10 Most Cringeworthy Pick Up Lines


In general, romantic acquaintances are a gray area for modern people. Previously, when men first met a woman, they tried to show themselves in the best light, demonstrate their sense of humor, masculinity, and nobility. And today, in the age of rapid development of the Internet, modern society has changed and become more uninhibited. Guys come up with more and more vulgar, boorish and cheesy pick up lines that unpleasantly shock and embarrass women, making them feel awkward.

bad pick up lines

We often hide our awkwardness and insecurity with bravado or aggression, or simply behave strangely. It spoils life both for us and those with whom we would like to get closer. Even having the best of intentions, it is easy not only to offend a person but also engender serious anxiety or fear. There is the only way to learn to do the proper thing – put yourself in another person's shoes. Find out how you would like a person to speak to you, under what conditions the transition from the ordinary to intimate communication would seem appropriate and safe for you, and act accordingly.

Let's look at the worst ways and cringeworthy pick up lines to start a romantic conversation which are so popular in present-day society.

Cringeworthy and Funny Pick Up Lines

Often, men sit out in anticipation of woman's initiative, not daring to approach and get to know her first. However, for those who have overcome the constraint, it will be useful to know what kind of pick up phrases enrages women. It is better not to begin the acquaintance with such lines, as it will be doomed to failure. It applies to both online communication and face to face dating. Bite on that!

1. "Hi! How are things?"

It is always interesting what answer is expected by men who say such a phrase. What kind of business should tell them a strange girl? Honestly, sometimes women want to say: “Hi! My salary is delayed, the lipstick is over and a new girlfriend of my ex is slimmer than me - so it goes. ”

2. "You are cute/sweet/beautiful"

Yah! Holy God! Of course, she knowingly posed for a photo for half an hour (or applied make-up and made eyelash extensions). Obviously, she is attractive. Do you really think she needs your assessment? This is quite rude, but it is a fact of life that 90% of girls think that way. The recognition of beauty is pleasant, but you should not begin the acquaintance with such a pick up line.

3. "Let's go to the cinema"

Cinema - no problem! But not yet with you. Since viewing a moving melodrama in the twilight still implies some intimacy, a decent girl will definitely not agree to get acquainted with you at the cinema within the first meeting.

cringy pick up lines4. "Do you have a boyfriend/husband?"

It means that a man has not liked a woman as an individual, but simply as an object for entertainment, and maybe even a girl for one night. That is what every girl thinks. So, this pick up line is definitely a bad idea to get to know a woman.

5. "You look like some famous actress"

Well, yes, I look every inch Angelina Jolie. Are you serious, guys? Do you think that a comparison even with the most famous beauty in the world will inspire a girl for a future relationship? Every woman wants to believe that she is unique, remember this.

6. “Wow! You have very beautiful legs/buns/eyes!"

And everything else is also quite attractive. Guys! It is not pleasant for a girl to know that one part of her body is extremely beautiful, and the rest is so-so. Praise everything or better keep silent.

7. “Your mother needs a son-in-law, doesn't she?”

It's funny, but such individuals still exist! Their number is just over the top at various resorts. Representatives of the stronger sex who use this phrase believe that it is very witty and funny. In fact, women in the first second of communication feel disgusted and try to quickly go to the other end of the street. We think it makes no sense to explain all the inferiority of this phrase. If someone wanted to calculate the percentage of successful acquaintances and couples that formed as a result of this pick up line, then we are sure that he would not have found a single case. Nowadays, there are a lot of modern funny pick up lines for guys, so it’s much better to use them.

8. "What are you doing tonight?"

If you aspire to a romantic evening with a girl, first, try to interest her. Otherwise, you risk hearing the answer like “I’m going to work” or “hang out with friends.” And this will not mean that she wants to see you after work. You do not interest her and she definitely does not want to spend her time on you.

9. "Let's drink vodka"

To offer a girl a drink is a classic way of pickup. It always works if she wants to get to know you closer. But it is not necessary to clarify what she wants to drink. You can hardly guess, so most likely you will receive a negative answer. Starting an acquaintance with refusal is not very promising.

Do not deprive her of choice. Do not set the task to make her drunk, try to please and draw her into a conversation. Let it be even green tea - the important point is that she drinks it with you.

10. “Your dress would look good on the floor of my bedroom” or “I want to give you pleasure”

Are you sure you can? Such questions are kind of very cringy pick up lines. In general, girls are terribly annoyed when someone at the first acquaintance decides that they are ready for anything and can mindlessly rush in bed with the first comer. First of all, every woman wants to be not a one-night entertainment but love for life. Everyone wants to find a decent man, not a vulgar womanizer.

To sum up, dear men, do not reproach yourself for mistakes, because it’s great that you don’t pass by a girl you like but try to charm her. We told you the top phrases that it’s better to forget once for all, and you should never use them when meeting girls. Act from the heart, do not use banal, vulgar, and bad pick up lines. Well, for the first date, it is enough to offer a girl to grab a cup of coffee – it does not enjoin on anything, and even half an hour will be enough to understand whether there is that spark of liking between you.

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Some of these phrases are really ridiculous! Thank you for cheering me up!
16.07.2020 16:05

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