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It is exciting and exotic to date a girl of a different nationality. But if you take into account all the obstacles that await you (the language barrier, other customs, a new climate, etc.), then they may seem insurmountable. And don’t listen to people who will tell you that foreign women are reserved. If you want to get a particular woman, then go and get her. You just need to slightly modify your approach to girls abroad and then you'll come home and show off your exploits.

best cities for dating

What makes a city the best for dating

You never know where you can meet your love but it is a good start at least to know where to begin. There are certainly some places in this world that seem to be full of singles and having a relaxed atmosphere conducive to meeting people which makes them best cities for dating. This lovely atmosphere may, however, consist of different characteristic and criteria we subconsciously analyze when choosing where to stay or seek relationships. Meeting becomes visibly harder as we get older and to find the love of our life it is worth consider travelling or moving to one of the best cities for singles over 30 we are going to discuss below. And to know what special points and benefits our list was based on, we should first explain the things that make up this exciting magic of the cities we will talk about later.

1. Number of singles and their age

The general demographic of a particular city is what matters the most in the choice of the best cities to live for singles. Infrastructure, architecture, and natural landscapes excite you less when your main goal is to meet your chosen one. Of course, it is an exercise in futility to go to a quiet mountain city where the majority of a population consist of the elderly and hope to find a young single girl there, unless she is someone’s granddaughter that is visiting her relatives. Before going to a city you should always check whether the city is busy, modern, full of beautiful singles and noisy parties or a tranquil remote natural nest for those introverts who have given up al their attempts to find the other half. Or you can simply use our list and choose among the best cities for singles we have already prepared for you.

2. Gender balance in a city

You do not want to be just another alpha-male fighting for the minority of single pretty girls that live in a city you are going to, right? For you to have bigger chances and feel more or less relaxed and not strained in your search of love, always consider the number of females and males in a city. It is better to have a wide range to choose from and have various experiences with different people before you meet the love of your life. If the city population is formed more by men than women and you are a straight guy, there is nothing to catch there for you. The female part of the world’s population is generally bigger, so there must be plenty of places on our planet where you can meet beautiful single girls who strive to find their perfect husband but are sick and tired of the local men.

3. Diversity of activities and nightlife

Not only beautiful girls make the city attractive for dating and interesting to build relationships. Unless there are various activities, nice spots and rich cultural life in the city, you will not be able to enjoy the communication with a girl to the fullest. You can end up meeting a person you fall in love with for real but sitting at the same riverbank and drinking coffee at one of the three cafeterias available in the town will make your dates dull and uninteresting. It is always exciting to open up to something new, surprise your bellowed one with different activities and spend a wonderful time together. It is where clubs, cinemas, parks, sports centers, theatres, galleries, exhibitions, and thematic parks add points to the overall rating of a city.

best cities for dating in your 30s4. The wellbeing of the singles

The best cities for single men are not only those where they can meet a beautiful wife but where they will be treated not just like a walking money bag. If you do not want to get into a trap of being financial support for all her family, give up seeking girls in economically unstable regions. It is better to date somebody that knows what they want from life and at least help them with money but that shouldn’t be the main base of your relationship. Countries of the third world where people live poorly are still full of pretty and intelligent girls who would be thankful to become your wife and remember what you have done for them forever. But it is their mentality that creates an eternal gap between you. That is why rich cities where people are financially independent no matter what their gender is are great for building real love between two self-sufficient adults.

5. Safety

Did you know that in some Arabic countries you are not even allowed to accidentally touch a woman on the street or you can get into jail? Or that in Georgia the tradition of stealing a woman for marriage still exists? There some places on this planet where love and relationships are surrounded with different strange customs that you, being a tourist to these lands, can violate and offend the culture. This is what should stop you from going to seek love to the countries with the safety inside which you are not very acquainted with. And we do not even mention regions that stay in the military regime or have a high crime rate, better stick to some more civilized cities where you can feel liberated and inspired for new love achievements.

Top cities for dating

1. Kyiv

These girls are famous for their attractiveness to the whole world and it's a fact. But apart from the external beauty, which can, perhaps, attract a man out of every corner of the planet, Ukrainians are also known for their good traits and compliance. They are often considered friendly and enjoyable in communication. Most Ukrainian beauties live in Kiev and to meet them, you don’t need to make any effort – just look around. And if you don’t believe it, then take a walk along the beaches of the Dnieper in summer where the most attractive girls in the world are sunbathing. And Kyiv is definitely the best city for dating beautiful girls.

2. Milan

Despite the general love for pasta in any form of it, Italian women manage to maintain harmony and grace. No wonder that Italians are called the best models in the world. Italians are distinguished by expressive dark eyes, posh chestnut hair, and nice bodies, and their southern beauty is highlighted by a passionate character and confidence that they are irresistible. And Italy is a center of fashion and design, so the number of well-groomed and stylish women goes off the scale here. If you want to date an Italian woman, you can go to some fashion show and get acquainted there. Even if you are not a young man now, Italy is considered one of the best cities for dating over 40.

3. Moscow

Despite the fact that many Russians are called gloomy and arrogant, there is a city in the country where the most attractive representatives live. Polls showed that you can meet the most attractive Russian women in Moscow. In addition, residents of this city can be appreciated not only for a nice appearance – the inhabitants of Moscow are called the most polite and educated people in Russia.

4. Caracas

Here girls are serious about their appearance. It seems that they are born to win all the beauty contests in this world. Whether hot blood and swarthy skin make them so attractive, whether it is the merit of plastic surgeons – in any case, Caracas is one of the top cities for dating a beauty.

5. Haifa

Many nice girls live in Haifa: there is something exotic in the combination of dark skin and hair and bright eyes. Haifa is the center of youth culture and nightlife, so it's not surprising that the most gorgeous girls of the country are basking on beaches of Israel and spending weekends in local nightclubs. But in dealing with Israeli girls, you must take into account the fact that all of them do compulsory military service. So, you should be extremely polite to them.

best city for interracial dating6. Los-Angeles

America has a well-known reputation in the country where a lot of overweight people live. However, this is no so! With such a diverse mix of people, there is not one particular type of woman. There is a great variety of types, colors, and characters. If you visit such cities as Los Angeles, then you will make sure that there is the highest concentration of beautiful women on the planet. And most importantly they are open for communication. So, you can get acquainted almost everywhere. And Los-Angeles is one of the best cities for dating in the US. By the way, San-Francisco is considered one of the best cities for gay dating.

7. Stockholm

High long-legged blondes with the magnificent color of eyes, cheerful and often smiling – that’s the image of typical Swedes. Blond hair is found here in 90% of women, and women here are also slim and graceful – every girl is like a supermodel. No wonder that Stockholm was named as a city with the most beautiful girls. And in Sweden, people appreciate the natural look. So, you can rarely see a girl with a defiant make-up here. These girls are able to look stunning in the appropriate environment.

Best cities for interracial dating

If you go crazy about women of exotic appearance and really want to date one of them, then you have to visit one of the cities from the list below.

1. Busan

No wonder that women from Busan became a symbol of Asian beauty: they are like elegant fragile figurines, with perfectly smooth skin, expressive eyes, chiseled features, and impeccable bodies. It’s simply not acceptable to be ugly here. All men are delighted with Asian women. It's almost like a scientific fact. Busan is a city where peoples and cultures are mixed. It has a reputation of the place with the most beautiful women in Asia. In addition, South Korea is something like a cultural trendsetter, an outpost of new music, design, and fashion.

2. Maynila

Filipinos have the number of good results in many international beauty contests. Often, its representatives take one of the prizes. And it is quite normal. These girls have a very beautiful appearance. On the islands, there are many foreigners. So, interracial relationships are not uncommon here. In addition, Filipinos are not only beautiful, but they are also famous for their kindness, caring, and values-oriented to family. So, dating such a girl, you will never regret it.

3. Bangkok

Thailand is famous for its nature, culture, and hospitality. Also, Thailand, and particularly its capital, is famous for the beauty of its girls, who, being slightly shy initially, become incredibly tender and romantic when falling in love. Slightly dark-skinned, these beauties have soft facial features and exude primordial, exotic beauty that takes your breath away.

4. New-Dehli

New-Dehli is one of the best cities for interracial dating and this is true. There are a lot of very elegant and exotic women. They are famous for their incredible good character traits and an incredible appearance. They are really beautiful thanks to dark skin and shiny black hair. Such a combination can’t be found anywhere.

5. Tokio

This is the best city for interracial dating. Among the Asian countries, Japanese girls are definitely the most attractive ones. Although the image of Geisha is already perceived as an anachronism today, a strong sense of beauty, charm, and perfect behavior remain very important in Japanese society. Pale skin, thin body, fine makeup and hairstyle, as well as chic style – that’s what distinguishes girls in modern Japan. And you can make sure just visiting this country and dating these girls.

6. Luanda

For all the ideals and standards of beauty, African women still stand out in a number of world beauties. A special shape, a cut of the eyes, a clear face oval, and most importantly, a good, problem-free skin make African-American beauties popular all around the world. The most beautiful girls live in Luanda. You should take a look at them or get to know them better visiting this city.

date a girl of a different nationalityBonus: worst cities for dating

Even if you want something unusual or fall in love with a girl who lives abroad, you should pay attention to the country where she lives. Not all girls are good for dating with a foreigner and not all girls are suitable for the role of your lover. So, look at the list of the top worst cities for dating and don’t make a mistake.

1. Mazar-i-Sharif

In this country, there is also a tradition of a large ransom for a girl. Sometimes the price is so high that a man gets into debt. And sometimes a family is so poor that parents force their daughter to find someone else just to make money. Not sure that you need such problems. Mazar-i-Sharif is definitely not one of the best cities for dating over 50.

2. Juba

South Sudan is one of the poorest countries where daughters are grown for the sole purpose – to sell them in order to expand the family’s economy. And in order to enrich more quickly, girls are usually sold when they are children. So, Juba is the worst city for dating. Don’t even think about it.

3. Bagdad

Iraq occupies the last place in terms of literacy among women in the Arab world. This is due to the fact that parents are afraid to send girls to school. On the way, they can be kidnapped and sold to militants. Prisoners, including girls from 9 to 12 years old, are sent to barracks. They live in conditions of complete unsanitary and can be sold at any time. In case of a successful escape, their family will not take them back: according to local laws, sex outside a relationship is considered unacceptable.

4. Cairo

99.9% of women faced sexual violence at least once in their lives. Moreover, an Egyptian girl has no right to have a serious relationship with a man who professes something other than Islam. If she decides to take such a step – a child will be taken away from her and given to her husband for education. So, think twice before dating an Egyptian girl.

5. Islamabad

Women are practically disenfranchised here. 82% of them earn less than men. Most are forced to sit at home even having higher education. In Islamabad, a woman may be subjected to gang rape for a crime committed by a male relative. The same thing happens in a family. There are no laws in the country that regulate violence. 90% of women are facing it. Actually, Islamabad is not the best choice to look for a girl for dating.

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