How to Be More Spontaneous in a Relationship


There is no perfect relationship formula. Contrary to all the training and assurances of psychologists, there is no magic tool that will save any couple from parting. Especially when it comes to sex life, you should not listen to the "experts" who believe that you and your partner should have an orgasm at the same time and that your sex should be twice a week. If you think these standards can be applied to everyone, it will not be long to get depressed that you do not meet these requirements and your relationship is not ideal.


Listen to your desires


What does it mean to be spontaneous? Perhaps it is spontaneity that can revive your relationship. No one else has exactly the same relationship as you. Everyone has their own body, their own character, and their own needs. It is impossible to enjoy the process and adapt to the desires of a partner if you constantly think about some rules by which other people live. Excessively high expectations or, conversely, excessive constraint will not lead to anything good. Just be yourself, and that's enough. When a relationship has just begun, it can exist for a long time on passion alone. But if you have been together for a long time and want to stay with this person, the main advice is to find the best balance for you in all aspects of life, including sexual. Listen to your emotional and physical needs, but don't forget your partner.


How to be more spontaneous sexually?


  • Don't be afraid to plan. It's hard to keep the fire going in a relationship if you're busy at work and constantly tired. After all, the only thing you want in the evening is just to relax and go to bed, especially when there are children. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with planning your sex life. If you do not choose a time for training in advance, you will absolutely not get to it. Sex is no different in this regard. A plan or even a schedule is a good way to keep your relationship going. Many will ask: shouldn't sex be spontaneous because this is the main pleasure? If you start with half a turn, you really will not have problems. But if you need a mood, you like to relax and enjoy the process without haste (and in almost all couples, one of the partners is just that), and the relationship has already passed the phase in which you are led by passion and hormones, then planning is the key to success. After all, you choose the time that is optimal for you. It is very easy to push your sex life to the far shelf because children, taking care of the house, and looking for places where you can earn more money seem to be much more important to you, and there is simply no time or energy left for the rest. But trust me, your relationship will be much stronger if you can add sex to your weekly routine.
  • Seize the moment. How to be spontaneous in bed? If you're in a passionate relationship and your partner doesn't need any planning, seize the moment. This is the best option of all possible when both parties have a desire, and it arises from one glance at a loved one. But if sex has become irregular or you want more, don't be afraid to plan. And trust me, you won't need a schedule very soon.


Why do men need spontaneous sex?


How to be more spontaneous in a relationship? We all constantly hear from our girlfriends that men need only one thing. Yes, and we ourselves rush with such phrases during regular gatherings in a cafe. At the same time, we don’t even think about what, in fact, we “see at the root”. Men are ready for a spontaneous and rash act when it comes to sex.

Who likes romantic candlelit dinners, rose petals in the bath, and beautiful music? And men can do without such conventions. After all, for them, sex is a game. For a woman, he is the key to the stability of relationships.

How to be spontaneous with your boyfriend? A man is almost always ready to prove himself as the hero of the bed. No special training or setup is required. Suddenness gives more sensations and emotions. For a man, spontaneous sex is a vivid impression, a sudden rest, and a victory over a woman. Each of them is a hunter by nature.

Ways to be spontaneous in a relationship, for example, spontaneous sex at work, on the street, or in the car, is a little crazy. And unplanned intimacy at home with his wife is a new feeling of family life. Boredom and monotony are annoying, so try to help him diversify your relationship. You don't want to meet his mistress one day, do you?


What is a spontaneous person?


Remember the last time you agreed to interrupt your household chores and indulge in passion with a loved one who suddenly hugged you? What do you want at the moment? Finish the laundry, cook dinner, fry the cutlets? And he? Perhaps it was then that he lacked understanding. Sudden sex on the kitchen table would not hurt you to cheer up. And most importantly, keep the relationship.

Many men have long believed that sex only in bed is uninteresting. It does not “turn on” and gradually turns into duty without pleasure. How to be spontaneous in a relationship idea? Spontaneous sex is always new. It can't be the same as last time.


What to do to bring spontaneity back into a relationship?


If your life is going according to schedule and reminds you of entries in a diary where there was no place for passion, try to fill it with "thrill" sensations.

Spontaneous sex in a public place is, of course, the height of the extreme. But indescribable sensations are guaranteed. Does it matter where it will happen when a loved one is as crazy as you, ready for anything? The realization that you can be caught off guard only adds to the excitement.


How to love spontaneous sex?


What to do if you are so chaste that you do not accept such sex? There are several spontaneous things to do in a relationship:

  • Make sure that your loved one does not notice the smooth transition of spontaneous sex into your favorite long and gentle play with him, be a coquette and a naughty girl. During this time, you will mentally tune in, and he will like your new role.
  • Do not push him away; let him always know that he remains the main thing in your life. No household worries can take first place in your life. After all, next to you is the best man. Let him think so.
  • What does spontaneous mean? If your partner is crazy about spontaneous sex, then sometimes you still have to give in to him if you want to keep the relationship. Play by your own rules. Which look do you like the most? Let it be not just a quick sex but a sex game with roles and new names.
  • If you are not in the mood for spontaneous sex at all, carefully translate everything into a joke. You are a wise woman. But as soon as you finish your business - run to him. He won't mind. Show initiative! You have to be original.

How to be spontaneous and fun?

  • Choose places and inspect surfaces. Be careful outside of the bed. Make sure that the sex support is not fragile and that there is nothing dangerous in it. Assessing the risks of contact with the sand on the beach or having sex in the woods is not always the best idea.
  • Protect yourself. The most spontaneous thing to do is carry condoms in your pocket or bag; this will help you grab them in a second. Surging passion should not cause an unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections.
  • Use a lubricant. In order to be spontaneous in a relationship, it is not necessary to forget about the lubricant. It is most convenient to carry a small tube with a convenient hinged lid. The best choice is a colorless lubricant that does not leave marks on clothes.
  • Carry napkins with you. When considering various examples of being spontaneous, do not forget about the standard things that will come in handy. If you often have sex outside the home, then learn how to quickly put yourself in order. It is good if you have water or at least wet wipes at hand.
  • Forget the sex marathon. How to be spontaneous with your girlfriend? A synonym for spontaneous sex is speed. This is not an option where the pleasure needs to be stretched out and hugged for a long time after. There is no time to look for new partner erogenous zones; everything should happen quickly.

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