Leo Men: A Guide to Understanding and Loving the Zodiac King


How to love a leo man? The Leo man from childhood begins to show his royal character. He forces parents, friends, and teachers to reckon with him, and if for some reason he is not taken seriously, he closes himself and is protected by a wall of offended silence or begins to hysteria out loud, shouting and shaking his rights. True, he does not know how to be offended for a long time - he quickly flares up and cools down just as quickly.

Leo Men: A Guide to Understanding and Loving the Zodiac King

Leo should never be abused

He doesn't take criticism at all. While he is being praised, he is ready to move mountains, get the Moon from the sky, and then melt it into ribbons and orders.

But as soon as someone dares to express dissatisfaction with his behavior, as soon as his actions are criticized, Leo stops doing something. Especially if he, deep down, understands that his actions are imperfect.

Often the desire to do everything “five plus” becomes the cause of an internal conflict for the Leo man - if he does not have enough knowledge or skills. But he never admits it himself.

Leo man in love

The Leo man is generous to the point of insanity - he loves to make rich and spectacular gifts to relatives, loved ones, and friends; however, life often teaches him how to save money - with age, Leo begins to understand that you can’t jump above your head, so reluctantly correlates your true income with desire be generous always and in everything.

Although, as soon as his financial situation improves, he again spends money on expensive gifts with pleasure. The main thing is to be surprised, rejoice, and admire his generosity. And praised, praised, praised…

How to keep a leo man in love with you?

Despite the tendency to laziness, the Leo man is surprisingly hardworking. But there is one feature - he must sincerely love what he does. That's when he forgets about sleep and food, about rest and entertainment, turning into a workaholic.

But if he does not like his work, then "where you sit on it, you will get off there." He will have a million reasons not to do what the soul does not lie in.

There are a lot of creative people among Lions. The Leo man likes to be the center of attention, he loves recognition and reverence, and envy of other people's successes is alien to him - he knows that, in spite of everything, he is the best.

How to get a leo to fall in love with you?

As mentioned above, a woman next to a Leo man should be special and always beautiful. True, each Leo man has his own understanding of beauty; however, his woman cannot but be spectacular.

Leo's vanity knows no bounds, so not only what he does but also what he possesses should be admired - starting with a dog, a car, a track record, and ending with a lady of the heart or just a woman accompanying him to parties.

And it is in the order described - the Lions are too self-sufficient to put a woman in the first place.

How to make a leo fall in love with you?

  • Compliance. In no case should you tell the Leo man how he should behave. Then he won't tell you where you can go. Everything he does is a priori good and right. You just have to match his attitude. He solves global problems, so you will have to meekly take on all the homework - the life of a Leo man is annoying and depressing. The only thing he enjoys doing is cooking and paying the bills. And only for this, he should be praised, not reaching out for trifles, since he does not tolerate trifles but does not forgive pettiness.

  • Unobtrusiveness. The Leo man reigns everywhere, so you should not try to pull the blanket over yourself to outshine him in society - he cannot stand this. A woman should be spectacular - to show the significance and status of the Leo man, and, preferably, dumb so as not to interfere with the Leo man to amaze everyone with his eloquence, intelligence, knowledge, and charm. Moreover, until he receives his portion of admiration until he plays enough of the emperor, it’s not even worth stuttering that it’s time to go home - in this case, it is likely that you will go home alone, and he will feel offended.

  • Resilience and stress tolerance. When a leo loves you, he often offends in passing, without even realizing that he is hurting. His sharp tongue and no less sharp mind cause Leo to hit on the most painful place without even straining to find this place. He can scream, stomp his feet, and insult. And if you are a thin and mentally unbalanced person, then next to the Leo man, you have nothing to do - with his outbursts, he will very quickly bring you to neurosis. Everything that Leo says in the heat of the moment is best ignored - in five minutes, he won’t remember what he said to you, and if you try to analyze, remember, and store it in your soul, you won’t be enough for a long time. Moreover, Leo often screams not from evil, but under the influence of momentary irritation or when he realizes that he is wrong.

  • Companionship. Most of all, leo man traits in love and appreciates in a woman that she loves him and everything that he does. You must be prepared for the fact that you will always have to play second fiddle, while the motive will be the same: you are a genius, I am happy that I have the honor to be with you, help you, make your life easier and simpler while you are busy with great affairs. Admiration and approval should always shine in your eyes. To become a useful shadow is the task of one who wants to live a long, difficult, but happy life next to the Leo man. Since the motto of the Leo man sounds like this: “Thank you for having me!” In order to love a leo man, you will have to push the Leo man to exploits, provide him with a reliable rear, support him in any endeavors and become his nanny, faithful friend, and like-minded person.

  • The ability to cook delicious food. How to love a leo? The Leo man is a real gourmet. Therefore, leave mashed potatoes, quick noodles, and sausages in the past. Meat, meat, and more meat. First, second, and dessert. And as an appetizer - cakes, and other sweets. Leo men are real sweethearts. Even a hint of diet and healthy eating is perceived by Leo as an insult, at least until he himself decides to play a healthy lifestyle. And until this daylight hours, do not limit it to fatty and protein foods. Moreover, the Lions are arranged in an amazing way - their body itself knows what is good for them at one time or another. So, if you want to conquer the Leo man, urgently master all 348 recipes for cooking meat, pastries, and complex desserts. In a relationship with a Leo man, like with no other, the statement is true that the way to a man's heart lies through the stomach.

Being close to a Leo man is difficult, but everything pays off by the fact that he gives a holiday, tries to make every day of existence bright and memorable, and although he, first of all, takes care of himself, his beloved, those who surround him get sunlight, for which Leo is very generous.

Signs a leo man loves you

A Leo man in love will enchant his lady of the heart with flowers and gifts. It should be noted that Lions are very amorous and emotional. They are romantic and capable of deep feelings.

When a leo man loves you it is simple, predictable, but inevitable, like a bulldozer moving without control. If he has managed to accept his feelings, he will not remain in the shadows for long and will immediately move on to action.

The behavior of men of this sign is always the same, so to understand that a Leo man is in love, in general, is not difficult. Their actions always obey the following algorithm and signs leo man loves you:

  • draw attention to yourself;

  • save your princess;

  • give a lady flower;

  • effectively disappear.

First, the enamored Leo begins to demonstrate himself. He tries to constantly be in the spotlight so that the look of the lady of the heart, willy-nilly, lingers on him longer. If the process of "faking" takes place in a work environment, Leo's attempts to attract attention are sometimes quite funny to watch. Here a sense of humor comes into play, which not all Lions can boast of. By the way, these men are also very fond of showing off their successes, so this behavior is also considered a typical sign of a Leo in love.

The next stage is saving the lady of the heart from the evil dragon. An evil dragon can be a boss, a sudden downpour on the street, a broken printer, or cold tea. 

The next stage is the active manifestation of attention. Everything before that was just a warm-up. Leo begins to give the woman flowers and sweets and dedicate poems and songs to her. Moreover, this is done with majestic royalty, but Lions do not shine with originality. If flowers - then red roses; if sweets - then only sweets in the form of hearts; if poetry - then the words "love," "goddess," "muse," and "queen." Leo accompanies his signs of attention with long stories about his successes, achievements, and missions, expecting admiration and compliments in return.

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