How to Date a Ukrainian Woman with Children?


Ukrainian women are that hype among western men that it is only a matter of time till they will completely overshadow Russian women. Just as Russian women, Ukrainian women are into accepting traditional gender roles and being family-oriented. Sometimes, the fact that Ukrainian women are family-oriented may lead that you’d be dating women with children. Considering the fact how beautiful and charming Ukrainian women are, kids are unlikely to distract western men from dating them. Still, in order to avoid mistakes, you need to learn a thing a two about Ukrainian women with kids. Let’s start from 10 facts about Ukrainian women with children, without further ado.

Ukrainian women with kids

10 Facts to Know About Ukrainian Women with Children


Ukrainian women with children are very responsible. It makes no surprise, as a child requires a lot of attention. It is most likely that Ukrainian woman would have to work in order to provide for her kid and for herself. So, when you are dating a Ukrainian girl with children, you are dating the most responsible person you have ever met.


Not that Ukrainian women with kids are exactly workaholics, but that the impression that they can make, as it seems that they are busy all the time. The reason lies in the fact that they need to take care of the kid and of themselves. They have to do the shopping and the housekeeping. And it goes over and over again. Good thing is that Ukrainian ladies with kids really know how to relax and how to make off-time comfortable and enjoyable for everybody.

They are Caring

Ukrainian women with kids are caring. The reason lies in the fact that they spend a lot of their time taking care of their kids. The kid grows up and their caring attitude starts spreading towards other people.

They Respect Alone Time

Ukrainian women with children understand how important alone-time can be. Once again, the reason lies in the kid. Spending most of their time either with kids or doing daily chores, Ukrainian women really long for having some time alone with themselves. As a result, a Ukrainian girl with a kid is most likely to respect your time for yourself, but you need to respect her alone-time too.


Ukrainian girls with kids are not only devoted to their children. Just as with their being caring, their devotion spreads towards other people too. Be around, offer her some help, and she’s most likely to get devoted to you.

Ukrainian women with kids Capable of Changing

Ukrainian women with kids are capable to change in accordance with the conditions they are in. Though, the comfort of their children means a lot for them. No matter what country they are in, no matter where they are going or what happens around, if the kid is okay so are they.

The Know What They Want One of the main advantages of dating a Ukrainian woman with kids is the fact that she really knows what she wants. This fact makes the understanding between her and her man way easier. She is able to explain what she wants whenever you ask her. A lot of men dream about understanding what a girl wants. Dating a Ukrainian girl requires no guessing, as she prefers to give direct answers to direct questions.

Child is a Top Priority

As with every mother, a child is a top priority for a Ukrainian woman. At the same time, Ukrainian women are caring mothers, rather than overprotective creatures obsessed with their kids. This means that if the kid is wrong, the kid is indeed wrong. In all the conflicts with third parties, a Ukrainian mother is most likely to take her child’s side, though she will definitely consider the fact that her kid may be wrong.

Not Demanding

Slavic women are known to be demanding, but Ukrainian women with children are a pleasant exception from this rule. They won’t ask for much. The only thing, which is really important to them is the comfort of those whom they love, including their children.

Love is Not Limited to Kids

Love of Ukrainian women with children is not limited to their kids. Kids are multiplying their sense of love, that’s why Ukrainian single mothers are so eager to start dating and share their love with a man whom they can respect.

Where to find Ukrainian Women with Kids: Online & Offline

So, where to find those suggestive Ukrainian women with kids? Actually, there are two ways to find a Ukrainian woman, the easy way and the hard one.

An Easy Way

The easiest way to find Ukrainian women is online dating services. Just stick with those sites that offer Ukrainian women dating. With the growing popularity of Ukrainian women among western men, you won’t be searching for the dating site that offers Ukrainian girls for too long. There are several rules to follow, though. First, you need to learn something about Ukraine and its culture, as it is the best way to impress a Ukrainian girl while chatting. Secondly, you’d better stick with a reputable online dating service in order to avoid online dating scams. The Internet is full of swindlers and they are always eager to fool you and steal your money.

The Hard Way

The hard way to find a Ukrainian girl requires two things. The first one being the desire to travel to other countries and discovering foreign cultures, while the second thing is having a ticket to Ukraine. Ukraine is full of beautiful architecture and offers its guests delicious cuisine and quite an interesting nightlife. The three cities that you should definitely visit in Ukraine are:


Often referred to as “Ukrainian Vienna”, Chernivtsi is a city with an old European atmosphere. Founded in 1408, it was annexed by the Habsburg Empire in 1775, and became a part of Ukrainian Soviet Republic only in the 1940s. The Austrian period left a lot of beautiful buildings, fortresses, and monasteries, with most of them included on UNESCO heritage list.


The cultural capital of Ukraine, Lviv was founded in the 1240s. Being under different states and regimes, from ancient kingdoms to Polish and Russian Empires, Nazi Germany, and Soviet Union, the city became the birthplace of Polish, Ukrainian, and Russian poets, writers, directors, and singers. With the cultural diversity demonstrated in its theaters, old buildings, churches, Lviv was included on UNESCO list of monuments of world importance.


The capital of Ukraine was founded in 482 A.D., making it one of the oldest cities in Europe, and arguably the cradle of East Slavic civilization. Kyiv has a large number of museums, libraries, theaters, fortresses, and churches that are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Moreover, Kyiv is a magnificent place for shopping and nightlife, with a vast array of shopping malls and nightclubs.

Dating a Ukrainian Woman with Kids: Important Tips & Rules

Regardless of taking an easy or a hard way of finding Ukrainian women with kids, you need to learn certain rules and tips in order to avoid mistakes.

women with childrenDon’t Demand

You’ve learned that Ukrainian women are not that demanding, thus men who date women with kids mustn’t be demanding too. The child can take a lot of time and devotion, which means that demanding her attention may be at least rude. Whatever you do, don’t demand. Moreover, when you love each other demanding is absolutely unnecessary.

Respect Her Alone-Time

As we’ve mentioned above, Ukrainian women with kids understand the necessity of having some alone-time. Respect her right to have some alone-time, as she really cherishes those moments. Besides, it is unlikely she will have enough energy for you and for a kid without spending some time on her own. She’s not a robot, anyway.

Relationships with Her Kids

Dating women with kids is haunted by one problem, what if her kids won’t like you? Often, when a kid doesn’t like you, it can ruin all your relationship altogether. Ukrainian women dating is way easier, as it separates her relationships with men from her relationships with kids. Still, there is one mistake that you should avoid.

When dating women with kids the vast majority of men make one common mistake. They try to force kids into liking them. That’s the worst thing you can do. No need to become enemies with the kids, but there’s also no need to create a forced friendship. Let your relationship with her kids develop naturally.

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I have nothing against single women with kids, but I know that I wouldn’t be able to start such relationships just because I am not ready to love someone’s kids as my own.
16.07.2020 15:11

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