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Veganism is a popular and, at the same time, useful movement. In recent times, more and more women are fond of it. Just imagine the situation: your heart unconditionally chose her – a pretty girl who hates meat. So, what to do if your girlfriend is a vegan?

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What Is a Vegan?

Veganism is a radical form of vegetarianism. In veganism, not only products of meat origin are excluded from the diet but also products obtained through the exploitation of animals. Milk, for example, falls into this category since an exploited cow suffers in the process of its production. And if we are talking about honey, vegans don’t eat it because people “rob” bees. Compared with vegetarianism, such a strict diet can cause a negative impact on health, especially in children. In addition to eating habits, veganism extends to other areas of life. The refusal of the exploitation of animals includes:

  • Clothing made from materials of animal origin: fur coats, leather shoes, natural silk;
  • Medical experiments on animals, as a result of which animals suffer and often die;
  • Various products, in the production of which products of animal origin were used. Completely unexpected things that fall into this category is photographic film, in the manufacturing process of which gelatin is used;
  • Exploitation of animals for entertainment: zoos, circuses, bullfights.

So, as you understand, vegans are people who have a strict list of things, which they will and will not eat and use. Their opinion is formed due to the following reasons:

  • Moral reasons. Vegetarians have the same reason (do no harm to a living creature), but vegans take it much seriously.
  • Health problems. Many people, not sharing the views of vegans, don’t understand that vegans keep a diet to improve their health and, accordingly, the quality of life itself.
  • Religious, environmental, or psychological reasons.

Unlike vegetarianism, for which medical, religious, or economic reasons are common, veganism is most commonly used as a moral and ethical ideology. This movement is closely connected with environmental activities. The conviction that humanity causes irreparable harm to nature and especially to animals by its activity makes vegans not only strictly observe their diet but also aggressively promote it among others, even strangers.

Difference Between Vegan and Vegetarian

so you're dating a veganBoth movements are very close, but vegetarianism is a broader concept, and veganism is one of its areas. Vegetarians are people who voluntarily give up meat and fish. However, honey, eggs, and milk are an integral part of the nutrition of supporters of this system. There are also vegetable vegetarians who don’t add milk to the diet but eat eggs. Lacto-vegetarians eat dairy products without eggs. Some of them don’t refuse fish, seafood, and caviar.

Vegans are “pure” or “absolute” vegetarians. They don’t eat eggs, fish, milk, and cottage cheese. In accordance with their philosophy, animals are not created to serve people. They are born to be free and happy. Also, vegans don’t use gelatin because there are connective tissues and bones of animals among the ingredients, used for its preparation. The difference is that vegans have more strict taboos regarding food than vegetarians. If you find such a girl on some vegan dating website, then, most likely, all the information about her food preferences is written there. By the way, a person who wants to change the world by showing others the correct example of life and nutrition must examine their state of health first. Veganism may be contraindicated for those who have chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

How to Date a Vegan?

So you’re dating a vegan, and you have to know the rules of dating. A small mistake can ruin your relationship. Follow these tips.

1. Don’t argue. Dating a vegan girl, first of all, it is not necessary to engage in an intellectual duel with her, without having thoroughly studied the whole history. Study the crucial moments on the Internet, for example, why people become vegans, why eating plants is not the same thing as eating animals and so on. Finding out where vegans take useful element for health from, you can finally start a conversation and understand your girlfriend.

2. Don’t joke. Keep in mind that vegans categorically don’t like stupid jokes about their lifestyle and any questions about this in general. Therefore, here you have some forbidden topics that should be categorically avoided if you don’t want to spoil a relationship. And never, you hear, never offer her meat either jokingly or seriously!

3. Don’t tell about your girl's preferences to everyone. Dating a vegan, don’t focus the attention of close friends and relatives on these “features” of your loved one. This will only aggravate a relationship. After all, if it is necessary, she will tell them everything later.

4. Respect her choice. Dating a vegan woman, respect her food choices if you truly love her. Don’t fry meat in the same pan, in which she cooks her vegan beets and carrots. It is better to immediately determine whether you accept her as she is or you don’t accept her at all, and it is better to break up. Oh, by the way, you should forget about such topics as hunting and fishing as well.

5. Don’t go to any fast food places. Of course, in many cities, it is difficult to find an exclusively vegan fast food because it simply doesn’t exist, but there are surely dishes, which your girlfriend will appreciate in many other establishments.

Vegan Dating a Meat Eater: Can You Make It Work?

It is hard to believe that food can make a huge difference in a relationship between two people. Trying vegan singles dating, people don’t even realize how important gastronomic compatibility is until they begin to date a person with diametrically opposed eating habits. Meanwhile, if you are a staunch meat eater, and you are going to date a vegan, then be prepared for the following problems, which appear when a vegan dating non vegan.

1. Misunderstanding. To live with a person different from you, you need a great desire to be together and respect for the opinions, values, and interests of your partner. It is very important! The first thing you should do is to establish boundaries – this is an agreement. In this case, you need to agree on the time of cooking, storage of food, and joint holidays. It is important to openly discuss everything that worries each of you and make concessions where possible.

2. Vegans can’t cook meat. If you are a meat eater and want to try vegan dating, but a girl can’t cook meat, then learn to cook yourself. There are dozens of different easy recipes, and you can learn to cook them. Buy a refrigerator with a roomy freezer, prepare your favorite dishes on weekends and pack them in plastic containers. Yes, you will have to learn how to use a pan, a frying pan, a grater, etc. But you can do this for the sake of your loved one.

3. Difficulties with the organization of joint holidays. When a vegan dating a meat eater, it is always difficult to agree on special dishes. Cook both meat and vegan dishes for the holidays. Thus, all the wishes will be taken into account. There is another solution - to limit yourself to three holidays a year when you can invite all your friends and relatives, it's about two birthdays and New Year (or Christmas). And you can celebrate the rest of the holidays in a narrow circle of two people.

vegan date recipes4. Vegans impose their ideology. Sudden faith in the fact that meat-eaters harm the entire planet is a consequence of internal conflict. In such a situation, the most important thing on both sides is to find out what the real problem is. And here everything rests on the willingness of people to abandon the rigidity of their own views. If a vegan (or a meat-eater) suddenly began to show aggression towards each other’s taste preferences, they need to calmly figure everything out.

5. Tasteless vegan food. When a vegan starts dating meat eater, their worlds turn over. A meat eater gets to know that vegan food is not only about salads and buckwheat. Vegans dishes can be very diverse, rich and nutritious, and, of course, delicious! And it is just a myth that all vegans are skinny and pale: many people manage to get better on vegetable food! Cook tasty and varied dishes, and it will help smooth disputes about your diet.

Perhaps, these are the basic problems that may arise between a meat-eater and vegan. Their solution allows you to maintain balance. Each of us has the right to choose what to eat, what to do and how to live. And no matter how good our intentions are, it is not worthwhile for others to impose their choice, even when it comes to the closest ones. As practice shows, you will not achieve anything except irritation and misunderstanding on their part. The best thing to do is to show by example how to change your life and improve your health by revising your dietary habits.

Vegan Date Recipes

If you find a vegan on dating sites and want to invite them on a date, you need to think about food. After all, you can’t just pick out a piece of bacon from an omelet already fried in it or put it in a hamburger instead of soy meatball. If you want your partner receives all the proteins, minerals and vitamins necessary for health, without feeling a meaty aftertaste, you will have to radically change your culinary style and principles of organization of the nutrition process. The best thing for this is to slowly include vegan products such as various beans and soy in your dishes. In combination with fruits and vegetables, these ingredients will provide dishes with the necessary nutrients, which a person doesn’t receive, refusing a good slice of meat tenderloin. If you want to try vegan online dating, but you are not a pro in vegan recipes, pay attention to the cuisine, characterized by moderate consumption of meat. Or you can use these vegan date recipes that I've prepared for you.

1. Omelet with grilled vegetables and flavored herbs with sour cream and cheese filling or homemade pancakes made with cream. If your girlfriend is one of those to whom eggs are contraindicated, use one of the many varieties of egg substitutes that are sold in stores. Also, you can serve, for example, potato pancakes, fruit salads, muesli with soy yogurt and berries, oatmeal or toast.

2. Cook hot cornmeal tortillas with mushroom and onion stew or a good portion of spinach with mushroom pie. Serve with green salad, onion casserole, vegetable sandwiches or just a good slice of bread and olive oil or balsamic vinegar for dipping.

3. If you have an evening date, then you can cook baked eggplants, pasta with vegetable sauce or an Indian-style dish consisting of vegetables, lentils, and potatoes, cauliflower and curry rice.

4. For dessert, you can cook banana-chocolate mousse with soy cream or freshly baked cookies with apricots and peaches.

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The most important thing you need to know when dating a vegan is that you don’t have to become a vegan either. Moreover, you shouldn’t joke about the taste preferences of the partner.
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