Understanding Cultural Differences in Dating and Relationships


How to date someone from another country? Intercultural communication is no longer something special in today's world. All people are different and have their own beliefs, cultural characteristics, and religious differences. But this does not mean at all the fact that there can be nothing in common between partners or they will not be able to communicate, make friends or create families. On the contrary, the issue of intercultural marriage is one of the fascinating topics for research by planetary psychologists today.

Understanding Cultural Differences in Dating and Relationships

Date someone from another country

There are a number of non-standard aspects that are just beginning to be discovered by scientists in matters of intercultural interaction.

But how can an ordinary person establish communication with a representative, sometimes of a completely different world, who simply does not know any psychological subtleties?

In fact, much less often, multicultural interaction occurs spontaneously. It could be a meeting at some event or party. But most often, the meeting takes place by visiting another country or a virtual chat, a dating site.

What is worth remembering about dating someone from a different culture?

First, you should not get lost since this is the same person, only differing in some subtleties in behavior.

As a rule, conflict situations rarely arise at first contact, so the first task is to collect as much general information as possible.

After completing the first contact, it is best to look for information about religion, rules, culture, and other features to help determine the communication scope.

For example, the psychologist Hofstede determined that every culture can be measured in several ways:

  • relation to time, 

  • delimitation of one's own space, 

  • what type of culture it belongs to, etc.

The emotional aspect of culture should also be taken into account since, for example, Western Europe prefers a more restrained tone of communication. At the same time, southerners like to talk loudly and make tactile contact.

The religious factor deserves special consideration in cultural dating. It is not recommended to start discussions on such topics since, according to many psychologists, this is one “holy of the saints,” and it would be completely inappropriate to give your own arguments on this matter. A person may regard this as disrespect or rejection.

Success in cross-cultural dating

For successful intercultural contact, training the ability to listen and not show harsh emotions is worth training. Each culture has its meanings and considerations, so it is better to refrain from such actions.

In addition, it is worth paying more attention to the symbolism. In one culture, a sign or symbol may mean an insult, while in another, in principle, there is no consideration in this regard.

Features of dating around the world

Who would have thought that places, topics, and dating scenarios could be different from each other? Read about the peculiarities inherent in the first romantic meeting in different countries.

As it turned out, people abroad have a completely different idea of ​​romantic meetings, about topics and places where they can be held.

As you know, England is a very stiff country where traditions are strictly honored. Therefore, compliance with the rules of the first date is mandatory here. The first meeting is scheduled exclusively in the middle of the week. Friday evening in England is usually spent with friends, so if you find yourself in Foggy Albion and you are invited on a date on Friday, you should know that your chosen one most likely has no friends.

The standard place for romantic meetings is a pub. Only on the first date does the guy pay the bill for the girl. During subsequent meetings, you will be required to split the amount in half. The question of sex on the first date is not even discussed; stiff Englishmen wait for time and get to know their partner better.

Relationship cultural differences

  • Australia. Elsewhere, in Australia, it is customary for a man to invite a woman on a date. But local residents are not accustomed to generously endowing their chosen ones during the first meeting. That is, you will not hear compliments about your beauty, you will not be taken to the most expensive restaurant, and Australians rarely give gifts. But women are already accustomed to this turn of events and often take it for granted.

  • Germany. In this country, dating in different cultures, girls are the first to take the initiative and invite guys on a date. As you know, Germany stands for gender equality, so men do not experience any prejudice because of this. The girl herself decides where she wants to spend time with her chosen one and whether the date will end with sex. The most popular places where couples go most often are restaurants or pubs. If a guy really likes a girl, then he is obliged to invite her to the cinema. Thus, a sign of the seriousness of his intentions is given.

  • Spain. Spanish girls differ from the rest in their irascibility and temperament. Therefore, they can not stand when they are given flowers, at least minimally care for them and try to pay for dinner. Men here do not make strategic plans; nothing will come of it anyway. In Spain, there are non-verbal signs that you need to be able to interpret. If a guy invites you to lunch, he likes you; if for dinner, he has very serious intentions, and if you skip a couple of cocktails, he wants to be intimate with you.

  • New Zealand. Here, quality sex is considered an invitation to a date. New Zealand girls are leaders in the number of promiscuity. Every second girl under 30 already had about 20 sexual partners. 

  • China. Dating outside your culture can be a good experience. Chinese men are very gallant and ready to invest in their chosen one an unlimited amount of money, time, and attention. Usually, they don’t come alone on the first date, but with a friend, they will definitely pay for their chosen one and ask where to spend the second date. Sex on the first date is extremely rare because Chinese men are convinced that before taking such a serious step, you need to take a good look at the girl.

  • France. The scenarios of their first dates confirm the dating cultures of France. Often, a man invites his chosen one not for dinner but for lunch or an early breakfast, which by itself is already unusual and exciting. If a man pays the bill for two, this is a direct signal that the girl is not indifferent to him. 

  • The USA. In the States, freedom has made its way into every area of American life. Thus, sex on the first date is a common thing for them. Of course, first, you need to go to the cinema or a cafe, but no one plans to delay intimacy. It is also customary here to go on dates in large companies, no matter how paradoxical it may sound. Americans are used to being open and free. In this country, men do not escort their ladies home; the maximum that they agree to is to give money for a taxi.

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