Hard math in acquaintance with a girl


The favorite topic for every human is he himself. According to this we can clearly imagine the inspiration that any person can feel during the meeting with a stranger, knowing practically everything about him. Unsurprisingly, the hard math takes the central place in the art of being unattractive. Here are some variants of its use:

Hard math in pick-up: demonstration of your observation or expression of the intuitive thoughts about the woman can easily light a sparkle of curiosity, making her stop and talk to you. Phrases like “my intuition hints me”, “something tells me” or “I have noticed that…” – can be a good pretext to your supervision.

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Hard math as a catch: sometimes during the communication you got to show that you don’t use banal methods for the acquaintance. If at the beginning of the conversation you perform an incredible insight and flair, a woman will think that she met someone exclusively special.

Hard math as a way of making an emotional connection when meeting women for dating. Everything must be positive. Always speak about something that one wants to hear. Never make any negative predictions for the future and don’t “read” anything that may touch a person. Pointing out personal shortcomings, even if they are absolutely obvious, represent them in cheering manner. Don’t say: “You’re lacking confidence”, but “You are probably not the most self-confident girl in this world, but deep inside you know yourself worth”.

Every session of the hard math is led according to standard rules and principles. Here are few of them.


The key point of hard math: never express an impression as a concrete fact. When you use conditional expressions all your thoughts become uncontested. Here are few examples of words and phrases that may precede your providence, if you are going to develop some personal material for a hard math: “part of your “I”, “from time to time”, “till particular limit”, “as a rule”, “sometimes”, “occasionally”, “seldom”, “often”, “there is a tendency”.

If you are not sure in absolute accuracy of the information, try to avoid categorical words and phrases: “always”, “absolutely”, “every”, “all the time”, “never”, “wholesome”.


Another way to make your math concrete is to point out the special individuality of the listener. To reach this you should demonstrate how her characteristics contrast with features of the “ordinary human”. Use sentences with particular structures: “Even though many people… you tend to…”.


Act absolutely confident, as if everything you say is true. Even if you make mistakes or your manifestation is not quite accurate, most people will anyways believe you if you present it authoritatively. On the other hand – the shadow of doubt in your voice will alert the listener even if you’re saying the truth.


People easily accept positive notions about themselves, even if they are fake. And vice versa – people are less willing to accept negative notions, even in case when these notions are absolutely correct. The merge of these two principles helps to create one of the strongest and most effective influences you could ever make in conversation with a woman: turn some qualities that she and some of her surrounding consider negative, into something more positive. If, for instance, she’s shy, say: “Some people consider you shy, but I think you just give yourself some time to settle among new people”. Or if you’re talking to a beautiful but slightly cold woman, you can say: “Some people think you’re arrogant, but that’s not true. You just sometimes feel uncomfortable and due to your appearance people often twist your modesty with arrogance”.


This is a simple trick that helps greatly change a mind of a woman about the accuracy of your words. Make pauses everywhere you can, giving your companion a chance to openly agree with your conclusions, or simply answer “yes” or “correct”. The more “yes” she says, the more authority you’ll gain in her eyes as a personality.


Several most effective examples of the math include statements where two opposite qualities contrast. For example: “Sometimes you may be open and communicative, and at times you feel comfortable on your own”. This may seem senseless on the paper, but try to pronounce it out loudly. If said with authority and understanding, this statement may sound quite earnest.

An additional method you may use while operating the expressions that contain opposites  is “double-hand” comparison: raise one hand saying about one type of personality and then the other, telling about the second one. When the woman can fully estimate both variants, her look will stop at the hand that reflects her own personal qualities.


In the process of the hard math be highly attentive to the reactions and face expressions of the woman. Pay attention to her body language and the way it demonstrates the agreement with what you say (associative) or disagreement (dissociative). For example, without even noticing people nod positively if you say something they agree with and shake head negatively if you speak about something they disagree with. They may blush at one point and frown at the other. Examples of the approval signs: vertical nod, raised eyebrows, saucer eyes, smile, animated face, hands not crossed. Reactions of disappointment: head shake (horizontal), frown, necked eyes, frown, expression of indifference, hands crossed.


It is not rare for people to start talking in the process of the hard math. Keep silent and listen to, nod and smile as if you already know everything about them. They usually spread quite useful information, which you need for exact reading of their personality.


When you speak privately, you don’t have to keep up with templates. Your eyes and ears may catch plenty of hints that’ll help you to increase the quality of the math. Pay special attention to what she says and does, as well as to people she surrounds herself with.

Age of your companion, her ethnicity, voice, outfit, accessories, hairdo and bijou say the most about what she is. Look at her nails, whether they are clean or dirty, short or long, natural or with manicure? Pay attention to the way she poses herself, the way she speaks and gesticulates. Whether she is she confident or non-confident doing it and how it correlates with her outlook

Even the city where your new friend was born, especially if it associates with concrete university, company or profession, may give you an extraordinary information. The more you notice, the more concrete and accurate your math will be.


It may happen that while you’re expressing one of your ideas, the woman shakes her head negatively with her arms crossed. In this case you should immediately fix the situation. 

As soon as you see her confused and a bit frowned, just laugh and say that you’re just kidding and then shift to another topic without any hard math. If you don’t find this kind of personality attractive, just leave politely, using one of your universal goodbyes: “It was a pleasure getting to know you”.

It is impossible to learn and strengthen the skills of the math without communication with unknown people. By practicing hard math you’ll develop strong intuition towards people. Then you will find yourself going far beyond principles described above and actually capable of guessing lots of facts about people you deal with. And if you, by chance, make a mistake, hard math will not only help you to realize what brought you to such conclusion, but will also offer it in a form that’ll make people agree with you.

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Well, paying attention to what a girl is talking about is, first of all, about respect and a good upbringing. Communication is a two-way road, and you cannot play solo there.
16.07.2020 14:34

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