Why is Personal Space Important in a Relationship?


What is personal space in a relationship? Many are familiar with the joyful expectation of a wedding celebration, when people in love, full of hope and enthusiasm, are looking forward to living together under one roof. From now on, they become companions in all matters, sharing worries and filling their lives with mutual presence. There comes a time when they will fall asleep and wake up together, cook food, meet and entertain guests, celebrate significant anniversaries, go to work together, and plan travel and vacations.

Harmonious cohabitation is valued exclusively but is achieved only with respect for the personal sphere of partners. Each person defines his personal zone independently, including desires, interests, habits, and comfort conditions. Whether someone is a stranger, friend, or family member, it is important to show respect and understanding for their personal space.

Why is Personal Space Important in a Relationship?

Physical space area

When living together, people each have their own area (or areas) of space where they store personal items, books, clothes and other things. Only the person himself must have access to this space so that no one encroaches on it without demand and need. Surely you also have, for example, your own corner in the apartment, where only you like to host, and when someone starts to put things in order there, you don’t like it. There is nothing surprising or bad about this.

In addition, a person may have a favorite place where he always eats, works, or rests. If your other half begins to resent when you touch her things or take your usual place, this does not mean that the person is out of his mind or greedy. You just violated the boundaries of his personal space, and this is not necessary. Having personal space in a relationship will make you feel more comfortable and safer.

Area of pastime and interests

Why is personal space important in a relationship? It happens that one partner does not like what the other is doing, for example, his old hobbies and hobbies. But this is also a personal space, and it can be uncomfortable for a person to refuse it. The desire of one person to control another is always perceived negatively, with hostility.

Ideally, when partners have common interests and friends, this allows you to spend leisure time together and enjoy life. If there is not much in common in this regard, then it is by no means possible to consider "foreign" friends and hobbies as a threat. Any person needs a so-called outlet with which he can relax and get distracted from everything, including connections and family worries.

It is important to note that, going about your business and communicating with friends or girlfriends, a person gains strength and is charged with positive emotions, which he then brings to the house. That is why the such activity of a partner should not only not be stopped but also supported in every possible way.

Rest area

Each person has their own understanding of how to relax. Some like to be alone with themselves and think, others like to watch a movie or ride in a car, and others like to spend time in noisy company or at a disco. And here, you need to adhere to the same ideas as in the previous paragraphs: it is important to strive to understand your partner and not interfere with his favorite form of relaxation (naturally, we are talking about a healthy understanding of relaxation).

Importance of personal space in a relationship

The psyche of people is arranged in such a way that “free space” and space not violated by anyone is a vital necessity. Think for yourself: after all, how nice it is sometimes to be left to yourself and do what you want, not be close to your loved one! And this should not be considered selfishness or an indicator of a lack of feelings.

Sometimes very useful without your partner:

  • take a walk;

  • to meet friends;

  • go to training;

  • engage in creative activities;

  • go shopping;

  • stay at home, etc.

How important is personal space in a relationship?

Even the hottest and most reverent connections are not able to become a substitute for personal space because. It is an inner human need. And if a partner is nearby everywhere and everywhere and controls your every step, there may be severe discomfort, which develops into a desire to "throw off these fetters."

Unfortunately, a huge number of people are under the influence of the stereotype that you need to be together everywhere and always. Often partners experience discomfort from this for a long time but do not say anything to each other, fearing to hurt or offend. However, internal tension is growing, which can result in conflicts and even parting.

The protest against overprotectiveness and omnipresent control is a subconscious reaction because the soul and consciousness require rest, not endless intrusions, even if these intrusions come from good intentions.

Both partners must understand that personal space in a connection is not a luxury but a necessity. The presence of this small piece of freedom often supports the family and strengthens it, warms up feelings, and helps achieve harmony.

If people designate their personal space while not violating someone else's, they can give each other disproportionately more than if they follow each other 24 hours a day.

Personal space in a relationship allows you to:

  • relax and rest;

  • relieve nervous tension;

  • restore energy reserves;

  • feel the need for a partner;

  • fruitfully reflect;

  • see things from a different angle.

For the sake of this alone, it is not worth sacrificing the personal space of another person and your own.

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