Top Tips On How To Take A Relationship Slow


How to go slow in a relationship? At the present time, many young people are forced to get closer to a partner before they are ready for it. If you do not want to rush into a relationship, then there is no need to worry - this is normal. Set reasonable boundaries and clearly communicate your desires to your partner in order to control the speed of the relationship. Move to the next level only after you are ready; this is called taking a relationship slow.

How To Take A Relationship Slow

Build Relationships Gradually

  • Look for a partner with the same views. Choosing a partner is the most important factor in most relationships. If you want to take it slow in a relationship, then the importance of choice doubles. You need a person who will respect your desire to limit intimacy with him. It should not only focus on the physical aspects of the relationship. Such a partner will be interested not so much in your body as in your thoughts. Such people can be found anywhere. However, success is almost guaranteed if you look in the most likely places. For example, many religions teach that sex before marriage is frowned upon, so try looking for potential partners in youth religious groups.

  • Don't define relationship success by how far you can go. What you do with your partner, especially in terms of physical caresses and sex, is not an indication of the quality of the relationship. How to slow down in a relationship? At this stage, your feelings for your partner are much more important. If you both enjoy each other's company, are in love, and are open and caring about each other, then the relationship is moving in the right direction. It should be understood that not everyone will agree with such a statement. Different people have different priorities. Differences of opinion are normal. If you are happy in a relationship, you don't need to let others force you to do unpleasant things. On the other hand, you should not immediately consider such people limited just because their desires are different from yours. Remember to be polite.

  • Set physical boundaries right away. How to start a relationship slowly? Be clear and direct about what you are comfortable with and what you do not agree with. This is an important step. You should not surprise your partner with the presence of unknown boundaries at the moment of passion, so discuss this aspect in advance. Do not be afraid to refuse a partner if he tries to violate the boundaries. If your partner does not want to respond to repeated warnings, then you should seriously talk about the need to respect the boundaries.

  • Remember the end goal. How slow is too slow in a relationship? It is essential to have an idea of where the relationship should go, even if you are just at the very beginning of the journey. Make an effort to gradually move towards the goal; every week, take a small step towards your plan. If you do not see the ultimate goal, then it will be more difficult for you to explain to your partner the meaning of the desire not to rush. If you are a teenager or a little younger, then the ultimate goal may be to spend as much time as possible together and enjoy each other.

  • If you are older, then it is reasonable to decide whether you plan to get married, live together, or have children. This will make it easier for you to find the right partner (and turn down the wrong people). It should also be noted that most adults who are not in a hurry with intimacy are interested in marriage or a permanent relationship.

  • Don't miss out on good dates. Just because you don't want to rush doesn't mean you can't have a good time. Meet a partner, explore the world around you, and please each other with pleasant little things. In other words, going on dates and slowing down a relationship. There is no right or wrong approach. Everything that pleases and suits both partners is allowed. There are many shared activities besides physical intimacy. 

Behave right

  • Always speak before moving on to the next level so that going slow in a relationship. Communication is vital to any relationship, especially when things are slow going. You and your partner need to openly and respectfully discuss the boundaries of the relationship. In other words, it is important to learn how to talk calmly about everything that suits you or does not suit you. In case of disagreement on a key issue, mutual arguments and concerns should be heard.

  • Try to look for opportunities to compromise. At the same time, stand your ground if the compromise requires something unacceptable from you.

  • Don't treat your partner like property. How to take a relationship slow? The slow development of relationships may seem old-fashioned, but this is no excuse for outdated ideas about the ability to control a partner and his behavior. If you trust your partner in matters of the speed of development of relations, then why not trust him in situations when he is not with you? Do not try to limit your partner's communication with friends, relatives, or other important people. Give him freedom of choice and the opportunity to be alone. Remember that respect must be mutual.

  • Don't get hung up on the speed of the relationship. Relationships should bring a sense of joy (most of the time). If you are often tense with thoughts about whether it is time to move to the next level, then just relax. Such changes happen naturally after you are ready and talk to your partner. 

  • Do not let this partner. If he's frustrated with how slowly the relationship is progressing, then you need to have a serious talk. It is better to openly discuss the problem than to pretend that it does not exist.

  • Flirt. If you are not in a hurry, then this does not mean that the relationship should be boring. Learn to flirt and put your knowledge into practice. Make an effort to make your relationship a source of unquenchable passion, even without physical intimacy.


  • Do not believe the words that slowness undermines relationships before they even begin. Believe it or not, the anticipation of intimacy or life together greatly increases the chances of a long-term relationship.

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Mistakes of women in relationships with a man

  • Self-respect is the key to raising your worth. How to take it slow in a relationship? If you respect yourself and have your feminine pride, then the man will respect you. And respect and love for men are interconnected, as has already been written above. Pride and self-respect are necessary elements for a man to love you. Self-respect goes along with self-confidence, without which it is almost impossible to build normal, healthy relationships.

  • Obsession kills his interest. This is one of the most common mistakes in relationships with men. If a man needs you, then he himself will show constant signs of attention to you. But if you do it much more often than he does, he will lose interest in you pretty quickly. How to take things slow in a relationship? By your obsession, you make it clear that you need him more than you need him. You cannot live without him, but he can call you once a week for some reason.

  • Excessive activity and initiative can go along with obsession. Now women have become emancipated and are often active in relations with men, which, in principle, is not bad. It’s bad when the activity becomes excessive, and a woman simply changes roles with a man and begins to conquer and achieve him. Give the man the opportunity to take the initiative and act at his own pace, do not rush things, and do not try to do everything for him.

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