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Loyalty is a cornerstone of every healthy relationship. Everyone strives for a perfectly devoted partner. But is it easier to say than do to stay loyal to your partner? What is loyalty in relationships? What are the main signs of disloyalty in relationships?

It is important to understand that loyalty is the epitome of a trusting and respectful attitude towards the partner. We stay loyal to the people we love the most. But unfortunately, we all make mistakes. Should you forgive and forget the partner’s disloyalty or leave them immediately?

what is loyalty in relationship

Does loyalty mean fidelity only?

The definition of loyalty in a relationship is blurred. People often confuse loyalty with fidelity, i.e. preserving loyalty in a marital relationship where both partners don’t date or sleep outside the marriage. But you can be loyal in dozens of ways.

Loyalty includes emotional fidelity, sharing your responsibilities, keeping each other’s secrets, making your partner a number one priority regardless of the situation. You can be as loyal as friends, sexual partners, family, soulmates, and many other ways.

So, what is loyalty in a relationship?

Readiness to help

If you need to define loyalty in a relationship, just remember how you treat your best friends. When they need serious help, you would devote all the time necessary to do the job no one would do. You join in where everyone else would run away. That’s how a loyal relationship works as well. Whenever your partner needs something, as a loyal lover, you have to be the first one to offer help.

Prioritizing your partner

If your friends, colleagues, or family throw a party, but you already promised to go out with your partner, would you cancel an important date or go with a company without thinking?

Being able to think about your partner’s needs over other people in the hierarchy also defines loyalty. We always choose someone who is dearest.

Staying honest and trustful with your partner

Honesty and loyalty in a relationship go hand by hand. You wouldn’t lie to someone who’s the dearest, someone you are endlessly devoted to. That goes for cheating, gossiping, and other things that make a partner dishonest. If we are loyal to someone, we don’t have a tendency to disappoint them. Trust and loyalty in a relationship are things everyone should learn before searching for the hottest girls.

Lack of loyalty in relationships signs

The importance of feeling loyalty in a relationship is understandable. But how to recognize when your partner doesn’t have it? Do you dig up in their dirty laundry or are there any ways to find out partner’s disloyalty?define loyalty in a relationship

1. They flirt with others

It is a telltale sign that your partner doesn’t take your relationships too seriously. Unless you are in an open relationship and didn’t define this behavior as a norm, it is not very nice to sweet-talk and entertain other people. Moreover, it should be alarming. You don’t even need to catch your significant other searching places where to meet women. It is enough to see them flirting with your friends at a party in front of your eyes. Yes, people can do because of many reasons, starting with a nice guy/girl syndrome and wanting to be polite with strangers. But when you see the partner openly flirting with others, they disregard your feelings, choosing to be the star of the show. Maybe they are just testing borders to hurt you worse in the future.

2. They diminish the status of your relationship

Making your relationship not important, not wanting to celebrate milestones, forgetting about dates, and not planning future together makes a partner disloyal to your feelings. Especially if you do all of the above, it is the unequal effort put into a couple, which makes only one of you devoted to a relationship.

3. They would prefer someone over you any day

If their friends call your partner to go out, they would easily go even if you had plans. They might even invent miraculous excuses, but would never be accountable for their actions. It’s easy for someone to distract your partner when they are already disloyal.

4. They cheated in a previous relationship but didn’t make it a big deal

If your partner had a tendency to be infidel in previous relationships, you should count it as a red flag and be cautious. You have to be judgemental when they promise this time to be different. Loyal partners rarely come up with an idea to reject their principles for the sake of one fun night.

5. They disrespect you

Although it is a mild sign of lack of loyalty in relationships, you shouldn’t be less alarmed. A disloyal partner would insult you in a heartbeat because they don’t feel the need to stay true to your feelings. If your partner doesn’t see you as an individual, devalue you, diminish your needs and talents, they probably don’t make the most devoted person ever.

How to build trust and loyalty in a relationship?

Why is loyalty important in a relationship? Because without it, there is no relationship. It makes no sense to commit and stay in a monogamous relationship to give off or receive disloyal vibes. Make sure you do the following things to keep the relationship healthy:

1. Become friends

Surprisingly, many couples skip this step. They become sexual partners, parental figures, each other’s therapists, but always forget to become friends. And who do we often associate with loyal beings? Friends, of course. And what do friends do? They share everything with each other, maintain healthy borders, help each other out in any case. Moreover, you respect your friends and don’t keep secrets from them. So to stay loyal, you have to unlock that soulmate side of your couple.

2. Speak more

If you don’t have a daily habit to sit down and share your news, it is high time that you do it. It is easier to say than do because some things are hard to share with your partner. You might want to stay silent because of fears, jealousy, and other things. But if you want to gain loyalty and trust in a relationship, and open communication should be always present between you.

3. Don’t check each other’s phones

It might sound counterproductive, but checking your partner’s device makes them even more disloyal. Until you choose to fully trust your partner, you cannot expect loyalty. The more you play the role of a prosecutor, the more your significant other wants to oppose and rebel. But once you start giving them benefit of the doubt and trust unconditionally, they will feel you can rely on your partner. They will have no other choice but to maintain this status.

4. Always keep your word

It’s hard to say that unreliable people are loyal. Their behavior fluctuates like the wind. You cant make plans with them, count on them, or ask for anything. Unreliable partners disappear, ghost you and disregard your plans, therefore being not loyal to you. If you want to be a devoted partner, always stick to your word. Once you’ve decided to meet or planned a date, try not to cancel on it without a very serious reason. If you offered help, never take your words back and go out of your way to be helpful. Otherwise, it will be difficult to count on you as a loyal partner.

5. Think highly of a relationshiployalty in relationships

Imagine that your couple is a football team. You don’t talk crap about your favorite team just because they had a bad game, right? The same goes for a relationship where you work as a unit. Would you talk trash about it if mild things are going south? Or do you do everything to keep arguments inside your couple? If you want to stay loyal and bring devotion, always sort problems out before discussing them with third parties. That way, you will show respect to your partner. And respect means loyalty.

6. Adress all the infidelity cases in your relationship

This might be painful, but if you had accidents of cheating, it’s time to sit down and talk about them. Establish borders. What was the reason that pushed them or you to infidelity? Did you have any problems you didn’t want to address? Open up and express your anger, disdain, resentment, and apologize if you feel the need.

7. Define loyalty

Most people won’t have the same answer for a “what does loyalty mean in a relationship?” question since they perceive this notion differently. So if you see loyalty as everyday help and your partner sees loyalty as fidelity, you need to define this concept at the beginning of your relationship.

8. Be consistent

Playing hard to get and then fixing it with passion may seem like a fun rollercoaster, but it definitely doesn’t make you a loyal partner after that. Every relationshio needs commitment. And if you are not ready to commit yet, don’t promise something you can’t fulfill.

Loyalty is a multifaceted and complex notion, but it all comes down to being a good person and respecting your partner. If you properly communicate your emotions and needs, then loyalty is just a matter of time.

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