meditation, or take 100 grams of courage. In other words, you can do anything you want as long as you talk calmly and without reprimands or tears. Consequently, it will undoubtedly emerge that the lover made some compromises since he was unaware of the emotional upheaval that his harmless conversation with a female coworker had sparked in your spirit.

Heart-to-heart communication is a lost talent in today's society. According to psychology, men seek mistresses for two reasons: new sex experiences and understanding. Is the verdict obvious? Increase the frequency with you converse with your boyfriend, inquire about his affairs and concerns from the previous day, and show genuine interest in learning more about him. Don't allow your phobia to cause a rift.


Try not to cheat yourself when your partner goes to the Girls online gallery, because this can lead to big problems in the relationship. But you should also understand that there is no smoke without fire, and your fear of getting cheated on may not be empty.

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