Do Opposites Attract In Relationships?


Do opposites really attract? You have repeatedly heard the expression “opposites attract couples,” but is it true that different characters and hobbies will become a link that holds the relationship together? Perhaps you know many examples where people who are not similar to each other created strong alliances. And, probably, based on this, there was an impression that one can live happily ever after only with those who see the world differently. Let's see how real and strong the union of people with opposite hobbies and views will be.

Do Opposites Attract In Relationships?

Why Opposites Attract?

The attraction of opposites can be called rather a cultural phenomenon. We are hooked by stories in which a well-bred and correct girl falls in love with a daring guy. Or a charming poor man manages to melt the cold heart of an inaccessible rich woman. We see in this a million possibilities and options when people complement each other and become stronger together.

We live in the illusion that one person's strengths should equalize another's "weaknesses." For example, one partner likes to spend the weekend at home watching a series, and the other likes to be in a noisy group of friends at a party. Introvert + extrovert, a person with an active lifestyle + a lazy person and a homebody - how long will such a relationship last?

The truth and myth of such a union

Is it true

  • It cannot be denied that the relationship of opposites can be harmonious and happy. There are studies confirming that girls are more likely to fall in love with guys with different MHC (major histocompatibility complex) genes. It affects sexual desire.

  • Opposites complement each other. There are relationships where the strengths of one partner balance the “weaknesses” of the other. But on condition that both partners accept their choice. They do not seek to change, but rather admire the qualities and traits they would like to possess. Different interests can become the key to a strong relationship. After all, partners always have something to discuss and talk about. But it is better to refrain from extremes, too different hobbies can lead to misunderstanding and lack of support.

  • Thirst for change. Familiar surroundings and cultural environments can get boring; you want to experience something new outside your comfort zone. Some compensate for this with a career or trips abroad, while others start relationships with "dissimilar" people.


  • Can opposites work in a relationship? Different life values and positions bring together. If a guy prefers a single and carefree life, and you dream of marriage and children, the relationship is unlikely to lead to anything. Or, for example, you value freedom and are used to trusting a partner and respecting his boundaries. And he, on the contrary, believes that free time should be spent together, constantly monitoring and checking - there are few hopes for a bright future together. The pleasure that a couple of experiences while being with each other will not block global needs and goals.

  • The secret of happy couples is in different characters. You may have heard a lot of opposites attract quotes, love, and the fact that having different characters cements relationships, but is it true? In long-term relationships, people strongly influence each other. Habits, character traits, and qualities change. In some cases, such changes benefit partners, and relationships become stronger. But sometimes, different life goals are hidden under dissimilar characters. For example, a guy constantly complains and looks at everything pessimistically. And you are used to enjoying life, enjoying every moment, and hate whining. You can endure it for a long time and turn a blind eye to it, but in the end, you will get tired of negativity and, as a result, relationships.

How to make a relationship work when you are opposites?

Since childhood, we see some kind of romance in dissimilarity. Cinderella and the Prince, Juliet, Romeo, Hermione, and Ron, and Rose and Jack Dawson from Titanic - these images showed us that love could be different. The more different people are from each other, the stronger the feelings. But is it as good in reality as in fascinating fictional stories? There is no single formula for love and happy relationships. Choose with your heart, and don't neglect your values and dreams.

Can opposites have a successful relationship?

The attraction or repulsion between opposites always works when some opposite features come into the picture.

If you see a trait in a person that you would like to have, it will helplessly draw you to him. If you met a great guy who is very charming and you are a shy girl, you would be amazed at the way he talks and might even fall helplessly in love with him.

An opposites attract relationship is when two opposites combine and complement each other, creating the best couple. But at the same time, if two lovers are opposites but do not compensate for each other's shortcomings, the relationship can be doomed to failure from the very beginning.

Do we prefer to meet the opposite personality in real life?

Is it true that opposites attract? As much as we love the idea of opposites in our personal love stories, it's much easier to date someone who is more like us. Differences in opposing relationships can keep a relationship exciting and crackling with romantic electricity for the first few months. But over time, the same differences can anger both lovers.

Let's face it, it's easier to share fun conversations with someone who shares our interests, whether it's work or evening classes. If one of you likes to go clubbing every night and the other likes to stay at home, there is no easy way to compromise unless one of the two lovers changes their preferences towards the other partner.

Why do opposites attract in relationships?

In the developed world we live in today, relationships don't just bring two people together. It brings together two lifestyles, two families, and two huge groups of friends. If both of you are very different from each other, you must sacrifice some of your previous lifestyles for the other. And that means sacrificing things that are close to your heart.

How much can you actually give up for your partner's happiness without hating yourself for it? And when the infatuation period is over, do you ever regret that you changed your whole life just to be with this one person? Is it worth it?

For most of us who meet with opposites, these are questions that are on our minds all the time, especially after an argument. And these thoughts never go away. So if your likes and dislikes and your characters don't complement each other, it's always better to date someone who is more like you.

Opposites attract examples that are very easy to understand once you understand how the balance of traits and power in a relationship works. Attracting opposites will work in your favor if you and your partner embrace each other's positive traits. It will also make both of you better, and the relationship will get better over time.

On the other hand, opposite personalities repel each other when one partner's traits make the other partner weaker or when one person repels the other.

When two opposite people meet, the success of a relationship depends on the balance of power and how both lovers give each other a chance to become better individuals and become a better couple.

In any relationship, success depends on how the two lovers interact with each other. A guy may have several traits that he is proud of and works better than his girlfriend. On the other hand, a girl may have some other traits that she is proud of and works better than her boyfriend.

When two lovers who are opposites learn to accept the other person's dominant traits and not resist them in any way, their relationship will become stronger and better. As individuals, they will become much better people by learning from their partners.

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