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Laughter is a courtship strategy that really works. If you manage to impress the girl with your excellent sense of humor, then there are more chances that she won’t resist your charm. In addition to smoothing the differences between you, humor will help relieve tension during your first online conversation, keep you from negative thoughts, like “I'm not good enough for her,” and bring you closer to your companion. Feel free to follow these tips if you want to win her heart with a single message.

making her laugh

Why it’s important to make her laugh: an insight

If you ask a woman what kind of a man she wants to see next to her for the rest of her life, she’ll list a lot of qualities he should possess, and there will definitely be a place for a sense of humor among them. Why guys’ ability to joke is so important for ladies? Does it actually mean anything in a romantic relationship?

In fact, it really plays a major role. The thing is that when a man himself doesn’t know how to make a woman laugh and doesn’t understand the jokes, he’s a bore. It’s tough to maintain a healthy relationship with such a guy because it simply becomes boring. Such a man needs a boring companion by his side so they can live in harmony. Here are some more reasons why making her laugh is important.

Laughter and happiness

It's no secret that laughter contributes to the development of a hormone called endorphin or, as it’s also called, the hormone of happiness. Perhaps that's why women are always trying to find a partner who can make them laugh, bringing happiness and positive mood to a relationship in the future.

Mutual trust

Besides, we should mention that jokes actually make girls trust guys more. It may sound a bit weird, like, how can there be something in common between trust and a good joke? The thing is that when the girl laughs, she shuts down all the protective mechanisms in her brain. Once you put a smile on your companion’s face, she’s no longer able to adequately perceive everything that’s going on around her. At this moment she believes every word she hears and doesn’t doubt anything. That’s why men with a great sense of humor make best con artists. The process that’s going on in a woman’s head when she’s laughing is similar to the effect of alcohol that clouds the brain and affecting such senses as vigilance. Good jokes work about the same, bringing complete relaxation.

make a girl laughA sign of good character

Men's sense of humor is not just the ability to win women’s trust. This quality is also an indicator of certain character traits that help men easily handle awkward situations. For men, a sense of humor means freedom from stereotyped thinking. The guy doesn’t need to spit out jokes one after another, but he should feel his companion’s mood and be on the same page with her. Besides, it’s humor that keeps a woman from seeing the negative character traits of her partner. She begins to idolize him. So if you know a couple of ways to make a girl laugh, you can really stand out among your competitors.

Seeing life from a new perspective

We all know that women just can’t stop thinking. They focus on some useless stuff and start thinking it over for hours. Then they switch to something even more useless and start over. And sometimes they wish someone would help them get distracted. And there’s no better way to do it than to find a guy who would crack a couple of jokes. That’s another reason why women love men who know how to joke. So, come up with a few things to make her laugh and let her see life from a new perspective.

Also, a sense of humor is more important than an attractive appearance for a man, and women keep saying it. Seeing a pretty face day after day gets boring, but if the guy is witty, he’ll always find the way to entertain his partner, fill her life with new emotions, and make her happier.

When a lady talks about looking for a man with a sense of humor, it means that she’s looking for a gentleman to build a stable and long-lasting relationship with. With jokes and pranks, a man shows interest in a woman. With her reaction to jokes (a laugh or white-toothed smile), his lady makes it clear that she’s accepting his courtship. Now let’s see how to make her laugh online.

Funny online dating messages for her

When chatting with someone on a dating site, the worst thing you can do is write a generic message. The same goes for impersonal messages. Girls receive them a dozen times a day, and they don’t have enough time to answer to them. Funny first message in online dating is like an expensive suit on a real-life date: it shows you from the best side. Such messages are usually 50-150 character-long tweet-like phrases. First of all, before you proceed, remember what other users write in their first messages: usually, it's all sorts of trivial stuff like “Hi there! How about some chatting,” “I’m looking for a girlfriend. Looks like I just found one,” “Hi, I’m bored. Wanna chat?” “Hey, wouldn’t you mind answering a couple of questions?” etc. Some guys, realizing that this doesn’t work, spice up their messages with silly expressions, like:

  • My life is like a lottery. I never know what I win next.
  • When I walk around my apartment naked, the prices for apartments across the street double!

Some phrases are really original, but as a rule, girls who read such messages rarely feel the desire to check out the profiles of guys who write them. That’s why you should use another approach and write your first message according to one of the following principles:

  • Ask a question that requires an answer.
  • Set the boundaries that she’ll want to cross.
  • Create intrigue.
  • Show your superiority over other competitors.

And now we’ll go through each of the principles separately. Here’s how to write funny online dating messages that will put a smile on her face.

Ask a question that requires an answer

This means that your greeting should be addressed personally to the girl who sees it. Here are some examples of such questions:

  • Do you believe in love... for healthy food?funny text messages
  • What comes to your mind when another moron like me tries to start a dialogue with you? It’s best when questions affect an unresolved problem:
  • Do you know who will buy you a present on Valentine's Day? I do. Want me to say who?
  • Who do you need more: 10 virtual boyfriends or a real one lying on your couch?

Set the boundaries that she’ll want to cross

Here, you ask the girl who will read your message not to do something, meaning that your warning would make her do this. In plain English, you tell your online companion not to read your profile, and this will make the girl want to browse through it. She’ll be wondered why she’s not allowed to do this. Moreover, you can also improvise with different situations in the message. Here are the examples of funny text messages that set boundaries:

  • Don’t you dare look at my profile if you’re older than 30 (those who are older and those who are younger will check your profile out). You can also use any other criteria instead of age, such as weight, eye color, social status, etc.
  • If you don’t trust men anymore, you’re not allowed to read my profile.
  • Don’t read my profile unless you’re sure you’re ready (to meet a real man/for a serious relationship, etc.)

Create intrigue

Here, you simply need to make the girl interested in you. Your greeting message should make the girl start thinking “What’s the deal with this guy,” but in a good way. Here are the examples of funny text messages for her:

  • You know, girls are usually afraid to write me after reading my profile.
  • Before you read my profile, make sure that you’re alone.
  • I already had to delete my profile twice. Girls just keep bothering me with weird questions.

Show your superiority over other competitors

Here, everything’s clear – you need to demonstrate your exclusivity. You're awesome, and all the other guys on this website suck. Here are some funny text messages to send:

  • Do you know the difference between me and the other guys on this site? I'm the real deal, and they’re not.
  • You’re just one click away from a man who can make you happy for the rest of your life. Or at least do your laundry on weekends.
  • Trust me, my profile is the only one worth checking out. I mean it. I registered as a woman and read all other guys’ profiles.

Take these four principles and go ahead! Conquer women's hearts! The more creativity you show, the better the result!

Don’t make these dumb mistakes

  1. Don’t write too long messages. They take a lot of time to write and read, and it becomes hard to keep the conversation going. Brevity is the soul of wit.
  2. Don’t overdo it with compliments. There’s no need in reminding your companion that she’s beautiful, and this is your first time chatting with such a pretty girl.
  3. Watch what you write, avoid mistakes, and never use curse words. This will be a plus. The girl you’re chatting with is not your bro, so keep that slang you use when chatting with your friends to yourself.

The main thing about writing funny, romantic text messages for her is to know when to stop. You don’t want to come across as a clown. If you want your first message to attract the girl’s attention, you need to briefly and concisely describe why you decided to write her. Sometimes it’s better to say that you want to ask her out on a date right from the start, but the strategy of slow approach is usually more effective. Don’t forget to get your profile in order, re-check your grammar, and be ready for fails.

Don’t get hard on the girl, keep a positive attitude, and remember that the purpose of your first message is to make a girl want to meet you. Chatting for a few hours just to kill time doesn’t make sense in this case. And if the girl you’re chatting with is refusing to go on a date with you but is keeping writing to you, then just wait. Give her a couple of days to get to know you better.

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If you are on the same page and have an alike sense of humor, it will not be hard to make a girl laugh and fool around together. Alike sense of humor is a basis of healthy relationships.
16.07.2020 15:31

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