10 Tips For Dating a Local Woman Abroad


Going out with locals when you are traveling can be a very positive experience - and a very heart-breaking one. Here are 10 tips that will help you make the best of your relationship with a local woman abroad, no matter how long it lasts.

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1. Make sure you are both on the same page.

Establish clear expectations from the start. If you’re just looking for a fling, let the other person know your relationship has an expiration date. However, if you are ready to work on a long-distance relationship in the future, make sure she realizes you’re serious about it.

2. Have a distinct social circle.

When you’re abroad, it’s incredibly easy to fall for a new friend, but try to avoid making this mistake. You and your love interest need to have separate friend groups, so that in case your relationship doesn’t work out, you won’t have to face the tough choice between new friends and a former girlfriend.

3. Don’t stop learning her language.

Even if the local woman you’re dating speaks perfect English, continue learning her native language. It will signal your interest in her culture and help you two feel closer.

4. Don’t exoticise your relationship.

Don’t comment on her “strange” accent, unusual appearance, or the “weird” food she enjoys. The more emphasis you lay on your cultural and linguistic differences, the more distance there will be between you.

5. Remember that she may be exoticizing you too.

Don’t eliminate the possibility that the local woman you like has found you interesting just because of your nationality or exotic looks as well.

6. Don’t use her as a free guide or a language partner.

Don’t go out with a local just because you want to have some language practice or explore the city for free, it just isn’t nice.

7. Don’t criticize her country.

Your new girlfriend is very likely to get insulted if you, a foreigner, get too opinionated about her country and culture. You don’t have the life-long experience living where she does, so don’t criticize.

8. Stay out of a circumstantial relationship.

Very often your relationship with a local woman abroad can be a product unique to the location and the limited number of people to get involved with. However, be aware of the fact that it might not translate that well into your life outside that location.Dating Abroad

9. Don’t continue your relationship after you leave if you’re not serious about it.

Be realistic about turning your romance into a long-term commitment. If you and your girlfriend are not sure whether you can put in the hard work into keeping up a long-distance relationship, then perhaps it makes more sense to break it off before you leave.

10. Be realistic about keeping it up.

If you feel like the connection between you and your significant other is more than just a fling, discuss going long-term and the possibility of one of you moving to the other person’s home country. No matter how much you think you love each other, the challenges that come with moving to another country will put your relationship to test, so make sure you are ready to tackle them and are dead sure your it’s worth it.

First Date Rules If You Are Abroad

If you like a foreign girl, you invite her on a date. But how can you make it perfect if you are not in your country?

Don’t show your feelings in public

It’s hard to believe, but nowadays there are countries where people are not recommended to publicly show tender feelings for each other. For example, in Japan or South Korea, such behavior will be regarded as rudeness and ignorance. This rule also applies to some Arab countries. For example, in Saudi Arabia, you can even be arrested if you start kissing in front of other people.

Take your time with the first kiss

Your date was just perfect, but when can you kiss her? Well, in some European countries, in particular in Poland or Germany, your first date is likely to end with a simple hug since kissing is a rather serious step in a relationship for the people of these countries.

Choose a place for a date carefully

We often go to eat somewhere when we have a first date, but of course, eating at McDonald’s will only be the norm if you’re still in your teens. You should choose a really good restaurant where you will have a multi-course dinner together. But, for example, in Sweden, it is customary to invite a person you like to some quiet cafe. And an invitation to a luxurious restaurant will be inappropriate. So, you need to check the information about it.

Google in advance if you can split the bill

Ending a date is a very nervous moment. For example, we all know that a man should pay the bill, but in the modern world, such behavior can seriously offend a woman. She may take this as a hint that she is unable to take care of herself. For example, in Russia or Ukraine, the offer to split the bill will be perceived as a terribly disrespectful act. Therefore, in order not to get stuck in an unpleasant situation, before a date with a woman, look on the Internet for information about the traditions of the country where you are.

Choose a gift

Gifts are a great way to show your affection for someone. But be careful with it. For example, Spanish women hate such signs of attention as gifts, sweets, flowers, and other small amenities. So, most likely, they will not accept it. And in many Western countries, it is customary to immediately open a present in front of a man, otherwise, you may be considered rude. But in some Asian countries, such as China or India, it is customary to thank for a gift even before its opening, which is postponed until later. This is done on purpose so that a man doesn’t see the facial expression of a woman if she doesn’t like it.

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Oh, a girl must be truly amazing to make me have a crush on her just right away. Once I had a nice experience with dating a local woman abroad, but it was rather a one-night stand.
16.07.2020 14:28
The 3rd and 4th tips are not completely true. As a native Russian I can say that you will not be able to say Russian words properly and you will just make a fool out of yourself. As for commenting on her cultural peculiarities, it can even do you good because Russian women want to feel the difference between you and her
27.10.2020 15:28
don’t criticize her country LOL) who would complain to a girl about her country? how dumb you must be to deliberately destroy all your chances get a gorgeous girlfriend? if i ended up on a date with a hottie in a foreign country i wouldnt shut up about how great this country is. I’d do anything to earn a few points
27.10.2020 15:28

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