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The opinion that golf is an exclusively male game is hopelessly outdated. Now it’s fashionable to improve the quality of your life, try yourself in new sports, look for new activities from which you are recovering energetically, combine hobbies, the ability to chat with friends and meet “quality” acquaintances which are useful for lonely women seeking men.

Many people think that only elderly pensioners play golf because they are not capable of anything else. They walk with difficulty, move around the field on electric cars and do nothing but drink whiskey and smoke cigars. Is it so? Of course not! Let's learn more about this fashion trend - the passion for golf. And do not think we will deprive you of the pleasure to look at the hot photos women professional golfer - those who share this passion themselves.

hot women golfers

Why Does Golf Attract Women?

If you have ever wondered why there are so many sexy golf girls, just read some motivating facts to start playing golf. Of course, they will explain to you why so many people, especially women golfers, enjoy this kind of sport.

A round of golf lasts 4-5 hours. Approximately as much time is required for a player to complete 18 holes. Usually played in groups of 2-4 people. Now imagine that you were in the same company with a person from the Forbes list for 4-5 hours. Is this possible in Tinder or even in the most pathos expensive restaurant?

Most golfers are successful businessmen and politicians. The most striking example in the world is US President Donald Trump, who not only plays well himself but also owns 11 golf courses. Even countries like Russia are no exception in this sense. Although Vladimir Putin prefers hockey, a very large number of politicians and businessmen are seriously interested in golf. Among hot golfers are, for example, Sergey Naryshkin, Alexander Zhukov, Rustam Minnikhanov, Viktor Khristenko, and Tatyana Golikova, Nursultan Nazarbayev, Roman Abramovich, Evgeni Plushenko, and Yana Rudkovskaya, Sergey Fedorov, Svetlana Zhurova, Evgeny Kafelnikov and many others.women golfers

From a technical point of view, golf is not a bowling alley. You will need about 2-3 months to learn how to play at a decent level. But this complexity also has a downside - golf as a sport attracts those people who are willing to make long efforts to achieve results. Before you take a break from the relationship or break up with your partner, now think about whether you would like to see such qualities in your potential partner (both in personal life and in business).

If you play golf, you immediately stand out from the crowd even on Instagram. From the crowd of lovers of food, movies, parties and kittens. Unlike ordinary Instagrammers, who can compete only in appearance, you immediately fall into the category of non-banal girls.

Golf is the only sport in which official etiquette is still preserved. You will not meet people on the field who are poorly dressed or behave indecently, as they may be disqualified and even expelled from the club.

It is truly a pleasure to spend 4-5 hours in nature. Golf requires not only the natural beauty of the fields but is also maintained with real thoroughness, as the field is trimmed daily(!). Because each blade of grass must be of a certain size and must be combined in color with the others. And if you were bored with pain every weekend, go to the cottage to fry barbecue with the regularity of an alarm clock, then a day at the golf course is a great replacement. After all, you can take children with you to the field, husband or friends who do not play golf. They will keep you company or advise on strategy.

Hopefully, now you understand why there are so many professional women golfers. They choose this kind of sport because women can be on equal terms with men in the golf field. It is a truly elegant and smart sport, where grace is accompanied by complex strategies and etiquette.

A Brief History of Women in Golf

During the II Olympic Games, which were held in Paris back in 1900 and were timed to coincide with the World Exhibition, women were first allowed to participate in competitions, but only in 5 sports: tennis, croquet, horse riding, sailing, and golf. And the first "gold medal" that a woman received at the Olympics was precisely for winning the golf tournament. The winner's name was Margaret Abbott, and the “gold medal” was more like a porcelain cup. Usual medals will appear a little later. So will the typical girl’s golf outfit and professional female golfers in general.

Do you know that the most intelligent, beautiful and talented women in the world were fond of golf? Scottish Queen Mary Stuart loved to golf and contributed in every way to its development: she sounded the St. Andrews gold club and coined the term "caddy." French Singer Celine Dion not only plays golf but also owns the Le Mirage golf club in Terrebonne near Montreal. British Catherine Zeta-Jones also spends her free time on the golf course. She believes that this is not only a sport but also an excellent workout for the legs. Maybe this life-hack explains why among hot golfers women occupy such a considerable place.

Top 20 Hottest Female Golfers You Need to See Right Now

These women will make you give up all misconceptions and doubts concerning the place of a girl in professional sports. They are great athletes, smart strategists, and beautiful human beings, after all! We have prepared the list of 20 hot women-golfers pictures and stories.

Anna Rawson

She is an Australian-born 29-year-old hot girl golfing who stands out not only for her skills but also for her magnificent body. Vogue Magazine proclaimed her the most gorgeous and extravagant golfer. The prestigious Golf for Woman magazine has proclaimed Anna The Iconoclast. In 1999, she won her first amateur championship - the Victoria Junior Championship, and then Jack Newton International Junior Classic in the same year. She became a member of the Australian National Golf Team. Rawson became a golf professional in 2004.

hot golfers women

Maria Verchenova

She is the first professional Russian sexy golfer who is a full member of the Ladies European Tour. An attractive Muscovite combines good strategy with cutest golf outfits. This applause in her direction is well deserved. She was the only representative of Russia at the Olympic golf tournament last year. In Rio, Maria took 16th place, but on the final day of the competition, Verchenova managed to make a hole in one - that is, to get into the hole from a distance of 142 meters with one hit.

hot golfers women

Paula Creamer

American professional golfer is the second in the world ranking of top women golf, scoring 9 victories in the LPGA. In 2010, she won first place in the U.S. Women’s Open Golf Championship. Now she is the current champion of America in golf. As a child, Paula was engaged in acrobatic dancing and gymnastics. She started playing golf when she was 10. At age 12, she won her first California championship for children, where she was originally from. She became a professional in 2004 when she won her first LPGA championship.


Michelle Wie

Michelle Wie is one of the American hot women golfers who participated in the selection of the USGA Amateur Championship at the age of ten. In 2010, Time Magazine put her on the list of 100 people who contributed to the development of our World. Before her 16th birthday, she became a professional. She was born in 1989 in Ganalulu in Hawaii. Her parents are immigrants from the Republic of Korea who came to America in 1980. Wie started playing golf at the age of four. Now she has 2 victories in the LPGA. She plays great on Green. She has a great future in professional golf. She said in an interview, “My favorite golfer is Tiger Woods. I think I can defeat him. If I succeed, it will be a thing of my life.”

female golfers

Saden Parks

She grew up in the American college sports system and made her way into the pros only in 2015, becoming only the fifth African American in the history of LPGA. Then she took a series of nude shots for the ESPN magazine's Body Issue project. They showed not only her beautiful athletic body but the homeland surrounding of the sportswoman. She felt honored to carry such a duty because the issue of the magazine was not so much about the sexy shape Saden owns as about her contribution to golf in general.

sexy golfer

Sophie Horn

For the British golfer Sophie Horn, golf seems to be far from the main occupation. It is unlikely that many fans of this game know that the girl won the Norfolk County Championship three times in a row. Even the inhabitants of the county may not know about it. But Sophie, figuratively speaking, wins every day when she goes out.

Bright appearance and provocative photoshoots made her popular in both print and online publications around the world. Horn adorned the covers of various sports magazines, in particular Sports Illustrated, and was also on the covers of Maxim and Loaded glossy, she worked closely with GQ for a couple of years since she was considered a "golf expert" there.

cutest golf outfits

Sine An

She began her career in New Zealand under the name Shina An, but then she took advantage of the fashion for Asian women in world golf and began to position herself as a Korean. She is currently playing in the Japanese golf league. She is an example of why no one should ever be ashamed of their roots because they can serve your ace in the hole and promote you further in the career.

Holly Sonders She is a golfer whose sports education, charm of the "girl next door" and appearance helped her quickly climb into the ranks of sports programs. The former college golfer has already made her mark on the GOLF channel and is one of the latest additions to the FOX Sport golf live stream; she will debut this year on U.S. golf courses.

Veronica Felibert

Veronica is a player in the Premier League LPGA Tour. She played collegiate golf at the University of South Carolina and became a professional in 2012. Her best result on the LPGA Tour was fourth in the Walmart NW Arkansas Championship.

sexy golf girls

Meredith Kirk

Meredith is studying the professional basics of golf at the LPGA in Myrtle Beach; she was chosen as Mrs. South Carolina in 2013. She proves that women of all ages and interests can come into golf to fight for their place under the sun. She combines many skills and talents showing no base for the misconceptions about the participants of the Beauty Contests.

Michelle Piyapattra

After four years of working at Columbia University and winning the playoffs of the Canadian Women's Tour season, Michelle is ready to make a name for herself on the professional golf course. We can just follow the next updates of her career. We are sure that Michelle will surprise us more than once.

girls golf outfit

Kelly Sheehan

You may have noticed her short stay at Golf Channel's Big Break Sandals Resorts in 2010, but a golf veteran, instructor, and professional PGA player plans to leave a mark on golf history. She has made a long way and will be there to continue it in the public eye.

professional women golfers

Christy Yun

This beauty is not only a female golfer but also a well-known fashion designer. She is one of the top ten gorgeous golfers being the creator of golf apparel famous all over the world. This girl has achieved a lot in the golf and fashion industry and owns an honor of place in our list.

Beatrice Recari

She dropped out of Pamplona University for her professional career. She has played many tournaments and has serious victories behind her. Never lacked fans but married her caddy. Beatrice is a Spanish woman who has dedicated her destiny to golf, and she is one of the top ten golfers. She has participated in many championships, of which the European LPGA tours and the European Women's Tournament are worth mentioning. Not only a beautiful and experienced golfer, Beatrice is also a brave woman - when she faced an eating disorder, she was able to defeat it, and now she is the Ambassador of the World’s Organization that helps people fight eating disorders.

professional women golfers,

Sandra Gal

Sandra is a true golfer. Unlike other female golfers, she is not a model or actress but still has made it into our list of the twenty most beautiful women golfers. She started playing when she was only 5 years old, and at 17 Sandra already participated in the German national golf championship. The girl has already students to whom she transfers her golf skills. Sandra also has a degree in advertising.

Valeria Ochoa

Valeria wanted to become a professional golfer when she was only 6 years old. Judging by the news you can find about her on the Internet and the success in the golf sphere, she succeeded. She is so talented that she won the title of the champion of South America twice. Valeria even managed to combine being a mother of three children and still remaining one of America's top ten golfers.

Blair O’Neal

This beauty has been passionate about golf since she was 11 years old. In Arizona, she is one of the most famous women golfers because at the age of 13, she took second place at the Women's Tournament in Western Europe. Her interest in this sport developed thanks to her father, who didn’t dismiss the girl’s desire to play golf but sent her to a children's golf school. And now Blair is a professional golfer and model known throughout the world.

hot girl golfing

Lexi Thompson

Lexi Thompson, born 1995 is a native of Florida and has the title of the youngest golfer ever to play at the US Open, she did it at age 12. Luckily for us, Lexi is no longer 12, and she has grown into a stunning lady.

hot golfers

Cheyenne Woods

Yes, Cheyenne Woods has similarities with her famous half-uncle Tiger. But there is one difference. Cheyenne is insanely attractive. She was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1990. Her grandfather (father of Tiger Woods) was her first trainer and spiritual mentor. Now we understand why she plays so well!

Maria Balikoeva

Muscovite was born in 1987 and became the first Russian woman to take part in the Ladies European Tour. Maria was introduced to golf by her father, who was seriously interested in this sport. The girl was learning quickly and achieved high results. Apart from being popular for becoming the most famous Russian golfer in the world, she also has excellent external data.

women golfers

The unique difference of golf is in the deepest decency of the players, both to each other and to the game itself. Any fraud or offense is excluded here. If anyone allows themselves to cheat, they will simply be expelled from the golf community. And, of course, golf is a game about patience, the ability to squeeze emotions and win psychologically.

Whatever the impression from the outside is, golf is a good physical activity. A good game requires good physical preparation - the average field is about 12 km long. Women who choose it as their hobby or profession do not choose an easy path. This is a road full of judgment and training. But when they succeed, all that we can do is to be amazed at how strong these pretty women are!

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