List of the Best Romantic Games for Couples


Romantic games for couples mean not only those that can be played in bed and only for “experienced” couples. There are games specially designed for those who, at the moment, is at the very beginning of a romantic relationship and are taking their first steps. There are games for those who may not be at the very beginning of a relationship but are extremely shy to take the next step. There are a wide variety of games a couple can play, about which many articles and blog posts have been written, revealing both the psychology of relationships between a variety of couples and offering a huge number of options where and how you can play these very listed games. In addition to your apartment, all these articles offer a change of scenery, forget about everyday life and other fuss, and go to some mini-hotel for lovers, where you can have a great time with each other, play funny romance games and, at the same time, absolutely not to worry about neighbors who may complain about noise after the set time, or about anything else.

The choice of location for romantic games depends on you and your capabilities. When it comes to choosing cute games for couples, the list below will help you find the right game for you and your partner.

List of the Best Romantic Games for Couples

Romantic games for loving couples

  • Word game. If you are thinking about how a word game can be romantic, we explain: in this game, you need to name words that have an erotic meaning or, conversely, have the most ordinary meaning. The game is quite simple and, at the same time, very exciting due to the fact that most words with an absolutely ordinary meaning can acquire erotic overtones. Everything depends on you. Throw a ball, name words, and build vocabulary that only the two of you can understand.

  • 50 first kisses. This romantic game for two is designed for those who are at the very beginning of a relationship, however, are already ready to take the next step. The essence of the game is to kiss your partner 50 times with your eyes closed. If you are a shy person, however, ready to develop relationships and want to show it, the game is suitable especially for you. Blindfolds are an excellent excuse to kiss a partner not only on the cheek but also a terrific excuse if the partner is not ready for such a development of events.

  • Romantic gourmet game. Love game for couples is designed for those who love to eat! The bottom line is to eat some food (it can be a steak, a banana, a tomato, or something else) without the help of hands passing it to a partner and trying not to drop a single crumb. The game allows you to combine pleasantly with even more pleasant: to have a bite and kiss your loved one.

  • A codeword. Such a game will appeal to partners at different stages of a relationship: from the very beginning to those who have been in a romantic relationship for quite some time. Playing the game "Code word" is easy and fun: before a date, the partners think of a certain code word. If, on a date, the partner says the word you have guessed, then you reward him with a kiss. Lovers like this game because it is universal: those couples who have a long relationship experience behind them do not break away from each other because they know their partner well; those couples who are just starting their relationship get to know and learn to feel each other.

Romantic games are not a competition, not a way to show yourself and your abilities and virtues. These games are aimed at developing strong, conscious, and healthy relationships and your ability to listen, feel, and understand your partner. And do not forget that these games are designed to have an exciting pastime.

Games ideas for couples

  • Question games. The most common games that you can play by correspondence with a guy are games that include a lot of questions.

  • The game "Can or can't?" consists of the fact that one player asks a question in which one of these words occurs. The other player must respond in kind. Questions can be very diverse: both serious and comic.

  • Game "Trick Questions": the first player asks a question, inserting a word that does not fit the meaning. The second player must answer with a full sentence using this false word.

  • The game "Was it yesterday?". The essence of the game is that one player asks: “Did you go to football yesterday, for example? The task of the second player is to answer honestly.

  • Poetic games. If a guy needs to impress a girl, he can read poetry to her. And in order to play funny love games by correspondence with a girl, there are such games:

  • “Finish the quatrain.” One player writes three lines of a famous poem, and the other must remember and complete the fourth. If the player finds it difficult to answer, then he comes up with the last line himself. You can complicate the task by writing your own personal verse.

  • A similar game is "Compose a poem." One of the players is offered two pairs of rhyming words. From them, he must compose a poem.

  • Another interesting game is Encryption. One player needs to write three large letters and send them to another, whose task is to come up with a decoding of these letters.

  • Funny games for lovers with words. You can also play correspondence games with words.

  • The game "From long to short" consists of one player writing one big word and taking turns with a friend to make words out of it. The one who can no longer think of a single word loses.

  • The game "Guess the word." In this game, one person writes the word, rearranging the letters in places, and the other must name the word correctly.

All correspondence games are logic games that train memory well, develop imagination, and accompany a good mood.

What games can you play at home, in an apartment together

What can you play on paper together?

Games and entertainment "on paper" are familiar to a person from school desks. They are distinguished by their simplicity and the fact that they are able to capture interest from the first minute. For such games, you only need a sheet of paper (depending on each: in a cage, line, or blank), as well as a pen or pencil. Home games for couples:

  • Tic-tac-toe is a classic game in which you need to draw a 9-cell grid. Decide with your partner who and what you will draw (tic-tac-toe). Start the game; each move is one sign. The winner is the one who managed to draw three identical signs horizontally, diagonally, or vertically.

  • Sticks - For this game, you will need a checkered sheet. On it, you need to draw a geometric rhombus. The task of each player is to draw sticks inside the rhombus that would occupy one side of the cell. If someone manages to find a non-closed cell (that is, sticks on three sides), he immediately draws the fourth, and inside his sign - a cross or a zero. The one who draws the most symbols on the playing field wins.

  • The hand. You will need a piece of paper in a box (you can also use it in a line). Circle your hand; inside its outline, you should paint the numbers from 1 to 100 in different places (tangled). Your partner does the same on his sheet. Then you exchange sheets. The task is to take turns finding a number from 1 to 100 and circle it after finding it. While you are looking for him, your partner draws zeros around the outline of the hand. The one who draws a full sheet of zeros in the "free territory" will win.

  • Words - a long word is written on a piece of paper. The task of each player is to come up with as many small words as possible from a long word. The one with the highest number wins.

  • Word Crossword - In the middle of the sheet, write a long word. Your task is to add small or other words that would consist of several letters of the original. The winner is the one who makes the maximum number of words (1 word - 1 point) and long words (more than one letter - 2 points).

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