20 Kissing Facts You Totally Need to Know


What could be more romantic and intimate than a kiss? Even with the help of an innocent "smack," we transfer our warmth and love to each other, become closer and dearer. But why is a kiss an integral part of human relationships? Delving deeper into this issue, you can learn a lot of interesting things.

kissing facts

Languorous kiss, passionate kiss, fiery kiss: there are a multitude of ways to kiss. Kissing is quite an art. Some are gifted with it. Others not. But what is certain is that this gesture is always filled with tenderness and affection. Here are some kissing facts that you'll love.

Interesting facts about kissing everyone should know. June 6 is International Kissing Day. Nowadays, there really are "international days" for anything, of course, but it is always the opportunity to learn little funny and unusual things that we take great pleasure in. Here are 20 interesting facts about kissing: you can learn to amaze singles even on the best site to meet women.

A “sports” activity

When you kiss someone, know that you are losing about two calories per minute. If, besides, your saliva exchange is rather passionate, you can burn up to 6.4 calories per minute. You will have to plan a lot of sessions if you intend to lose weight this way.

A little bit of bacteria

As you probably know, your oral cavity contains several types of bacteria. In shovel driving, the participants exchange an average of between 10 million and 1 billion bacteria. Suffice to say that it makes people invited to the party. But rest assured the next time you kiss your better half, usually kissing someone who is sick is less contagious than shaking their hand. But beware, this is not a reason to gallop your boss tomorrow when you arrive at work if you hear him cough. They may see this step as moving too fast in relationships.

34 muscles in action

Normally, a languid kiss activates an average of 34 facial muscles at the same time. An excellent tip to tighten your skin and fight against wrinkles, ladies! The muscle most used in this activity is the orbicularis. It is this which allows the puckering of the lips. But be careful, we are talking about the muscles used during a French kiss because a simple traditional kiss only mobilizes two small muscles.

The kiss turns your head to the right

On average, two in three people tilt their heads to the right when kissing someone. If you are a rebel at heart, turn left. This is what a study by German researcher Onur Gûnturkun asserts, who observed 224 American, German and Turkish couples kissing. According to the Huffington Post, another one from the kissing facts is that only 66% of people keep their eyes closed during this little romantic act.

Sensitivity on the tips of your lips

The lips are susceptible. For comparison, know that this part of your body is 100 times more sensitive than the tips of your fingers and your private parts, that is to say! So a word of advice: take good care of them and don't let anyone damage them!

20 160 minutes

It's the time of your life that you spend kissing, a total of two good weeks. Small clarification, we are talking here about a kiss lips to lips and not a friendly kiss. This time varies from a couple to a couple. Lonely people save a lot of time, it turns out. But are they happier about it? During a kiss, the body produces the so-called "hormones of happiness." We can say that people kiss to feel satisfied.fun facts about kissing

A reduction in life expectancy?

According to a study from the Huffington Post, if your languid kiss lasts longer than 90 seconds, it will raise your blood pressure and increase your blood hormone levels. This little effort would reduce our life expectancy by one minute with each kiss. Kiss, but remember to take short breaks. Such making out facts can make you forget about how to kiss and constantly worry about the desire to survive.

Kissing is good for the teeth

Indeed, the influx of saliva produced when you kiss your other half makes your teeth take a kind of mouthwash. The substance produced then removes some plaque stuck to your molars. Rather practical, isn't it? However, you also transfer a lot of bacteria during such an interaction. Moms and pet owners should stay on alert. You may infect a child with caries through a kiss. And a dog or a cat can carry various infections, microbes, and parasites in their mouths too.

Philemaphobia or fear of kiss

The list of facts about kissing would be incomplete without the hame of the psychological disorder that specifies the fear of kisses. It is a phobia that mainly affects young people without experience who are afraid of kissing badly. Fortunately, this fear disappears quickly with age or even with a little training. The science of kissing also has a name, (yes everything "scientific" must have a name): cataglottism.

World record

The longest kiss in the world, listed in the Guinness Book (book of records), lasted 58 hours, 34 minutes and 58 seconds. Two Thais own it from Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat, who hit this record on February 14, 2013. We let you calculate how many calories they lost based on a previous kissing fact.

The success of the Eskimo kisses

Even if the lip-to-lip kiss is the most common model in today's society, 95% of men and women admit to enjoying and liking rubbing the nose, so don't hesitate to vary the pleasures. Another exciting way to imitate a kiss is to mimic the way horses express affection. They put heads over each other's shoulders and stand like this for a couple of seconds as if hugging with their necks.

American law

In the state of Colorado in the USA, kissing a sleeping woman is prohibited. However, know that it is relatively normal if we compare it with that of the State of Washington, which stipulates that it is entirely legal to make love with an animal, provided that it weighs no more than 18 kg. Still think these funny facts about kissing are outstanding? In Florida, it is forbidden to kiss a porcupine.

Trouble origins

Despite numerous studies on the subject, researchers still cannot determine whether the kiss is the product of instinctive or socially acquired behavior. The question arises indeed because many cultures indulge in this practice in the world while others ignore it. In any case, historically speaking, the first writings in which the word "kiss" is mentioned are the four Vedic Sanskrit texts, which date from 1500 BC.

Beware of relaxing too hard

If kissing someone is a great way to show affection and feelings, be careful not to get carried away by an overwhelming passion. This could lead to accidents like the one an unfortunate Chinese couple encountered. The man reportedly kissed his partner a little too hard, so that he reduced the pressure in his mouth to the point of rupturing his eardrum.

How old is kissing?

The first kiss is given, on average, at the age of 16. We are still talking here about the famous French kiss (so named since 1923) and not the little kisses from your sweetheart when you were ten years old. And it seems that women forget their first experience more quickly than boys. According to a 2009 study, more than 92% of women remember the first pair of shoes they bought while less than two in three women remember the name of the first person they kissed. However, you should admit that shoes are perhaps more faithful than men.

making out factsKisses are healing

It is hardly possible to call a kiss a medicine, but the action of hormones released during the interlacing of the lips can heal the body for a while, in particular, positively affect the metabolism, and reduce some painful sensations that a person may experience at this moment. And as a result, a kiss can strengthen the immune system. One of the interesting facts about kissing is that people with an aversion to kissing are often incapable of emotional disclosure and intimacy. Kissing can, on the contrary, reduce stress and anxiety.

The monkeys also kiss

One of the fun facts about kissing is that the kiss is also very popular with our friends, the primates. While chimpanzees kiss each other with their mouths open, bonobos use their tongues, just like us. Besides, humans and apes aren't the only ones kissing. Chimpanzees are the only animals whose kisses truly resemble a human kiss. The other animals kiss in a more awkward but just as touching way. Cows, squirrels, and even snails kiss each other too.

Why do people even kiss?

In cases where it is impossible to express their feelings in words, people resort to the help of non-verbal means. A kiss is one of the most pleasant things one person does to another. And a person gets their first pleasure in life just through their mouth — this is the mother's breast and milk. From this moment on, the feeling of security, peace, satisfaction is inextricably linked with the touch of the lips to the body. Mothers kiss their babies to calm them down, and the baby then carries the kiss into an adult relationship.

Negative effects

It is a kissing fact that doctors, or rather the dentists, keep saying about. Kissing someone on the mouth increases the flow of saliva. Viral ones such as flu, herpes, and other diseases are especially dangerous because you can catch them while kissing. In some cases, this helps to strengthen the immune system, but it can also play a negative role. The only available way to protect yourself from the transmission of diseases through a kiss is the same as with any intimate contact. Therefore, it is first necessary to find out about the presence of conditions in the one you are kissing. If there is a suspicion that one of the partners has an infectious disease, close physical contact should be avoided.

Why, with our eyes closed?

There are several physiological reasons why we close our eyes during a kiss. For example, it is believed that by spontaneously lowering the eyelids, the human mind is protected from sensory overload. Closing the eyes during a kiss, a person turns off one of the senses, more fully surrenders to their emotions. And thanks to this, they get maximum pleasure. And sometimes, a person closes their eyes out of modesty or to keep the partner's face from blurring from too close eye contact.

A kiss can convey not only feelings, but also a charge of positive energy. This charge serves as the causative agent of certain areas of the brain, which, in turn, stimulate the production of various hormones. These are serotonin ("the hormone of happiness"), and oxytocin ("the hormone of attachment"), and dopamine (the hormone responsible for the feeling of joy), as well as adrenaline, which raises the heart rate, which contributes to the oxygenation of the blood. In our opinion, a kiss can be safely called a natural antidepressant.

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