How to Successfully Turn Friendship into Love


How to turn friendship into a relationship? When a person you've been friends with for a long time refuses to admit your connection to others, it can be difficult to remain known as just a permanent best friend without any of the benefits associated with the term "girl." This can be troubling as the uncertainty of the relationship's future can be frustrating, and if he only sees you as someone who calls on a Friday night, then that can be frustrating. This is especially difficult if this person seems worthy of becoming your partner because prolonged anxiety makes you wonder if your friendship can become something more. Starting a new connection, especially with a friend, can be exciting.

How to determine if your friendship is turning into a connection? Sometimes it can be difficult to understand whether a kind gesture or attention is a sign of hidden feelings of the person to whom we feel affection. For example, a gentle touch or pat on the back can be a simple act of friendly support. Some guys may give us signs or signals that can mean a lot or nothing, making us doubt and feel insecure about them. However, when his true feelings are known, and he shows interest, it may be time to take the connection to the next level and move beyond the phase of just best friends.

How to Successfully Turn Friendship into Love

How to convert friendship into love relationship?

The first and main difference is sex. But even here, the boundaries are somewhat blurred today - we must not forget about the existence of "sex for friendship." However, there are other aspects of connections that distinguish lovers from close friends.

  • Common goals. Only romantic couples are engaged in planning a joint future. And although friends may completely coincide in their views on religion, politics, and lifestyle, their life goals do not tend to have a common denominator.

  • Time and attention. In romantic connections, partners devote all their free time and attention to each other, which can never be found even in the strongest friendship. The two choose to focus on each other, and the attention they receive from each other makes them feel comfortable. Conversely, if one of the two no longer wants to spend energy on a partner, this may mean the near end of the relationship. The main sign of the presence of friendship turning into a connection is friendship into romance.

  • Interdependence. Social psychologist Caryl Rasbalt argues that the determining factor in a romantic connection can be considered the degree of interdependence of partners. Yes, friends depend on each other, but the lives of lovers are tightly intertwined. While in a connection, the two rely more and more on each other and eventually replace "I" and "you" with "we." Commitments are often forgotten, and it depends on whether the relationship remains friendly or turns into a romantic one.

  • Positive illusions. In a healthy connection, partners are fascinated by each other. They have high expectations and ideas about a loved one, which often does not coincide with reality. But psychologists Sandra Murray, John Holmes, and Dale Griffin believe that this is absolutely normal. It is these rosy dreams that distinguish love from more realistic friendship.

  • Influence. Of course, friends influence decision-making, goals and plans, preferences and prospects, but a loved one here has more power. We tend to make our partners part of our sense of self, to perceive ourselves through the prism of our loved ones. With friends, this is not possible.

  • Commitments. They are often forgotten, and from this, whether the connection will remain friendly or become romantic. The very decision from friendship to relationship portends stability and reflects a conscious choice in favor of working on creating a couple. Deciding on the future of a connection is a serious step that requires weighing all the pros and cons, opportunities, benefits, and investments that have already been made. And while most friends can make good partners, the decision and willingness to dedicate one's life to one determines the success of a romantic union.

Can friendship turn into love?

A scientific discipline such as psychology believes that friendship between a guy and a girl is an artificial kind of connection. Such a connection can exist for a long time only if there is sympathy between them and also if there are barriers to young people becoming lovers.

However, the most prosperous and strongest marriages occur when passionate and romantic relationships grow from friendly connections. Common interests, spending time together, and solving some common situations can bring friends closer together. Then, having seen and appreciated each other in action and having checked the connection for human strength, it is easier to build a life together, adding affectionate and caring moments to it. And then you can go from friendship to relationship.

And then true friendship flows into attraction and then develops into mutual, true love. History knows many romantic connections that began between two good friends.

Signs a friendship is turning into love

Communicating with a guy, you have already initially determined the level of connection that is acceptable for you.

If there is sympathy, you flirt and flirt, resort to other “female tricks and tricks”; if you are only interested in friendship, then the manifestations will be different.

But how to find out about the feelings of the second person? Here you can’t get into someone else’s head and ask directly. And you do not want to spoil relations with him or hurt his heart if he is not indifferent to you. Or vice versa, it is necessary to win his sympathy and translate communication into a love channel.

Stories of friendship turning into love

Indeed, there is a lot in common between emotional attachment and familiarity, but there are also differences. In order to further understand how love differs from friendship, let's take a step-by-step look at the similarities and differences between these concepts.


  • you have a lot in common; you feel comfortable and have fun together. Any topic of conversation is not a problem for you, and there are no secrets between you;

  • fighting doesn't ruin your connection. And in the first and second cases, even offended by each other, you will look for ways to make peace, you will be bored and yearning as if life has lost its meaning;

  • neither a friend nor a loved one will ever leave in trouble and will not betray. If you come up with a problem, they will listen to you and give you advice, wipe away tears, and help you cope with difficulties;

  • if you are faced with ridicule and attacks from the outside, then close people will stand up for you, even if you yourself were wrong about something. This is a clear sign of moving from friendship to a relationship;

  • you are accepted for who you are, forgiving all the shortcomings because your inner qualities make you who you really are.

Friendship is different from love:

  • when you love, you try not to leave, and a long separation is always emotionally difficult for both partners. When friendship turns to love? In friendship, everything is much simpler: you know for sure that there will be a meeting, everything will fall into place, and no circumstances will harm your connection;

  • if someone flirts with your friend, you will certainly be happy for him, share good advice, or release a couple of friendly barbs at him. But if someone allows flirting with your loved one, this is unlikely to make you happy, but most likely, it will infuriate you and cause jealousy, even though you are perfectly sure that you are the one and only for your partner. It is jealousy that is an indicator of turning friendship into relationship;

  • when we are friends with a person, we are overcome by the thought that we have found a brother, that it is like a reflection of you. In love, your partner is the second half, a part of you, without which it is unbearably hard for you.

  • in love, a person is seized by an unbridled volcano of passions, while friendships are less emotional.

The best relationships start off as friendships

How to turn a friendship into a relationship with a girl? "Let's be friends!" - this is how past love connections often end. What is the final point or the real desire to redirect the relationship to another level? Of course, if, after parting, no one is offended, why not be friends?

It just so happens that you are not suitable for each other to live together. However, common interests and hobbies, similar outlooks on life, joint work, and mutual friends allow you to have fun together. But even this delicate matter has its pitfalls.

Are you not going to remain single and completely immerse yourself in friendly connections? Your future partner is unlikely to appreciate such devotion to a former lover. Most likely, you will remain friends only in words: a couple of comments on social networks several times a year, congratulations on the holidays.

If the scenario of the finale of your parting was originally different: resentment, hatred, sadness, despair, loneliness, indifference, then, of course, there can be no question of any friendship. Remember, only future romantic and affectionate affection will save you from past passion. Therefore, do not hang your nose and look around: perhaps very close is the one who is looking for a meeting with you and considers you the most delightful person in the world.

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