How to be romantic in bed


How to do romance with a boyfriend in bed? To bring passion and romance back into your relationship, throw your loved one a romantic evening.

Every person in love will not give up the time spent with his soulmate in an intimate atmosphere. And it doesn’t matter if this is the first date or a dozen years of married life are behind you.

Both a man and a woman can become a hot romance in bed and make a pleasant surprise for their soulmate because, regardless of gender, we all love attention and romance. And it is not necessary to spend fabulous money on a romantic evening on the road or in a restaurant; everything can be beautifully organized at home.

How to be romantic in bed

Romantic things to do before making love

  • Date and time for a romantic evening. If you are planning to have a romantic evening at home, then just warn your soulmate so that there is no delay at work because a special gift will be waiting at home. Of course, to organize a romantic evening, you can not wait for a special occasion. Your desire to arrange an unforgettable surprise for your soul mate is enough. To do this, do the following:

  • Decide in advance on the date and time. Make sure that there are no important sporting events on the day you have chosen or that your loved one has not signed up for a massage/manicure/haircut at the salon.

  • It is better if it is Friday; the next day, you will not need to get up early and run about.

  • Decoration in bedroom romance. The decor of the room for a romantic evening plays an essential role because, for one evening, your apartment should turn into a place where romance reigns. You should not arrange a romantic evening in the kitchen so that the stove, pots, and ladles do not distract from the most important thing. It is better if the whole romance takes place in the room.

  • Curtain the windows, creating a twilight in the room.

  • Place a table and chairs in the middle of the room, or scatter decorative pillows around the coffee table for you to sit on.

  • Be sure to light candles, and let them be many. They can stand in candlesticks, decorate a table or highlight certain areas in a room, filling the room with an intimate atmosphere.

  • Cover the table with a beautiful tablecloth, and place a vase with a small bouquet of flowers in the center. If a romantic evening is arranged for your beloved, you can buy a separate bouquet of flowers for her and present it at a meeting.

  • Do not forget about wine glasses, beautiful dishes, and cutlery.

  • The walls of the room for a romantic evening can be decorated with heart garlands or LED garlands. Such lights will add even more romance to the room.

  • Rose petals. If you notice how your lady groans and gasps when she sees this in the film, make her the same beauty. Scatter rose petals on the floor, on a beautifully made bed, or make a path from the door to the table.

  • Print out some of your happy photos, make a collage out of them (also in the shape of a heart), decorate it with flowers, and hang it in the most visible place. Let this be a reminder that your love is the most beautiful thing that has happened to you in life.

  • And most importantly, clean your house as much as possible.

After all the preparations, you will not ask yourself the question of how to romance a girl in bed.

  • Romantic evening atmosphere. To create a special romance on a bed, one cannot do without music. The playlist for this evening should consist of light, romantic melodies that will set you in the right mood. Music should not distract from the conversation, but it should create an unobtrusive background. Choose from light jazz, lounge, instrumental, or romantic movie tunes. If you can’t choose compositions for a romantic evening on your own, look for such collections on the Internet, there will surely be what you need.

  • Romantic dinner. Before you start romantic things to do with your girlfriend in bed, you need to do some foreplay. A romantic evening cannot be imagined without a romantic dinner. If you have no doubts about your culinary skills, cook your own dinner dishes. Just remember, for a romantic evening, a couple of salads, one hot dish, and dessert are ideal. Choose lighter drinks for a romantic evening: champagne, light wine, or low-alcohol cocktails. If tea is the limit of your skill in the kitchen, order food in a restaurant, but before serving, be sure to arrange the food on dishes and plates. Romantic Dinner Options:

  • Fondue. First, it's delicious. Moreover, in combination with a glass of good wine - it is also festive.

  • Food with seafood. Shrimps and oysters are still those aphrodisiacs!

  • Fruit salads. Go for dessert, and as a light salad to the main course.

  • Order Chinese food or heart-shaped pizza.

  • Arrange delivery of delicious sushi rolls.

  • The end of a romantic evening. To end a romantic evening on a pleasant note, it is not necessary to immediately rush to bed. The best romance in the bedroom is when everything goes on as usual. Of course, such a scenario is not excluded because the intimate atmosphere and tender confessions can inflame attraction to each other to such an extent that it will be unbearable to wait for dessert. But if romance is to your liking, take a moment.

  • Dance together.

  • Watch a romantic movie while cozying up in each other's arms.

  • Take a bubble bath together.

  • Arrange an aromatic massage session.

  • Talk about your deepest desires and fantasies.

  • And only then can you smoothly translate a romantic evening into having romance in bed.

Well, if all the details of a romantic evening are thought out to the smallest detail, send your soul mate an invitation in the form of a postcard. After all, the anticipation of an event is no less important than the event itself. And start preparing for this evening of love.

How to be romantic in bed?

  • Turn your bedroom into a love nest. Try to free up space as much as possible from unnecessary things that will certainly be distracting during sex. Make the atmosphere more romantic to be romantic in bed. For example, ditch frilly throw pillows in favor of softer, more comfortable ones. Always use beautiful linens and silk sheets from time to time. Your bed should look inviting and attractive.

  • Unleash your sexual fantasies. Trust your partner with your desires, and speak out. Perhaps one day, a partner, excited by your sincerity and dreams, will not let you finish.

  • Tell your partner how much he turns you on. Gratitude and recognition are expressed not only for flowers and expensive jewelry. Those emotions that you experience when looking at a partner are also worth a lot, so do not rule out romantic talk in bed. They will allow you to become even more liberated and inflame with desire for each other.

  • Strategically place a bottle of wine and a corkscrew on your nightstand. What could be more romantic than drinking wine in bed? A light and intoxicating prelude will surely warm you up for more.

  • Be creative with foreplay. Fantasize and try something new romantic moves in bed will help surprise you. Give each other a sensual massage and tirelessly experiment with touching and stroking. Touch your partner with different parts of the body. The more intense and varied the foreplay, the brighter the orgasm of the partners.

  • Spend time together in bed after sex. It is not necessary to immediately run to the bathroom. The minutes after sex are the sweetest and filled with a feeling of endless unity with a partner. Extend these moments of mutual pleasure. Whether you just lie down, talk, or hug, these moments are always full of romance and unforgettable tenderness.

Romance on bed tips

  • Create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. Do not neglect such banal, at first glance, things as candles and music. All these surroundings will set you in the right mood.

  • The face comes first. Gently kiss and stroke the lips, cheeks, nose, and forehead of the man with your fingers. Try to do this, putting maximum feelings into each touch, and pretend that each kiss excites your beloved more and more.

  • Try to express your love without words. Treat each other with butterfly kisses. You touch his cheek or lips with your eyelids, close your eyes and blink slowly. He does the same. It's ticklish and very romantic.

  • Don't stop there. Sexy romance in bed will connect you emotionally. Try and experiment. The reward for your courage will be trust and mutual understanding. Do not be afraid that your partner will be confused by your research or experience.

  • Reverse roles in bed are important romantic things in bed. First, she plays the main role, and you - a secondary one. Then vice versa. Two people participate in sex, so learn not only to enjoy but also to deliver it.

  • Don't be rational about sex. Don't do all this for the sake of marital duty, for a show, or for a list of achievements. By analyzing your sexual relationship, you deprive yourself of the opportunity to feel an emotional connection. Sex as a sport is interesting only at a certain stage. Real romantics focus on their feelings as much as possible.

  • Give each other a foot massage. Firstly, stimulation of the energy points located on them improves well-being. Secondly, such a manifestation of attention will awaken the most tender feelings in you. Don't forget to put on music for sex at this time.

  • Play wish fulfillment. Today it is her turn to serve you coffee in bed, and tomorrow you will spoon-feed her your favorite jam.

  • Do not be afraid of public displays of your love. Flirt with each other in the store, cafe, and cinema. Loving and being loved is to be even when you are not making love. Sex doesn't start and end in the bedroom. The anticipation of intimacy excites no less than intimacy itself. Come up with a language of love gestures. She took your hand and stroked your little finger several times, which means “I want you” you touched her hair, and she understood that you are awerewaiting for a kiss. These little secrets are very close.

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