The 6 Basic Types Of Romantic Relationships And How To Identify Your?


What is a romantic relationship? Not all contacts are purely romantic. In various circumstances and situations, you have different kinds of relationships. Working relationships definition implies that you are colleagues and communicate only within the scope of work.

The 6 Basic Types Of Romantic Relationships

Romantic relationship definition

They often include characteristics such as physical and emotional attraction, passion, intimacy, love, and commitment. But it will depend on the duration and their strength.

And it's okay for a romantic connection to start out as a strong attraction and passion; over time, it gradually develops into feelings of emotional attachment and love.

6 types of romantic relationships between people

There are many various types of romantics or stages. Here are the main categories:

  • Acquaintances (dating).

  • Random.

  • Situational.

  • Non-monogamous.

  • Commitment.

  • Toxic.


The dating phase can and should be very joyful and exciting. You deliberately spend time with new guys, get to know them better, and find out if this or that person is right for you. Dating is everything that happens before you purposefully date someone.

If you are not looking for anything serious, then what you are doing can be called a casual acquaintance.


Casual relationships in psychology often involve two people who get to know each other, spend time together regularly, and possibly enter into a sexual connection without any obligations or expectations from each other. This is one of the types of relationships between couples. That is why such connections are usually short-term.


What is a situationship? Situational can be very similar to casual, dating, or even committed connections. However, they are distinguished by the fact that none of the participants gave a clear definition of the connection. You may not even wonder what the relationship between you is. It may be unintentional, or they may not yet know what they want, or they may be afraid to start a conversation about “So… who are we?”. Usually, both people are at completely various poles.

Non-monogamous connections

Non-monogamy in the psychology of relationships refers to a wide range of situations, including polyamory, open connections, anarchy in connections, and more.

Ethical non-monogamy is when both people take it for granted and agree to be non-monogamous. If one of the partners does not share this point of view, such a connection is not ethical.

Connection with obligations

When someone says they are "in a connection," they usually mean that they are in a permanent connection. Commitment-based connections are usually long-term, where both partners are confident that they will be in the connection for the foreseeable future, possibly for the rest of their lives. They spend time together regularly, cherish their bond, and use words like "girlfriend" or "partner" when talking about their significant other. Marriage is often how two people in a committed connection secure their commitment by making it official in the eyes of the law.

Differences between friendship and relationship

The first and main difference is sex. Friendship is a platonic relationship means. But here, too, the boundaries today are somewhat blurred; we must not forget about the existence of "sex for friendship." However, other aspects of connections distinguish lovers from close friends. You need to understand what are the types of romance to understand all the intricacies better.

  • Common goals. Only romantic couples are engaged in planning a joint future. And although friends may completely coincide in their views on religion, politics, and lifestyle, their life goals do not tend to have a common denominator.

  • Time and attention. In romantic connections, partners devote all their free time and attention to each other, which can never be found even in the strongest friendship. If you think about what relationships are all about, this is primarily about the time spent together. The two choose to focus on each other, and the attention they receive from each other makes them feel comfortable. Conversely, if one of the two no longer wants to spend energy on a partner, this may mean the near end of the connection.

  • Interdependence. dating vs. relationship definition The degree of interdependence of partners can be considered a determining factor in romantic connections. Yes, friends depend on each other, but lovers' lives are tightly intertwined.

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